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News Archive March 2005

[03-31-05] Submarine Force Tests UAV Technology to Enhance Force Protection

[03-31-05] Information Access Key in Terror War, CENTCOM General Says

[03-31-05] CIA & DOD Statements on Silberman-Robb Commission

[03-31-05] Commission Offers Scathing Appraisal of US Intelligence

[03-31-05] USAF Communications essential part of Joint Red Flag operations

[03-31-05] Commission Co-Chairmen Call for Intelligence Changes

[03-31-05] Bush Pledges "Concrete Action" on Intelligence Reform Proposals

[03-31-05] Bird Flu Death Toll Rises in Asia

[03-31-05] Counterterrorism, Military Readiness Among Top U.S. Priorities

[03-31-05] Philippines Facing Coordinated Terrorist Threats, Admiral Warns

[03-31-05] U.S. Scientists Study Anthrax Spores

[03-31-05] Global Tsunami Warning System Needed, U.S. Agency Says

[03-31-05] U.K.: Government To Propose Global Disaster-Warning System

[03-31-05] Iran: U.S. Dismisses Nuclear Tour As 'Staged Media Event'

[03-31-05] Commission Says US Pre-War Intelligence Completely Wrong

[03-31-05] Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction Report

[03-30-05] Rumsfeld: Iraqi People Will Defeat Insurgency Through Progress

[03-30-05] Bird Flu Appears in North Korean Poultry

[03-30-05] Iraq: Army More Visible On Baghdad Streets, But Still A Fledgling Force

[03-30-05] Facing the Future: Transformation Reflects A Changed World, Says Official

[03-30-05] Despite new bird flu cases, no evidence so far of easy spread in humans – UN

[03-30-05] British Lawmakers Decry Sudan Violence

[03-30-05] Iraqis React with Disappointment to Delay in Forming Iraqi Government

[03-30-05] United States Tightens Export Controls for Chemicals, Biologics

[03-29-05] Senator Feinstein, Law Enforcement, Consumer Groups Urge Congress to Bolster Identity Theft Laws

[03-29-05] OSI keeps Baghdad Airmen, Soldiers safe

[03-29-05] Dubai Joins Global Shipping-Container Security Network

[03-29-05] US to Launch New Border Control Initiative

[03-29-05] 7 Alleged Terrorists on Trial in Paris

[03-28-05] Facing the Future: Transforming DoD Is 'Constant Process'

[03-28-05] U.S., U.K., Russia Reaffirm Support for Biological Weapons Pact

[03-21-05] Specials ops request funding to modernize, transform

[03-21-05] Secretary-General Advocates Major Changes at United Nations

[03-21-05] Water Becoming More Precious Than Oil in Arab World

[03-21-05] US Suspends Military Aid to Nicaragua in Missile [MANPAD] Dispute

[03-21-05] Building U.S.- Muslim Understanding and Dialog: Public Diplomacy in the Arab and Muslim Worlds

[03-21-05] Retired Ambassador Hopes for "Reinvigorated" Public Diplomacy

[03-21-05] Experts Meet in Omaha to Consider Ways to Disrupt WMD Transfers

[03-20-05] US Officials Assess 2nd Anniversary of Iraq War

[03-18-05] USAF: Predator fleet to expand

[03-18-05] Rumsfeld Marks 2nd Anniversary of Iraq War

[03-18-05] Rumsfeld: US Force Reductions Overdue in Korea

[03-18-05] EU Works to Improve Rapid Reaction Force

[03-18-05] President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee releases new report: 'Cyber Security: A Crisis of Prioritization'

[03-18-05] CDC - Key Facts About Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) and Avian Influenza A (H5N1) Virus

[03-18-05] Threats Growing More Complex and Lethal, Intelligence Chiefs Say

[03-18-05] Preventing Nuclear Terrorism Is a Responsibility of Each Nation

[03-18-05] National Defense Strategy of the United States of America [1.7 MB pdf]

[03-18-05] Pentagon Publishes Strategy Documents

[03-18-05] U.S. Military Strategy Focuses on Preventing Future Conflict

[03-17-05] The TOPOFF 3 Full-Scale Exercise

[03-17-05] Department of Homeland Security Announces Partnership with the United Kingdom and Canada for TOPOFF 3

[03-17-05] TOPOFF 3: Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff at a Joint Press Conference with Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan

[03-17-05] Changing DoD's Global Posture an 'Enormous Undertaking'

[03-17-05] DoD Seeks Billions for Missile Defense Program

[03-17-05] US Still Concerned About Pakistani Nuclear Black Market

[03-17-05] New Information System Aids Emergency Responders

[03-16-05] [INFOCON] US-CERT Cyber Security Tip ST05-006 -- Recovering from Viruses,Worms and Trojan Horses

[03-16-05] Senators Chambliss-Nelson Introduce Intelligence Reform Bill

[03-16-05] Nuclear Terrorism: Identifying and Combating the Risks by IAEA Director General Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei

[03-16-05] IAEA: Nuclear terrorism is still urgent risk, says UN atomic watchdog chief

[03-16-05] Analysis: Arab Media Contribute To Instability In Iraq

[03-16-05] Remarks for Secretary Michael Chertoff U.S. Department of Homeland Security George Washington University Homeland Security Policy Institute

[03-16-05] Chertoff: Sustainable Security Needs Risk-Based Approach

[03-15-05] French Court Sentences Islamists for Plot to Attack US Embassy

[03-15-05] DFAS and myPay officials assure personal-data security

[03-14-05] “Cyber Warriors” Guard Against Electronic Attacks

[03-14-05] Prevention of Terrorism Bill receives Royal Assent

[03-14-05] US Congress Questions Defense Department Claims on Iraqi Forces

[03-14-05] Bird Flu Case Count Nears 70, U.N. Health Agency Says

[03-14-05] United States Must Help Partner Nations Fight Terrorism

[03-14-05] White House Report, March 14: Public diplomacy

[03-14-05] Karen Hughes Selected To Head Public Diplomacy, Rice Announces

[03-14-05] Fast probe of bird flu cases vital to prevent human pandemic, says UN agency

[03-14-05] UN counter-terrorism campaign kicks off new phase: on-site country visits

[03-14-05] What your mother never told you about the dangers of Removable Media

[03-11-05] USAF: Teets tells Congress lasers-based communications coming

[03-11-05] Britain Grants Bail to Foreign Terror Suspects

[03-11-05] Tsunami Warning System Must Include Communities, Education

[03-10-05] United States, Thailand Keeping Watch for Bird Flu in Humans

[03-10-05] Deleted computer files never truly gone

[03-10-05] Madrid Bombing Anniversary: One Year Later

[03-10-05] Pentagon Report: Detainee Abuse Result of Lapses, Not Policy

[03-10-05] America: Safer Than Ever, But Still Vulnerable

[03-10-05] 'Podcasting' Sweeps Internet

[03-10-05] UN Secretary-General's keynote address to the Closing Plenary of the International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security - "A Global Strategy for Fighting Terrorism"

[03-10-05] Annan Proposes Treaty Outlawing Terrorism By Peter Heinlein

[03-10-05] United States Sends Condolences on Madrid Bombings Anniversary

[03-10-05] U.S., Europe Fight Terror with Freedom's Values, Law Enforcement

[03-09-05] Testimony by Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff Before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee

[03-08-05] Madrid Conference Explores Ways to Reduce Terror Threat

[03-08-05] Analysis: What Comes After Maskhadov?

[03-08-05] Congressional Testimony: FBI: Robert S. Mueller, III

[03-08-05] Probe Ordered in Shooting of Italian Intelligence Agent

[03-08-05] Bush Urges Strong Action To Confront Nuclear Proliferation

[03-08-05] [03-07-05] Italy Holds State Funeral for Slain Intelligence Officer

[03-07-05] More Bird Flu Appears in Humans in Vietnam

[03-07-05] Gonzales Says Patriot Act is Vital to Battle Terrorists

[03-07-05] Man Pleads Guilty in "Operation Fastlink" Online Piracy Case

[03-04-05] Russian Defense Minister: Moscow Will Go After Terrorists Outside Borders

[03-04-05] International Paris Meeting to Plan Tsunami Early Warning System

[03-04-05] Bush Says Top Terrorists Will Face Justice In "A Matter of Time"

[03-03-05] Pentagon: Iraqi Forces Key to Fighting Insurgency

[03-03-05] U.S. Visitors Find New Look in Passports

[03-03-05] United States on "Constant Hunt" for bin Laden, Bush Says