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News Archive May 2005

[05-27-06] Bush Discuss Plans to Transform Military at Naval Academy Graduation

[05-26-05] Critical Infrastructure Protection: Department of Homeland Security Faces Challenges in Fulfilling Cybersecurity Responsibilities

[05-24-05] Call for Papers: Infocon Magazine Issue II (ISSN 1742-1926)

[05-23-05] Information Security: Improving Oversight of Access to Federal Systems and Data by Contractors Can Reduce Risk. GAO-05-362, April 22.

[05-23-05] Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff at the German Marshall Fund and European Policy Centre

[05-19-05] Transcript of Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

[05-18-05] Congress Told US Port Security Improving, but Still Deficient

[05-18-05] Grenade Thrown at Bush Appearance was Live

[05-18-05] Intellectual Property Theft in Russia Increasing Dramatically

[05-17-05] US Launches Diplomatic Offensive After Newsweek Retraction

[05-17-05] Anger Remains in Pakistan, Afghanistan Despite Newsweek Koran Story Retraction

[05-17-05] White House Calls on Newsweek to Help Repair US Image

[05-17-05] Defense Dept. Report, May 17: Newsweek Story, Iraq Operations

[05-17-05] New Counterterrorism Initiative to Focus on Saharan Africa

[05-17-05] U.S. Health Secretary Hails Promise of Information Technology

[05-16-05] Rumsfeld: Base-Closing Concept Incorporates Strategic Thinking

[05-16-05] Newsweek Report of Quran's Desecration Called Erroneous

[05-16-05] U.S. Health Secretary Calls Bird Flu Outbreak Urgent Challenge

[05-11-05] White House plane incident & Georgia hand grenade report

[05-11-05] Free Microsoft Security Risk Self-Assessment Tool

[05-11-05] Protecting America from Agroterrorism

[05-11-05] Errant Plane Triggers Alarms in Washington

[05-11-05] East Timor Tightens Security After Terror Warning

[05-11-05] Iraq Insurgency United by Opposition to US

[05-10-05] Russians Worry About Terror Threat to Nuclear Facilities

[05-09-05] LNG facilities in Urban Areas: A security Risk Management Analysis for Attorney General Patrick Lynch Rhode Island by Principal Investigator Richard A. Clarke [3.4 MB]

[05-09-05] US Forces Arrest Key Insurgents in Iraq

[05-09-05] Conference Examines Threat Emerging Diseases Pose to Ecosystem

[05-05-05] America Strikes Back – The War on Terrorism - 05 May 2005

[05-05-05] Pakistan: Experts Doubt Al-Libbi's Capture Means Bin Laden Will Be Caught Soon

[05-05-05] Arrest of Al-Qaida Member Could Yield More Information

[05-05-05] Investigations Under Way in New York Explosions

[05-04-05] Top Al-Qaida Operative Arrested in Pakistan

[05-04-05] US Lawmakers Question Saudi Help in Fight Against Terror Financing

[05-04-05] U.S. Military Can Meet Any Mission Worldwide, General Myers Says

[05-04-05] Terrorist Groups Lose Ground in Raising Funds, United States Says

[05-04-05] FBI Arrests Defense Analyst for Passing Secret Information

[05-03-05] U.S.: Abu Ghurayb And Guantanamo -- Pattern Or Coincidence?

[05-03-05] Iran, North Korea Issues Dominate Opening of Nonproliferation Conference

[05-02-05] U.S. Strategic Command Transforming, Decentralizing

[05-02-05] Ansar al-Islam Blamed for Violent Attacks in Iraq