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News Archive July 2005

[07-31-05] Report: Third Cell Planning Attacks in London

[07-26-05] Committee on Homeland Security - The London Attacks: Training to Respond in a Mass Transit Environment

[07-25-05] Joint Chiefs Chairman Says Extremism at Core of Terror Threat

[07-25-05] Head of Homeland Security Department Says More Changes Coming

[07-22-05] Public Diplomacy Chief-Designate Seeks Dialogue and Advocacy

[07-22-05] United States Coordinates with United Kingdom on Counterterrorism

[07-22-05] London Police Intensify Hunt for Transit Bombers

[07-22-05] U.K.: Britain's Vulnerability To Terror Again Topic Of Debate

[07-22-05] U.K.: Londoners Defiant After Latest Attacks

[07-21-05] Met Police Press conference at 17.45 21 July

[07-21-05] Pentagon Says Iraqi Forces Better, But Problems Remain

[07-21-05] Home Office: Incidents on the London transport network on Thursday 21 July

[07-21-05] Four Explosions Hit London Transport Grid

[07-21-05] London Police Investigate Four Small Explosions on Transport Grid

[07-21-05] Pakistan's Musharraf Vows to Eliminate Extremism

[07-21-05] London Bombings Renew Europe's Fears on Borders

[07-21-05] American Muslims Condemn London Bombings

[07-20-05] Blair Seeks Global Conference on Islamic Extremism

[07-20-05] U.S. Fighting Terror by Going on Offensive, Bush Says

[07-20-05] United States Urges Completion of Terrorism Convention

[07-20-05] Leaders at Conference Tackle Strategies Against Terrorism

[07-20-05] China Investing in Information Warfare Technology, Doctrine

[07-20-05] US Reports China at 'Strategic Crossroads' as Military Capability Grows

[07-19-05] Blair Urges Muslim Leaders to Root Out Extremists

[07-19-05] USAID Program Helping To "Bridge Digital Divide"

[07-19-05] Congress Cites Security Concerns over Chinese Bid for Unocal

[07-19-05] Chertoff Says London Bombings Are Forceful Reminder of Threat

[07-18-05] Independent Group Submits Report on Internet Governance

[07-14-05] IA-InfoSec Mailing List launched

[07-14-05] Met Police: 'One week anniversary' bombings appeal

[07-13-05] Military Confirms Two FBI Allegations of Detainee Abuse at Guantanamo

[07-13-05] Issue of Weapons in Space Sparks Debate

[07-13-05] Assets in Space Help Ground Troops

[07-13-05] US Official Calls for More Progress in Fight Against Terror Financing

[07-13-05] Congress Considers Chemical Plant Security

[07-13-05] US Willing to Talk to Some Iraq Insurgents

[07-13-05] Bush: Won't Pre-Judge Rove in CIA Leak Case

[07-13-05] EU Ministers Agree to Boost Anti-Terrorism Fight

[07-13-05] London a Refuge as Well as Target for Islamic Radicals

[07-13-05] Bombing Suspects Identified by London Police

[07-13-05] Military Confirms Two FBI Allegations of Detainee Abuse at Guantanamo

[07-13-05] Serbs Slowly Come to Terms with Srebrenica Massacre

[07-13-05] British Minister Braces for More Attacks

[07-13-05] US Official Calls for More Progress in Fight Against Terror Financing

[07-13-05] United States Reducing Illegal Entries at Southwest Border

[07-13-05] Homeland Security Agency Plans Major Reorganization

[07-13-05] Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff Announces Six-Point Agenda for Department of Homeland Security

[07-13-05] Secretary Michael Chertoff U.S. Department of Homeland Security Second Stage Review Remarks

[07-12-05] Rumsfeld Says US Will Continue to Pursue Terrorists Abroad

[07-12-05] London Returns to Normal While Bombing Investigations Proceed

[07-12-05] British Police Raid Houses in Bombing Probe

[07-12-05] British Police Find ID's of Bombers

[07-12-05] Italy Calls for European-Wide Policy to Combat Terrorism

[07-12-05] International Community Honors Victims of Srebrenica Massacre

[07-11-05] Bush Says U.S. Will Take the Fight to the Terrorists

[07-11-05] Paris Meeting Launches Indian Ocean Early Warning System

[07-11-05] U.S. Cites Progress with China on Intellectual Property Issues

[07-11-05] U.S. Increasing Anti-Terror Cooperation In Asia, Rice Says

[07-10-05] US Officials Can't Rule Out Mass Transit Attack in US

[07-10-05] 7-7: Metropolitan Police Service Press conference 14.30, Sunday 10 July

[07-09-05] Police Work to Bring London Bombers to Justice

[07-09-05] British Police Say London Blasts Were Almost Simultaneous

[07-09-05] U.K.: Country Struggles To Confront Security Threat

[07-08-05] London Workers Try to Resume Normal Life; Investigators Search for Bomb Clues

[07-08-05] U.K.: Analysts Say London Attacks Likely Inspired By Al-Qaeda

[07-08-05] G8 Countries Cooperate on Secure International Travel Initiative

[07-08-05] G8 Leaders Highlight Concerns of Terrorism, Weapons Proliferation

[07-08-05] G8 Vows To Increase Fight Against Intellectual Property Theft

[07-08-05] G8 Supports Development of Warning Systems for Natural Hazards

[07-08-05] G8 Leaders Urge Comprehensive U.N. Convention on Terrorism

[07-07-05] Explosions Strike London Transit System

[07-07-05] Threat Level Change Targeted to Mass Transit Sector

[07-07-05] Homeland Security's Chertoff Sees No Signs of Attack on U.S.

[07-07-05] London Attacks Harden Resolve Against Terrorist Tactics

[07-06-05] New International Bird Flu Strategy Takes Shape

[07-06-05] U.S. Military Will Expand Homeland Security Support