CRS Deep Fakes and National Security

“Deep fakes”—a term that first emerged in 2017 to describe realistic photo, audio, video, and other forgeries generated with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies—could present a variety of national security challenges

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International Scammer Sentenced

Man Used Phishing Techniques to Steal $11 Million from Company in BEC Scheme Obinwanne Okeke appeared to be a successful entrepreneur and an up-and-coming millionaire in Nigeria. FBI investigators, however,

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Science & Tech Spotlight:Deepfakes

GAO-20-379SP Fast Facts A deepfake is a video, photo, or audio recording that seems real but has been manipulated with artificial intelligence technologies. Deepfakes are usually pornographic and disproportionately victimize

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NATO’s role in cyberspace

By Laura Brent, NATO Review Cyber threats to Alliance security are becoming more frequent, complex, destructive, and coercive. The Allies have taken important steps in cyber defence over the past decade. Most

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