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Information Warfare Book Reviews

"EW 101: A First Course in Electronic Warfare", David Adamy, 2001

The book is based on the "EW 101" columns in the "Journal of Electronic Defense." It is, in fact, the first sixty such columns, structured into chapters and linked with additional material.

Electronic warfare (EW), as chapter one tells us, is intended to reserve the electromagnetic spectrum for friendly use, while denying it to the enemy.

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" Information Warfare", Michael Erbschloe, 2001

In both the preface and the introduction, the author makes a point of stating that this book is different from others in the field, that it does not simply use the old military paradigm to analyze information warfare, and, as a result, will be more useful to business. It is, therefore, rather startling to find, in chapter one, background basics that stick strictly to the military model.

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" Information Warfare and Security", Dorothy Denning, 1999

Denning has chosen to take an inclusive approach to the topic of information warfare, not limiting the material to attacks on" military" targets. Given the state of physical warfare, this seems to be quite realistic. It does mean that the book tends to read like a high level computer security text (small wonder) with an emphasis on intrusions and the more overt aspects of computer crime.

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