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Met Police: 'One week anniversary' bombings appeal

Police Appeal for assistance

One week on from the four explosions in central London that killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds, the Metropolitan Police Service is renewing its appeals for witnesses and information.

At approximately 08:50 on Thursday July 7, there were three explosions on underground trains. Two were on Circle Line trains close to Aldgate and Edgware Road stations, and the other on a Piccadilly Line train near King's Cross.

At 09:47 in Tavistock Square, WC1, there was a fourth explosion on a number 30 bus to Hackney Wick.

Anyone with information about the bombings or the people involved, which could be useful to the investigation, is urged to call the confidential Anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789 321. Alternatively, pictures, footage and information can be submitted online at www.police.uk .

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On Thursday July 7, four devices exploded in London.

Explosions on three Underground trains occurred within seconds of each other at approximately 0850.

The explosions were on:

  • Circle Line train travelling from Liverpool Street to Aldgate station. The device was in the third carriage of a train approx. 100 yards into the tunnel.

  • Westbound Circle Line train coming into Edgware Road station, approx. 100 yards into the tunnel. The explosion blew a hole through a wall onto another train on an adjoining platform. The device was in the second carriage, in the standing area near the first set of double doors.

  • Piccadilly Line train travelling from Kings Cross to Russell Square, approx 600 metres into the tunnel. The device was in the first carriage, in the standing area near the first set of double doors.

  •  A number 30 bus travelling towards Hackney Wick. The explosion occurred at 09:47 in Tavistock Square, WC1.

The number of fatalities currently stands at 52. These are:

  • 7 from the Liverpool Street/Aldgate incident

  • 7 from the Edgware Road incident

  • 25 from the Kings Cross/Russell Square incident

  • 13 from the bus

Forensics officers are still examining all four scenes.

Around 700 people were injured, with 350 requiring hospital treatment. 53 people are still in hospital, eight of which are critical. 76 Family Liaison Officers have been deployed.

The following is a short summary of the progression of the body recovery and identification operation and the criminal investigation:

July 7
Casualty Bureau opened on the afternoon of Thursday July 7. Members of the public who were concerned that friends or relatives may have been affected by the explosions were asked to call us on 0870 1566 344. Calls reached their peak between 1500 and 1600, when we took more than 42,000 calls.

By Thursday night most of the roads closed by cordons around the four sites had been opened, with cordons remaining in place in Woburn Place, Tavistock Place, Burton Street, Flaxman Terrace, Edgware Road and Chapel Street.

Following the attacks, extra policing patrols were put in place across the capital, with officers from the MPS, City of London Police and British Transport Police providing visible reassurance, advice and support.

July 8
By 06.00 on Friday July 8, Casualty Bureau had taken 103,087 calls. More than 200 staff from 23 police services worked round the clock answering calls, using new technology that enabled forces other than the Met to answer calls.

Initial forensic investigation suggested each device contained less than 10 pounds of explosive and pointed to the devices on the Underground having been left on the floor.

An Identification Commission was established, chaired by the Coroner and consisting of the Senior Police Identification Manager, a Pathologist, a Orthodontist, a Home Office representative and anyone else who the coroner wishes to sit on it.

July 9
On Saturday July 9, a Family Assistance Centre was opened in Victoria staffed by Family Liaison Officers and trained staff from support agencies including the Red Cross, Salvation Army and Victim Support. The centre was set up to provide a central point of information for people searching for loved ones and to offer support and advice.

Evidence had established that the three explosions on the Underground happened within seconds of each other. The roof of the bus in Tavistock Square was taken away for forensic examination and fingertip search of the area begun.

As part of the UK's continuing close liaison with agencies across the world, a briefing was held for international members of the Police Working Group on Terrorism, together with London-based police liaison officers with whom the MPS has regular, established contact. Around 30 countries were represented.

July 10
An appeal is launched for any photos and video footage of the incidents. By Monday more than 250 emails had been received.

July 11
A temporary mortuary was opened at the Honourable Artillery Company, City Road, EC1. The first formal identification was confirmed and an inquest opened.

By 05.00 Casualty Bureau had received 115,663 calls.

By the afternoon, investigators had taken more than 200 witness statements, 1134 actions were raised, 2160 calls to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline had been received and 2,500 CCTV tapes collected.

A Field For Flowers was opened in Victoria Embankment Gardens at 1200, wherewell-wishers are welcome to leave floral tributes and sign a book of condolence.

More than 200 community representatives from across London met for a community reassurance event, 'Communities Together', hosted by the MPA, MPA and GLA.

July 12
Representatives of the Sikh community met senior MPS officers to address concerns raised at yesterday's 'Communities Together' event.

The Family Assistance Centre moved from Victoria to the Royal Horticultural Hall in Vincent Square, SW1P.

MPS officers, supported by officers from West Yorkshire Police, executed search warrants issued under the Terrorism Act 2000 at six addresses in West Yorkshire. A controlled explosion was carried out at one address to ensure safe entry. One man was arrested under the Terrorism Act and remains in custody at a central London police station.

MPS officers, assisted by officers from Bedfordshire Police, examined a vehicle in the car park of Luton railway station. Nine controlled explosions were carried out on material found in the car, following which the car was deemed to no longer present a danger to the public. It was then removed for further examination by the MPS.

By Tuesday, the investigation had led the MPS to have concerns about the movements and activities of four men, three of whom came from the West Yorkshire area. We are trying to establish their movements in the run up to last week's attacks, and specifically to establish if they all died in the explosions. Three of the search warrants were executed at home addresses of these three men.

CCTV footage showed the four men, each carrying a rucksack, at King's Cross station shortly before 08.30 on the morning of July 7. One of the men who set out from West Yorkshire was reported missing by his family to the Casualty Bureau shortly after 22.00 on July 7. We have established that he was joined on his journey to London by three other men.

Personal documents bearing the names of three of those four men have been found, close to the seats of three of the explosions:

Property belonging to the man reported missing was found on the Route 30 bus in Tavistock Square.

Property in the name of a second man was found at the scene of the Aldgate bomb. Property in the name of a third man was found at the scene of both the Aldgate and the Edgware Road bombs.

We have very strong forensic and other evidence that one of the men died in the explosion at Aldgate. This is subject to formal confirmation by the Coroner.

July 13
22 people have had their identity confirmed by the Identity Commission and we have been able to release details of 14 of these according to the wishes of families.

   Bulletin 0000000219 14 July 2005