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News Archive November - December 2004

[12-09-04] Security Awareness Toolbox Updated

[12-06-04] Homeland Security Subcommittee Highlights Cybersecurity Objectives

[11-30-04] DHS Secretary Ridge Announces Resignation

[11-30-04] Secretary Ridge's Letter of Resignation to President Bush

[11-25-04] Computers Help Authenticate Paintings

[11-24-04] President Directs CIA To Increase Analysts, Operatives

[11-23-04] Unclassified Report to Congress on the Acquisition of Technology Relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction and Advanced Conventional Munitions, 1 July Through 31 December 2003

[11-23-04] United States, EU Discuss Border, Transport Security

[11-22-04] Joint warfighters assess net-centric information sharing processes

[11-19-04] Passport Alert System To Be Developed by U.S., Australia, Chile

[11-16-04] US, Iraqi Troops Occupy Fallujah as Violence Spreads Other Cities

[11-16-04] Resignations, Turmoil Shake CIA

[11-16-04] FBI Director Says Agency More Effective

[11-16-04] U.S. Nuclear Agency Works to Strengthen Nuclear Plant Security

[11-15-04] DCI's Statement to the Workforce dated 15 November 2004

[11-15-04] Computer Models to Simulate Hypothetical Outbreak of Avian Flu

[11-15-04] US-VISIT Implementation Dates at Land Border Crossings Announced

[11-15-04] Terrorism Requires Global Response, Homeland Security Chief Says

[11-15-04] NIST has completed the final version of Special Publication 800-72, entitled Guidelines on PDA Forensics

[11-13-04] Former Spies Speak Out on US Intelligence Reform

[11-13-04] Top CIA Officials Resign Amid Turmoil Under New Director

[11-11-04] IAEA says South Korea Made Near Bomb Grade Uranium

[11-10-04] Statement by Department of Homeland Security on Lowering of Threat Level for Financial Service Sector

[11-08-04] Rumsfeld: Fallujah Offensive 'Will Deal a Blow' to Terrorists

[11-08-04] Thousands of Iraqi, US Troops Enter Fallujah

[11-08-04] Iraqi, U.S. Troops Begin 'Al Fajr' Operation in Fallujah

[11-07-04] Japan to Streamline Defense Forces to Fight Terrorism

[11-05-04] United States Announces Record-Setting Supercomputer Performance

[11-03-04] New Technology, Procedures, High Turnout Test US Electoral Machinery

[11-01-04] United States Breaks International Identity-Theft Ring