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News Archive April 2005

[04-15-05] Are smart mines a dumb idea?

[04-14-05] Health Officials Destroy Asian Flu at 3,800 Labs Worldwide

[04-13-05] Congress, White House Look to Shake Up US Intelligence

[04-13-05] Affected Countries, Experts Meet To Plan Tsunami Warning System

[04-13-05] U.N. General Assembly Adopts Nuclear Terrorism Treaty

[04-12-05] Negroponte Pledges Reform of Intelligence Community

[04-12-05] Statement of Ambassaor John D. Negroponte, Nominee Director of National Intelligence

[04-12-05] Experts gather at UN atomic agency to boost nuclear power plant safety

[04-12-05] Security Threat Temporarily Closes US Consulate in Karachi

[04-12-05] Official: Bolton Tried to Have Intelligence Analyst Fired

[04-12-05] Senate Holds Confirmation Hearings This Week

[04-12-05] Negroponte Pledges Improved Intelligence Sharing

[04-12-05] Islam and the Power of the Internet

[04-12-05] Iraqi Forces Playing Greater Security Role, Bush Says

[04-11-05] Report to the United Nations regarding state of Iraqi forces

[04-11-05] Pentagon: US Withdrawal From Iraq Depends on Many Factors

[04-08-05] Transcript of Background Briefing with Senior DHS Officials on TOPOFF 3

[04-08-05] US Terrorism Exercise Tests Prevention and Response

[04-08-05] Investigations Begin After Deadly Explosion in Egyptian Tourist Area

[04-08-05] US Seeks New Ways To Fight Roadside Bombs in Iraq, Afghanistan

[04-08-05] U.K.: Parliamentary Report Warns Of Rising Communal Tensions

[04-08-05] Appellate Trade Body Confirms Right To Limit Internet Gambling

[04-08-05] Advance Data To Be Required on Passengers, Crews Departing U.S.

[04-07-05] Avian Flu Vaccine Trials Begin in U.S. Medical Centers

[04-07-05] U.S. Aid Agency Joins Southeast Asian Bird Flu Campaign

[04-07-05] U.S. Establishing Limited Defense Against Long-Range Missiles

[04-07-05] Expand Nuclear Power, Block Proliferation, Energy Secretary Says

[04-06-05] Islamic Militants Claim Responsibility for Kashmir Attack

[04-06-05] Experts Recommend Steps to Secure Used US Nuclear Fuel from Terrorists

[04-06-05] U.S. Official Outlines Future for IAEA Nuclear Security Program

[04-05-05] QDR to address transformation of U.S. nuclear arsenal

[04-05-05] Two Senators Propose Changes in US Anti-Terrorism Law

[04-05-05] Renewing US Anti-Terrorism Law Stirs Heated Debate in US Congress

[04-05-05] Mideast: Saudi Security Forces Gain Ground on Terrorists, But Fight Not Over

[04-05-05] U.S./Iraq: Government Tests High-Tech Treatment For U.S. Combat Stress

[04-05-05] Rule Changes Aim to Make Travel Safer, Simpler, To and From U.S.

[04-05-05] Communication, Integration of Information Key to Jointness

[04-05-05] Navy Meets Urgent USCENTCOM Robotics Requirements

[04-04-05] Transcript of Press Conference with Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff on the TOPOFF 3 Exercise

[04-04-05] Marburg disease outbreak in Angola now worst-ever recorded: UN health agency

[04-04-05] Facing the Future: Transformation Means Making New Rules

[04-04-05] U.S.: Does Intelligence Report Signal Trouble With Allies?

[04-04-05] Thailand Considers Increased Security after Bombings

[04-04-05] Nuclear Terrorism: Weapons for Sale or Theft?

[04-04-05] How To Strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

[04-04-05] Taking Legislative Aim at Weapons of Mass Destruction

[04-04-05] White House Moves To Fill Key Defense Positions

[04-04-05] Analyst Group Criticizes US Anti-Terrorism Training Program in Africa

[04-02-05] Bush Discusses Intelligence Report in Radio Address

[04-01-05] Facing the Future: Terror War Promotes Transformation Concepts

[04-01-05] UN committee adopts draft treaty against nuclear terrorism

[04-01-05] Presidential Commission Blasts US Intelligence Shortcomings