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News Archive February 2005

[02-28-05] NIST: Special Publication 800-53, Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems [1.8 MB]

[02-28-05] Analysis: Terrorists On Parade

[02-28-05] Tsunami Wreckage Offers Engineering Lessons

[02-28-05] IAEA Probes Pakistani Link to Iran Nukes

[02-27-05] Report: CIA Officers Worry About Prosecution for Conduct

[02-26-05] Bird Flu Conference Calls on Donor Nations for Help

[02-25-05] Defense Department Report, February 25: Missile Defense Update

[02-24-05] Concerns Mount About Emergence of Global Flu Pandemic

[02-24-05] Avian Influenza Here to Stay, U.N. Authority Warns

[02-24-05] Bush, Putin Pledge Enhanced Nuclear Security Cooperation

[02-24-05] U.S., Russia Agree on Man-Portable Air Defense Systems

[02-23-04] Identification of Sept. 11 Victims Comes to an End By Barbara Schoetzau

[02-23-05] Internet-based joint training system debuts

[02-22-05] U.S. Citizen Charged with Providing Support to al-Qaida

[02-22-05] U.S. Agencies Improve Visa Processing, Report Finds

[02-17-05] The Problem with Fourth-Generation War

[02-17-05] Negroponte Nominated To Become Director of National Intelligence

[02-16-05] 2004 Federal Computer Security Report Card Grades

[02-16-05] Treasury Targets Trade Abuse That Finances Terrorists

[02-16-05] Rumsfeld Outlines Defense Budget Request for Congress

[02-16-05] Al-Qaida Remains Grave Threat to United States, FBI and CIA Say

[02-16-05] Current and Projected National Security Threats to the United States, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

[02-16-05] Global Intelligence Challenges 2005: Meeting Long-Term Challenges with a Long-Term Strategy Testimony of Director of Central Intelligence Porter J. Goss Before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

[02-15-05] Congressional Report: Senate Confirms Chertoff

[02-14-05] Analysis: Counterterrorism Conference Signals That Saudi Kingdom Is Preparing For Stormy Future

[02-01-05] NIST Draft Special Publication 800-77, Guide to IPsec VPNs

[02-01-05] US, Chinese Military Officials Hold Talks on Defense Cooperation, Taiwan

[02-01-05] Questions are Raised About the Department of Defense's New Intelligence Unit

[02-01-05] Military Tribunals a Denial of Detainees' Rights, Judge Rules

[02-01-05] Terrorist Financing an "Evolving" Threat, Says Treasury Official

[02-01-05] Arab American TV Show Wins Popularity in Mideast, U.S.

[02-01-05] Airman: Defeating Terrorism by Winning Hearts & Minds