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News Archive May 2004

[05-31-04] Saudi Arabia: Oil-Sector Experts Try To Gauge Impact Of Terror Attack

[05-31-04] Massive Manhunt Underway in Saudi Arabia

[05-31-04] EU Complains of US Aviation Proposal

[05-31-04] Image Problems Continue to Hamper US Forces in Iraq

[05-31-04] Deadlock Continues Over Choice for Interim Iraqi President

[05-31-04] Chinese Information Operations Capabilities 2004

[05-30-04] Saudi Officials Say Khobar Hostages Freed

[05-30-04] Iraqi War Did Not Increase Terrorism Threat, says British PM

[05-30-04] US Senator Blames Saudi Government for Attack on Foreigners

[05-30-04] New York Times Criticized for 'Flawed Journalism' About Iraqi Weapons

[05-30-04] U.S. Refocusing Military Strategy for War on Terror, Rumsfeld Says

[05-29-04] Department of Defense Releases FY04 Report to Congress on PRC Military Power

[05-28-04] Information Security: Information System Controls at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. GAO-04-630

[05-27-04] Security Attacks On IT Systems More Than Double, According to Respondents of Deloitte & Touche LLP's Global Financial Services Survey

[05-27-04] Data Mining: Federal Efforts Cover a Wide Range of Uses. GAO-04-548, May 4 [1.5 MB]

[05-27-04] Musharraf Points to al-Qaida and Military in Assassination Attempt

[05-27-04] New WWII Memorial to be Dedicated Saturday in Washington DC

[05-27-04] UK Muslim Cleric Faces Extradition to US on 11 Terror Charges

[05-27-04] Britain Announces More Troops for Iraq

[05-26-04] U.S. Wants to Intensify Global Nuclear Security Efforts

[05-26-04] US Unveils Plan to Keep Terrorists from Getting Nuclear Materials

[05-26-04] Interpol Warns of New Terrorist Tactics to Finance Terrorism

[05-26-04] Al-Qaeda Expected to Strike U.S. Soon, Attorney General Says

[05-26-04] Bush Administration Warns Threat of Major Terrorist Attacks Rising

[05-26-04] Ashcroft: 'Credible Evidence' Shows al-Qaida Planning Attack in US

[05-26-04] DOD Personnel Clearances: Additional Steps Can Be Taken to Reduce Backlogs and Delays in Granting Security Clearances to Industry Personnel. GAO-04-632 [1.1 MB]

[05-25-04] Homeland Security Fact Sheet: A Better Prepared America: A Year in Review

[05-25-04] Phishing attacks continue to increase

[05-25-04] Nuclear Security at the Summer 2004 Olympic Games

[05-25-04] Beyond Fear Book Review

[05-25-04] National Military Strategy of the United States of America 2004 Keypoints

[05-25-04] Defense Acquisitions: Knowledge of Software Suppliers Needed to Manage Risks. GAO-04-678

[05-24-04] US, Britain Present Draft UN Resolution on Iraqi Sovereignty

[05-24-04] Homeland Security: DHS Needs a Strategy to Use DOE's Laboratories for Research on Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Detection and Response Technologies. GAO-04-653

[05-23-04] US, Australia Warn of Increased Terror Risk in Indonesia

[05-21-04] Information Technology: Homeland Security Should Better Balance Need for System Integration Strategy with Spending for New and Enhanced Systems. GAO-04-509

[05-21-04] Television Primary Information Source for Most 2004 Voters

[05-20-04] CAN-SPAM Act Hearing

[05-20-04] New Photos Show US Soldiers Posing With Dead Iraqi Prisoner

[05-20-04] U.S. Disease Agency Revises Health Travel Advisory System

[05-20-04] Human Smuggling a National Security Risk, U.S. Official Says

[05-20-04] China's Latest SARS Outbreak Has Ended, U.N. Health Agency Says

[05-20-04] Catching the phishers: Australian Government/banking taskforce targets online fraudsters

[05-19-04] 9/11 Commission Wraps Up New York Testimony

[05-19-04] Security Breach Shuts Down British Prime Minister's Question Time in Parliament

[05-19-04] Statement by Secretary Tom Ridge before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

[05-19-04] Former New York Mayor Testifies Before September 11 Panel

[05-19-04] US Generals to Appear on Capitol Hill

[05-19-04] Army Specialist Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison for Iraqi Prisoner Abuse

[05-19-04] Hearing on The Use Of Biometrics To Improve Aviation Security

[05-18-04] Man sentenced in Houston for Internet "phishing" to get personal info from AOL and Paypal customers

[05-18-04] US Border Patrol Steps up Efforts to Police Mexican Border

[05-18-04] 9/11 Commission Reviews Events Of Catastrophe

[05-18-04] Terrorism Insurance: Effects of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002, by Richard J. Hillman, director, financial markets and community investment, before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs. GAO-04-806T

[05-18-04] US Military Describes Steps to Improve Conditions in Abu Ghraib Prison

[05-18-04] The Sarin-Laced Shell: Major Discovery Or A Curious Relic?

[05-17-04] DOD Business Systems Modernization: Limited Progress in Development of Business Enterprise Architecture and Oversight of Information Technology Investments. GAO-04-731R

[05-17-04] 9/11 Hearings will Bring Back Painful Memories for Victims' Families

[05-17-04] China Warns Taiwan Against Any Move Toward Independence

[05-17-04] Some US Soldiers in S. Korea to be Redeployed

[05-17-04] Experts: Iraqis May View Assassination as Punishment for Collaborators

[05-17-04] Iraqi Officials Condemn Killing of Governing Council Chairman

[05-15-04] Foreign Military Sales: Improved Army Controls Could Prevent Unauthorized Shipments of Classified Spare Parts and Items Containing Military Technology to Foreign Countries. GAO-04-327

[05-15-04] US Energy Secretary to Visit IAEA Headquarters

[05-15-04] Crypto-Gram Newsletter: Warrants, counterterrorism in airports, bypassing the USPS, national security consumers

[05-15-04] US National Security Advisor Meets With Russian Officials

[05-14-04] National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan announced

[05-14-04] The Military Aircraft Accident Summary reporting the investigation of the fatal loss of a RAF Tornado to a Patriot missile on 22 March 2003, UK MoD © Crown Copyright 2004

[05-14-04] Transformation Requires Business, Military Cultural Change

[05-14-04] Chemical and Biological Defense: DOD Needs to Continue to Collect and Provide Information on Tests and on Potentially Exposed Personnel. GAO-04-410 [1.5 MB]

[05-14-04] Athens Mayor Promotes Olympics, Attempts to Allay Security Concerns

[05-14-04] Top US Law Enforcement Official Vows Justice for US Man Beheaded in Iraq

[05-14-04] Close U.S.-Iraqi Military Relationship Expected After June 30

[05-13-04] USJFCOM: New system to improve the way military services perform maintenance

[05-13-04] Bush Administration Asks Congress for $25 Billion for Iraq Operations

[05-13-04] Photos of UK Soldier Abusing Iraqi Prisoners Are Fake, Official Says

[05-13-04] Report: CIA Agents Concerned About Rough Interrogations

[05-13-04] Armitage Stresses Need for Civil-Military Collaboration

[05-13-04] Officials Explain Plans for Sovereignty Transfer in Iraq

[05-13-04] Hearing on How to Best Prepare for Acts of Terror: National Preparedness and First Responder Funding

[05-13-04] DHS launches National Visual Analytics Center

[05-13-04] Military Operations: DOD's Fiscal Year 2003 Funding and Obligations in Support of the Global War on Terrorism. GAO-04-668

[05-13-04] Federal Government Tests Continuity of Operations Plans

[05-12-04] G8: International co-operation strengthened in the fight against terrorism

[05-12-04] Former CIA Directors Discuss Possible Agency Reforms

[05-12-04] Advisory Number: AV04-023 Vulnerability in IEEE 802.11

[05-12-04] Transforming for New Military Demands

[05-12-04] Information Operations in Iraq by Major Norman Emery, U.S. Army, Military Review May-June 2004

[05-12-04] Elections: Electronic Voting Offers Opportunities and Presents Challenges, by Randolph C. Hite, director, information systems, before the Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations, and the Census, House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-766T

[05-12-04] International Terrorism and Intelligence 2004 Conference

[05-12-04] US Officials Investigate Beheading of American Contractor

[05-12-04] Senators Harshly Criticize Rumsfeld Over US Conduct in Iraq

[05-12-04] Blair: Allegations of Prisoner Abuse in Iraq Damaged Coalition's Cause

[05-11-04] G8 products and initiatives: Meeting of G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers, Washington

[05-11-04] Meeting of G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers: Communique

[05-11-04] Meeting of G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers: Joint Press Conference

[05-11-04] Hearing: DOE Nuclear Security: What Are the Challenges, and What's Next?"

[05-11-04] Multinational interoperability momentum builds with preparation for live coalition exercise

[05-11-04] Investigating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing: Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Face Continuing Coordination Challenges, by Richard M. Stana, director, homeland security and justice, before the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, Drug Policy, and Human Resources, House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-710T

[05-11-04] PSEPC Advisory AV04-022 Vulnerability in Windows Help and Support Center

[05-11-04] PSEPC Advisory AV04-021 Wallon Worm

[05-11-04] Homeland Security: First Phase of Visitor and Immigration Status Program Operating, but Improvements Needed. GAO-04-586 [1.6 MB]

[05-11-04] US to Hand Over Saddam to Iraqi Tribunal

[05-11-04] General Blames Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners on 'Failure of Leadership'

[05-11-04] White House Condemns Beheading of American Contractor in Iraq

[05-11-04] Islamist Website Shows Captive's Beheading

[05-11-04] Congressional Report, May 11: Army Investigator Testifies

[05-11-04] Updated: Event & Conference Diary

[05-10-04] Ridge, EU Officials Discuss Passenger Data, Aviation Security

[05-10-04] Former NYC Mayor Speaks Out on Security After 9/11 Attacks

[05-10-04] Red Cross Warned Bush Administration of Widespread Mistreatment of Iraqi Prisoners

[05-10-04] Latest Events May Bring More Volatility to Chechnya, say Experts

[05-10-04] Mideast Water Dilemma Seen As Challenge, Opportunity

[05-10-04] Britain May Prosecute Soldiers in 2 Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Cases

[05-10-04] Blair Apologizes for Treatment of Iraqi Prisoners

[05-10-04] U.S. Commander Says Iraqi Prison Investigations Just Beginning

[05-09-04] Explosion Kills Pro-Moscow Chechen President

[05-08-04] State Dept. Announces New Program to Curb Movement of Terrorists

[05-07-04] Rumsfeld Apologizes to Iraqis Abused by U.S. Soldiers

[05-07-04] Sanders Says U.S. Supports IAEA Efforts to Combat Nuclear Terrorism

[05-07-04] Ship Piracy in Asia Declining, International Maritime Bureau Says

[05-07-04] American Lawyer Arrested in Connection with Madrid Bombings

[05-07-04] Bin Laden Offers 'Reward' for Death of Annan, Bremer

[05-07-04] Rumsfeld to Apologize to Congress, Friday

[05-06-04] Washington Post Publishes New Iraq Prison Photos

[05-06-04] Afghan Militias Stall Demobilization Process, UN Says

[05-06-04] Experts Debate Impact of Prisoner Abuse on US Public Support for Iraq War

[05-06-04] Bush Asks Congress for Additional $25 Billion for Defense

[05-06-04] Congressional Report, May 6: Prisoner Abuse Hearings Planned

[05-06-04] DOD Personnel Clearances: Preliminary Observations Related to Backlogs and Delays in Determining Security Clearance Eligibility for Industry Personnel, by Gregory C. Wilshusen, acting director, defense management and capabilities, before the House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-202T

[05-06-04] Suicide Car Bombing Kills 5 in Baghdad

[05-06-04] Army, USJFCOM continue series of co-sponsored wargames with Unified Quest 04

[05-06-04] Arabs Express Mixed Reactions Over Bush TV Interviews

[05-05-04] House Subcommittee on Railroads Hearing on Railroad Security

[05-05-04] Members of Congress Debate Security of Nation's Railways

[05-05-04] U.S. Counterterrorism Official Reports Progress to Africans

[05-05-04] Multiple UAVs fly into action, integrate battle space

[05-05-04] New US Head of Prison System in Iraq Bans Use Of Hoods

[05-04-04] US Senate Panel Discusses Security at Olympics

[05-04-04] INFOCON: UNIRAS Brief - 196/04 - Two Apple Security advisories

[05-04-04] US Group Urges Europe to Tighten Efforts to Secure Nuclear Facilities in Former Soviet Union

[05-04-04] Pakistan Detains 13 Following Car Bomb Attack on Chinese Workers

[05-04-04] Lessons Learned from Security at Past Olympic Games

[05-04-04] US Tests New Security Screening Program for Commuter Trains

[05-04-04] TSA launches new passenger rail security testbed

[05-04-04] Transfer of Budgetary Resources to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). GAO-04-329R, April 30.

[05-03-04] World Experts Study Animal-to-Human Disease Transmission

[05-03-04] Spyware: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You Hearing, April 29

[05-03-04] Congressional Budget Office: Federal Funding for Homeland Security, April 2004

[05-03-04] British Cast Doubt on Iraqi Prisoner Photos

[05-03-04] Oklahoma Dedicates New Federal Building 9 Year After Terrorist Bombing

[05-03-04] Texas University Receives $18 Million for Research to Prevent Bio-Attacks

[05-03-04] US General Announces Multiple Investigations Underway Into Reported Abuse Of Iraqis Prisoners

[05-03-04] US General: New Tactics Against Afghan Insurgents Yielding Results

[05-03-04] Turkish Police Detain 16 Terror Suspects

[05-02-04] Microsoft Joins Law Enforcement to Track Perpetrators of Emerging Worm Attacks against Computer Users

[05-01-04] Report Says Airlines Gave Passenger Data to FBI after 9/11

[05-01-04] Several People Reportedly Killed in Saudi Terror Attack

[05-01-04] UNIRAS ALERT - 23/04 - Malicious Software Report - Sasser

[05-01-04] Updated: Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports and Issue Briefs