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USAF Museum

Korean War 50th Anniversary
Psychological Operations targeted the enemy's will to fight. One common method of delivering disheartening messages to the enemy was through leaflets.

Some psychological warfare C-47s were equipped with powerful speakers in the rear cargo door. They flew over enemy lines and broadcasted propaganda.

The USAF dropped bundles of leaflets whereever possible. One type of leaflet was a warning against UN air attack, like those displayed above. The leaflets, meant for civilians, directed them to stay away from roads, railways, and other military targets. The ones aimed toward soldiers tried to instill fear by warning that the only escape from the "Flying Tigers of the Free World" was to surrender.
The other main type of leaflet portrayed the people of North Korea as pawns of the Korean, Chinese, and Soviet Communists, such as those displayed above. These leaflets blamed Kim Il Sung, Mao Zedong, and Joseph Stalin for lying to the Korean people and prolonging the war.
The Communists distributed their leaflets, such as those displayed above in artillery shells or hand-dropped from slow-flying biplanes at night.


Source USAF Museum