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News Archive September 2005

[09-25-05] U.S. Gulf Region Begins Recovery from Hurricane Rita

[09-23-05] US General Says al-Qaida Crippled in Northwestern Iraq

[09-23-05] Too Few Countries Blocking Terrorist Assets, Treasury Aide Says

[09-22-05] Reporters Without Borders Publishes Blogging Handbook

[09-22-05] U.S. Forces "Waging Peace" in Horn of Africa, Commander Says

[09-22-05] Remarks by Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Porter J. Goss to CIA Employees

[09-22-05] Disaster Preparations Underway for Hurricane Rita

[09-22-05] Pentagon Warns of Rising Terror Threat in Horn of Africa Region

[09-22-05] Fight against bird flu should be national priority in Indonesia – UN Agency

[09-22-05] U.S. Unveils New Measures To Protect Intellectual Property

[09-22-05] International Partnership To Focus on Potential Bird Flu Pandemic

[09-21-05] Disease Threat Greatest Foreign Policy Issue, Congressman Says

[09-21-05] World Leaders Want U.N. To Take Greater Role in Security

[09-21-05] Shoulder-Fired Anti-Aircraft Missiles Threaten Global Aviation

[09-21-05] After the London Attacks: What Lessons Have Been Learned to Secure U.S. Transit Systems?

[09-21-05] Lawmakers Say US Transit Still Vulnerable to Attack

[09-21-05] Able Danger and Intelligence Information Sharing Hearing

[09-21-05] Hurricane Prediction More Reliable Than Ever, But Still Imprecise

[09-20-05] Unmanned Aircraft Provides Critical New Hurricane Data

[09-17-05] Poll Indicates Americans Worry About Cost of Iraq War

[09-15-05] Suicide Bombers Strike in Baghdad for 2nd Straight Day

[09-14-05] Car Bombs Kill More Than 150 in Iraq

[09-12-05] U.S. Urges Nations To Sign Treaty Prohibiting Nuclear Terrorism

[09-09-05] World Community Steps Up Preparedness for Bird Flu Pandemic

[09-07-05] Beware of Fraudulent Websites Capitalizing on Relief Efforts of Hurricane Katrina

[09-07-05] Criticism of Government Response To Katrina Pours In

[09-07-05] Italy Cracks Down on Islamic Hard-Liners

[09-07-05] Lawmakers Question US Security Readiness in Hurricane Response

[09-07-05] Experts: Katrina Likely to Cost 400,000 US Jobs, Cut Economic Growth

[09-07-05] US Military Ready to Help in New Orleans Evacuation

[09-07-05] Pushing for Positive Arab Characters

[09-07-05] Polls Mixed Over Government Response to Hurricane Disaster

[09-07-05] US Coast Guard Expanding Operations in Ports and Waterways

[09-07-05] Britain Says EU Must Weigh Restricting Civil Rights

[09-07-05] Top US Commander Pacific Suggests China Might Be Spending Too Much on Military Buildup

[09-07-05] “The London Bombings: Protecting Civilian Targets from Terrorist Attacks”, Subcommittee on Economic Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Cybersecurity Hearing

[09-06-05] Military Role in US Disaster Relief to be Examined

[09-06-05] U.N. Releases Report on Scale of Chernobyl Nuclear Accident

[09-06-05] New Method Rapidly Detects Potential Bioterrorism Agent

[09-05-05] U.S. Emergency Response Agencies Update Status of Relief Efforts

[09-03-05] White House Recaps American Response to Hurricane Disaster

[09-02-05] Britain Rejects Video Claim it Oppresses Muslims

[09-01-05] Beslan Marks One-Year Anniversary of School Massacre