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Glossary of Abbreviations

AAR after-action report
ABCS Army Battle Command System)
AFATDS Army Forward Artillery Tactical Data System
AMSAA Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ATCCS Army Tactical Command and Control System
ATM asynchronous transfer mode
AWE advanced warfighting experiment
BLOS beyond line of sight
C2 command and control
C4 command, control, communications, and computers
CECOM Communications and Electronics Command
CSSCS Combat Service Support Control System
DAWE Division XXI Advanced Warfighting Experiment
DSL digital subscriber line
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System
EPLRS Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
EPLRS (VHSIC) Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit)
FBCB2 Force XXI Battle Command, Brigade and Below
FRAGO fragmentary order
FCS Future Combat Systems
Gbps gigabits per second
GCCS Global Command and Control System
HCLOS high-capacity line of sight
http hypertext transfer protocol
ID infantry division
IDA Institute for Defense Analyses
IP Internet protocol
IT information technology
JTRS Joint Tactical Radio System
Kbps kilobits per second
LAN local area network
LMST Lightweight Multiband Satellite Terminal
LOS line of sight
LPD low probability of detection
LPI low probability of intercept
Mbps megabits per second
MIST Multiband Integrated Satellite Terminal
MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group
MSE mobile subscriber exchange
NTC National Training Center
NTDR Near-Term Data Radio
OPORD operational order
PCM pulse-coded modulation
SATCOM satellite communications
SDR software-defined radio
SINCGARS Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
SINCGARS (SIP) Single-Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (System Improvement Program)
SHF super high frequency
SMART-T Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical-Terminal
STAR-T Super High Frequency Triband Advanced Range Extension Terminal
SUAV small unmanned aerial vehicle
TCP transmission control protocol
TOC tactical operations center
TUAV tactical unmanned aerial vehicle
UAV unmanned aerial vehicle
UTO unit task order
VTC video teleconferencing
WAN wide-area network
WIN-T Warfighter Information Network-Tactical
WNW wide-band network waveform

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