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Call for papers: IQPC Defence's Information Operations 2003

Following on from 2002's successful Information Operations conference, IO 2003 will take place in London on 2nd & 3rd July 2002 where we will be analysing Military, Government & Corporate IO focusing on Perception Management and Offensive & Defensive Information Operations

Lieutenant Commander Leigh Armistead, Editor, IO Textbook for Joint Forces Staff College, U.S. Navy
Dr Dan Kuehl, Information Operations & Technology Department, U.S. National Defence University

Papers last year discussed: U.K. IO Plans & Requirements, Computer Network Defence, Perception Management, Public Diplomacy, Defensive & Offensive IO, IA, PSYOPS, Computer Crime, Internet Security & more.

If you'd like to get involved this year please do get in touch, submitting your name, job title & company or appointment and a draft outline and title for your proposed presentation to: enquire@iqpc.co.uk or call Joby Turner directly on +44 (0) 207 368 9444 (email: joby.turner@iqpc.co.uk).


Joby Turner
IQPC Defence