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News Archive January 2005

[01-31-05] Arab Media Praise Iraqi Voters, Doubt Whether Democracy Will Spread

[01-31-05] United Nations Plans Interim Alert System for Indian Ocean

[01-28-05] Minnesota Man Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Creating and Unleashing a Variant of the MS Blaster Computer Worm

[01-28-05] C-model A-10 takes first flight

[01-28-05] War games to shape Signal Corps' future

[01-28-05] Air Force works to meet QDR challenges

[01-28-05] Pentagon to Focus on Training Iraqi Forces After Election

[01-27-05] DoD Transformation Here to Stay, Cebrowski Says

[01-27-05] Pentagon Under Secretary Feith to Leave Post

[01-27-05] Iraqi Official says Syria and Iran Helping Insurgents

[01-26-05] Senators Collins & Lieberman Express Concern That Pentagon's Expanded Human Intelligence Capabilities “Could Undermine Congress's Vision for Intelligence Reform”

[01-26-05] Air Force gets new lab for testing airborne networking

[01-26-05] Press Release: Microsoft To Implement Worldwide Anti-Piracy Initiative

[01-26-05] U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Homeownership Alliance Release Emergency Preparedness Guide for Homeowners

[01-26-05] System of Systems Integration Lab will test Future Combat Systems equipment


[01-25-05] PSEPC releases Impact Analysis IA05-001: Impact of September 2000 Fuel Price Protests on UK Critical Infrastructure

[01-25-04] New Teams to Provide Expanded Human Intelligence Capabilities

[01-25-05] Analysts: Iraqi Election Success Critical for Bush's Second Term

[01-25-04] U.S. Military Works with Iraqis to Secure Election

[01-25-05] New Pentagon Spy Unit Raises Questions

[01-25-05] U.S. Plans Test of Radio Technology in Border Management

[01-24-05] Pentagon Denies Report of Secret Intelligence Unit

[01-24-05] USAF Officials release updated transformation flight plan

[01-24-05] U.S. Using New Weapon to Stop Smuggling of Materials for Nuclear Arms

[01-21-05] U.S. Urges "All Hazard" Approach in Disaster Management

[01-20-05] Iraq: What Would A Shi'a Victory In The 30 January Vote Mean?

[01-19-05] Energy's Abraham Discusses Security Changes at Nuclear Facilities

[01-19-05] Fighting Jointly Now Norm for U.S. Military

[01-19-05] New Iraq Prisoner Abuse Photos Shock Britain

[01-18-05] USJFCOM Kicks Off Exercise Blue Flag/JTFEX with Navy, Army, Air Force

[01-18-04] Other Countries Eye China's Military Development

[01-17-04] Unprecedented Security in Place for Inauguration

[01-16-05] Deception 101--Primer on Deception, December 2004

[01-14-05] U.S. Announces Plan for an Improved Tsunami Detection and Warning System

[01-14-05] Homeland Security's Ridge Shares Anti-Terror Insights

[01-13-05] U.N. Plans for Initial Tsunami Early Warning System in 2006

[01-12-05] U.S. Charges Belarusians with Online Pornography Conspiracy

[01-12-05] United States Is al-Qaida's Primary Target, Ridge Says

[01-12-05] U.S. Warning System Improves Forecasts for Excessive Heat

[01-12-05] United States, Bahamas Sign Pact to Fight Nuclear Terrorism

[01-11-05] Interrogation and Torture: Their Role in Intelligence Gathering

[01-11-05] Coordinated Efforts Key to Fighting Terrorism, United States Says

[01-11-05] Bush Names Chertoff as Homeland Security Secretary

[01-11-05] Bush Nominates Federal Appeals Judge as Homeland Security Secretary

[01-10-05] The Implementation of Network-Centric Warfare, [1 MB] Office of Force Transformation

[01-09-05] IO Marines fight insurgency through interaction

[01-08-05] Tsunami Warning Systems Proposed for Indian Ocean Region

[01-06-05] Japan Trying to Fend Off Chinese Cyber-Attacks

[01-05-04] Is a Tsunami Warning System Feasable?