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News Archive March 2004

[03-31-04] Black Offers Ways to Improve U.S.-EU Counterterrorism Cooperation

[03-31-04] NATO's Defense Role, Operation by Consensus Remain Same

[03-31-04] US Military Officials Concerned North Korea Could Transfer WMDs to Terrorists

[03-31-04] Analysts Debate Pakistani Troops' Success in Operation Against Militants

[03-31-04] Analysts: Some European Nations See Boosting Help to Afghanistan as Way of Protesting War in Iraq

[03-31-04] Latest Iraq Attacks Mark One of Deadliest Days of Violence Against Coalition in Weeks

[03-30-04] Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges and Efforts to Secure Control Systems, by Robert F. Dacey, director, information security, before the Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations, and the Census, House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-628T

[03-30-04] Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges and Efforts to Secure Systems. GAO-04-354, March 15, 2004

[03-30-04] Rep. Tom Lantos on Halting the Nuclear Black Market

[03-30-04] British Police Arrest 8, Seize Bomb-Making Chemical in Suspected Terror Plot

[03-30-04] Rice to Testify Under Oath Before 9/11 Commission

[03-29-04] Pressure Mounts on Condoleezza Rice to Testify Publicly Before 9/11 Commission

[03-28-04] US: 9/11 Commission Surrounded by Controversy

[03-26-04] White House Requests Another Private Meeting Between National Security Advisor Rice, 9/11 Commission

[03-25-04] Allegations Traded Before 9-11 Commission Set Off Political Firestorm

[03-25-04] White House Mounts Counteroffensive Against Clarke's Testimony Before 9-11 Commission

[03-24-04] CIA Director Testifies Before 9/11 Commission

[03-24-04] Top US Officials Testify Before 9/11 Commission

[03-23-04] Bush Denies Improper Response to al-Qaida Threat

[03-23-04] US Officials Defend Record on Terrorism

[03-22-04] White House Takes Issue With New Book Critical of Bush War on Terror

[03-22-04] PSEPC-SPPCC AV04-014 W32/Netsky.p Worm

[03-21-04] UNIRAS Alert 13/04 Malicious software report - witty worm

[03-19-04] U.S. Department of State: Worldwide Caution

[03-19-04] Pakistan: Thousands of Troops Surround 400 Militants Near Afghan Border

[03-19-04] EU Ministers Agree to Boost Intelligence Sharing in Campaign Against Terrorism

[03-19-04] Full Text of President Bush's Remarks on One-Year Anniversary of Iraq War

[03-19-04] Bush Marks Iraq War Anniversary with Vow to Continue Fight Against Terrorism

[03-18-04] No Deal in EU Anti-Trust Case Against Microsoft

[03-18-04] Attacks Continue in Iraq as Anniversary of US-Led Invasion Approaches

[03-18-04] Middle East Experts: Overall Impact on Region of US-Led Invasion of Iraq Mostly Negative

[03-18-04] Airline Passenger Screening in US Comes Under Scrutiny

[03-18-04] AV04-013: Bagle.Q Worm

[03-17-04] One Year After Fall of Saddam, Weapons Issue Leaves More Questions Than Answers

[03-17-04] No Progress in Resolving Mideast Conflict One Year After Start of Iraq War, say Analysts

[03-17-04] All Nations Affected by Terrorist Attacks, General Says

[03-17-04] U.S. Addressing Policy, Privacy Concerns Over Passenger Data

[03-15-04] U.S. Needs Force of Diplomacy to Win Peace, Armitage Says

[03-15-04] Vienna Conference Calls for Greater Anti-Terrorism Cooperation

[03-15-04] CRYPTO-GRAM by Bruce Schneier

[03-15-04] Europe Takes New Look at Vulnerability Following Spain Terror Attack

[03-15-04] Spain's Incoming PM Pledges to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

[03-15-04] EU to Discuss Security Measures after Deadly Bombings in Spain

[03-15-04] Election Outcome Will Not Affect Spain's Commitment to Fight Terrorism, says Powell

[03-14-04] Al-Qaida Claim for Thursday's Terror Bombings Overshadows Spanish Election

[03-14-04] Europe Faces 'New Quality of Threat'

[03-13-04] Millions at Spanish Anti-Terrorist Demonstrations Set Record

[03-12-04] Republican Senator Rejects Democratic Allegations of Misuse of Intelligence

[03-11-04] U.S. Needs New Energy in Public Diplomacy Campaign, Rice Says

[03-11-04] Missile Defense System Development on Track, Director Says

[03-11-04] Dept. of Homeland Security Offers Overview of US-VISIT Program

[03-11-04] Letter Attributed to al-Qaida Affiliate Claims Responsibility for Spanish Blasts

[03-11-04] Spain Vows to Defeat Terrorism as Analysts Debate Who is Responsible for Deadly Train Bombings

[03-11-04] Homeland Security Advisory System: Preliminary Observations Regarding Threat Level Increases from Yellow to Orange

[03-11-04] Information Technology: OMB and Department of Homeland Security Investment Reviews. GAO-04-323, February 10, 2004

[03-11-04] Missile Defense: Actions Being Taken to Address Testing Recommendations, but Updated Assessment Needed. GAO-04-254, February 26, 2004.

[03-11-04] Black Market for Nuclear Weapons Technology Raises Concerns

[03-11-04] Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA) Factsheet

[03-11-04] Aznar Vows to Bring Those Responsible for Train Bombings to Justice

[03-11-04] Madrid Train Blast Kills 173, Hundreds Wounded

[03-11-04] CRS Reports and Issue Briefs

[03-10-04] US-CERT Cyber Security Alert SA04-070A -- Vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook 2002

[03-10-04] Cyber Security Tip ST04-004: Understanding Firewalls

[03-09-04] Nonproliferation: Improvements Needed for Controls on Exports of Cruise Missiles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology, by Joseph A. Christoff, director, international affairs and trade, before the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations, House Committee on Government Reform

[03-09-04] Abu Bakar Bashir Sentence Reduced to 18 Months

[03-09-04] US Sends Team to Iraq to Prepare for Saddam Trial

[03-09-04] Life Expectancy Gap Could Trigger Mass Migration

[03-09-04] N. Korea Condemns Planned South, US Military Exercises

[03-09-04] Al Qaeda Damaged, But Still Committed to U.S. Attacks

[03-08-04] Report: N. Korea May Insist on US Troop Withdrawal from South

[03-08-04] US Accuses Iran of Changing Facts of Nuclear Program

[03-07-04] Interim Iraqi Constitution will be Signed Monday, says Bremer

[03-07-04] Explosions Rock Baghdad Near Coalition Headquarters

[03-06-04] US Marines Secure Haiti's Main Port

[03-06-04] China to Boost Military Spending

[03-06-04] IAEA to Discuss Dangers of Nuclear Proliferation During Top-Level Meeting

[03-06-04] US, Europe Work to Solve Dispute Over Sharing Airline Passenger Info in Terror War

[03-06-04] Port Security Remains a Concern in War on Terrorism

[03-06-04] Senior US Senator Says Bush Exaggerated Threat Posed by Saddam Hussein

[03-05-04] Aviation Security: Factors Could Limit the Effectiveness of the Transportation Security Administration's Efforts to Secure Aerial Advertising Operations. GAO-04-499R

[03-05-04] Allegations of Intelligence Distortions a Partisan Issue in 2004 Election

[03-05-04] Homeland Security Official Answers Lawmakers' Concerns about US-VISIT Program

[03-05-04] State Dept. Says Visa Waiver Countries Will Miss Passport Deadline

[03-04-04] US Officials Say Progress Made in Visitor Fingerprint Program, but Critics Cite Problems

[03-04-04] Ridge Discusses Security Accomplishments and Remaining Goals

[03-04-04] U.S. Urges Strengthening of U.N. Counter-Terrorism Committee

[03-04-04] U.S. Customs Delays Advance Filing Requirement on Air Cargo

[03-04-04] Top al-Qaida Operative Arrested in Yemen

[03-03-04] Jointness vital in transforming training

[03-03-04] China to Issue Verdict on British Espionage Case

[03-03-04] US Officials Announce Tighter Border Security in Iraq

[03-03-04] Deadly Bombings Unify Iraq's Shi'ite Muslims

[03-03-04] Suicide Bombings in Iraq Kill at Least 170 at Shi'ite Muslim Shrines

[03-03-04] US-CERT Cyber Security Bulletin SB04-063 -- Summary of Security Items from February 18 through March 2, 2004

[03-03-04] U.S. Officials Outline Counterterrorism Cooperation in Western Hemisphere

[03-03-04] NATO Allies Accept Accession Protocols of Seven New Members

[03-03-04] Size of Asian Bird Flu Outbreak Unprecedented, Health Agency Says

[03-03-04] PSEPC Alert AL04-003 Bagle Virus J and K

[03-02-04] Fighting Terrorism Top U.S. Goal in Asia-Pacific

[03-02-04] Bush Says U.S. Remains Relentless in War Against Terrorists

[03-02-04] Latest Bombings in Iraq Follow Terrorist Zarqawi's Script

[03-02-04] Panel Urges Renewed Public Diplomacy Efforts to Engage Muslim World

[03-01-04] FY 2003 Report to Congress on Federal Government Information Security Management

[03-01-04] Spam Mitigation Techniques: 2004 NISCC Technical Notes No. 02/04 (© Crown copyright)

[03-01-04] Efforts To Fight Money Laundering Face Challenges, U.S. Says