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News Archive June 2004

[06-29-04] UK Intelligence and Security Committee Annual Report 2003–2004

[06-29-04] Iraqi Government Prepares to Take Custody of Saddam Hussein

[06-29-04] Pentagon Caught Off-Guard by Supreme Court Detainee Ruling

[06-29-04] Britain Admits Mistakes Made in Iraq

[06-29-04] Iraqi Government Must Win Hearts and Minds, Says Iraqi Envoy to U.S.

[06-28-04] Iraqis Demand Security from New Government

[06-28-04] Rebuilding Iraq: Resource, Security, Governance, Essential Services, and Oversight Issues. GAO-04-902R [3.9 MB]

[06-28-04] Arab Analysts Say Iraq Sovereignty Positive, But Not Enough

[06-28-04] Analysts: Security Concerns Don't End With Iraq Handover

[06-28-04] Military Operations: Recent Campaigns Benefited from Improved Communications and Technology, but Barriers to Continued Progress Remain. GAO-04-547 [1.1 MB]

[06-28-04] NATO Council Reaffirms Collective Defense Role in Europe and Beyond

[06-28-04] NATO Offers Security Partnership with Broader Middle East

[06-28-04] Supreme Court Rules on Detention of Enemy Combatants

[06-28-04] Early Transfer of Iraqi Sovereignty Intended to Foil Militants

[06-27-04] Myers Says NATO'S Rapid Response Force Will Develop Over Time

[06-27-04] De Hoop Scheffer Showcases NATO's New Military Capabilities

[06-26-04] United States, European Union Resolute in Opposing Terrorism

[06-25-04] New Nonproliferation Initiatives Producing Results, Bolton Says

[06-25-04] U.S. Favors Multilateral Approach to Fight Terrorism, Ridge Says

[06-25-04] Nations Strive to Prevent Passport Fraud, State's Moss Says

[06-25-04] NATO Will Support Greek Security Operation for Olympics

[06-25-04] Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Enhancing Border Security, DHS Says

[06-24-04] Congressional Report, June 24: $447 Billion Defense Bill Passes

[06-24-04] Increased Efforts Needed in OSCE to Deal with Security Threats

[06-24-04] Posted Letter from George J. Tenet, Director of Central Intelligence, in response to The Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2005

[06-24-04] Defense Space Activities: Continuation of Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program's Progress to Date Subject to Some Uncertainty. GAO-04-778R [0.8 MB]

[06-24-04] S. Korean Government Faces Protests Over Kidnap, Murder in Iraq

[06-24-04] Analysts: Saudi Amnesty Offer a Good Start

[06-24-04] Bombs Explode in Turkey Ahead of US Presidential Visit

[06-24-04] Britain Welcomes Release of Sailors Captured by Iran

[06-24-04] Bush Meets with CIA Leak Probe Team

[06-24-04] CIA Officer's Book Contends US Losing Terror War

[06-24-04] Media Watchdog: China Worst Repressor of Internet

[06-24-04] Senate Passes Defense Bill

[06-24-04] Scores Dead in Latest Iraqi Clashes

[06-24-04] Greece Signs Container Security Agreement with U.S.

[06-24-04] Stolen Passports a Serious Concern for Visa Waiver Program

[06-24-04] Homeland Security: Management of the First Responder Grants in the National Capital Region Reflects the Need for Coordinated Planning and Performance Goals. GAO-04-433, May 28

[06-24-04] Homeland Security: Coordinated Planning and Standards Needed to Better Manage First Responder Grants in the National Capital Region, by William O. Jenkins, Jr., director, homeland security and justice, before the House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-904T

[06-23-04] Remarks of Deputy Director of Central Intelligence John E. McLaughlin at the Business Executives for National Security Annual Forum

[06-23-04] Geospatial Information: Better Coordination Needed to Identify and Reduce Duplicative Investments. GAO-04-703 [3.7 MB]

[06-23-04] Geospatial Information: Better Coordination and Oversight Could Help Reduce Duplicative Investments, by Linda D. Koontz, director, information management, before the Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and the Census, House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-824T [1.7 MB]

[06-23-04] US House Considers More Money for Intelligence Operations

[06-23-04] OSCE Holds Review Conference on Combating Terrorism

[06-23-04] US Withdraws UN Resolution Seeking Criminal Court Exemption

[06-23-04] Poor Security Haunts Upcoming Afghan Vote

[06-23-04] Fight Terror Through Reform

[06-23-04] Revised Terror Report Shows Continued Validity of Salient Points

[06-22-04] Powell Says Terror Report Statistics Now Reviewed, Revised

[06-22-04] U.S. Expects New Global Standards to Boost Maritime Security

[06-22-04] Nuclear Security: Several Issues Could Impede Ability of DOE's Office of Energy, Science, and Environment to Meet the May 2003 Design Basis Threat, by Robin M. Nazzaro, director, natural resources and environment, before the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations, House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-894T

[06-22-04] Terrorists Killed 625 People in 2003, Revised State Report Says

[06-22-04] Powell Says Terror Report Statistics Now Reviewed, Revised

[06-21-04] Deputy Director for Operations James L. Pavitt at the Foreign Policy Association, 21 June 2004

[06-21-04] 8 British Sailors, 3 Boats Seized, Iran Says

[06-21-04] US, Malaysia to Boost Security in Asian Shipping

[06-21-04] North Korea Pursuing Two Paths Toward Nuclear Weapons

[06-21-04] 4 US Marines Killed in Iraq as S. Korean Hostage Situation Continues

[06-21-04] VOA Reporter Shares Fear of Terrorism in Saudi Capital

[06-20-04] War on Terror Must Be "Global Effort," Frist Says

[06-20-04] U.S. Working With Saudis to End Terrorist Financing, Snow Says

[06-19-04] Agency Finds Flaws in WTC Design in Probe of 9/11 Collapse

[06-19-04] Saudi Government Says 'Major Blow' Dealt to Al-Qaida

[06-19-04] US Praises Saudi Arabia for Action Against Alleged Hostage-Takers

[06-19-04] Foreigners in Saudi Arabia Taking Extra Precautions Amid Security Concerns

[06-18-04] Homeland Security: Performance of Information Systems to Monitor Foreign Students and Exchange Visitors Has Improved but Issues Remain. GAO-04-690

[06-18-04] 9/11 Commission Cites Confusion, Chaos During 2001 Terror Attacks

[06-18-06] Congress Approves More Spending on Homeland Security

[06-17-04] 9/11 Commission Says US Air Defense was Overwhelmed on Day of Attacks

[06-17-04] CIA Contractor Indicted for Abuse of Afghan Detainee

[06-17-04] U.S. Trade Agency Says "No" to Anti-Spam E-mail Plan

[06-17-04] Internet Pharmacies: Some Pose Safety Risks for Consumers. GAO-04-820 [1.2 MB]

[06-16-04] Justice Official Says Internet Regulation Not Answer to Hate Speech

[06-16-04] United Nations: Observations on the Oil-for-Food Program and Iraq's Food Security, by Joseph A. Christoff, director, international affairs and trade, before the House Committee on Agriculture. GAO-04-880T

[06-16-04] Pipeline Safety: Preliminary Information on the Office of Pipeline Safety's Efforts to Strengthen Its Enforcement Activities, by Katherine Siggerud, director, physical infrastructure, before the Subcommittee on Highways, Transit, and Pipelines, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure GAO-04-875T

[06-15-04] Pipeline Safety: Preliminary Information on the Office of Pipeline Safety's Enforcement Activities, by Katherine Siggerud, director, physical infrastructure, before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. GAO-04-826T

[06-14-04] Car Bomb Kills Iraqis, Foreigners in Baghdad

[06-14-04] Arabs Expect Saudis to Prevail Over Terrorism

[06-14-04] Concerns Grow Over Iraqi Readiness for Security Duties

[06-14-04] U.S. Advises Travelers on Safe, Speedy Entry at Borders

[06-14-04] Somali Native Charged in a Bomb Plot, Ashcroft Says

[06-13-04] Washington Says Saudi Arabia Working to Counter Terrorist Threat

[06-13-04] Al-Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Saudi Attacks

[06-13-04] Gunmen Kill Another Iraqi Government Official in Baghdad

[06-12-04] Combined Joint Task Force Exercise 04-2 (CJTFEX 04-2) kicks off

[06-12-04] North, South Korea Sign Agreement to Prevent Naval Clashes

[06-12-04] Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister Killed in Ambush

[06-12-04] One American Killed, One Kidnapped in Riyadh

[06-12-04] Pakistani Military Targets Suspected Al-Qaida Hideouts Near Afghan Border

[06-11-04] FBI Intelligence Chief Maureen Baginski Details Proposed Intelligence Directorate

[06-11-04] Discussion of Nuclear Weapons No Longer Taboo in Japan

[06-10-04] Alignment and non-proprietary: key issues in military's future situational awareness

[06-10-04] US State Department Says It Understated Terror Attacks and Casualties

[06-10-04] NATO Remains Our Essential Alliance

[06-10-04] U.S. Global Posture Strategy Getting Thorough Review

[06-10-04] Powell "Very Disturbed" by Errors in 2003 Terrorism Report

[06-10-04] White House Counsel Says "Terrorists Are Different"

[06-09-04] Traveler Security Focus of "SAFTI" Plan Adopted by G8

[06-09-04] G8 Issues Action Plan on Global Nonproliferation

[06-09-04] Updated: Event & Conference Diary

[06-08-04] Air National Guard experiencing transformation process

[06-08-04] South Korea Resists US Troop Reduction

[06-08-04] Police in Italy and Belgium Arrest Terror Suspects

[06-08-04] Microsoft Appeals EU Fine

[06-08-04] File Sharing: Selected Universities Report Taking Action to Reduce Copyright Infringement. GAO-04-503, 28 May [2.7 MB]

[06-07-04] Purported al-Qaida Tape Warns of More Attacks

[06-07-04] Pentagon Proposes 1/3 Cut in US forces in South Korea

[06-06-04] Rumsfeld Says Extremist Terrorism Threatens Security, Progress

[06-04-04] U.S.: Few Surprised By Resignation Of U.S. CIA Chief

[06-04-04] Aviation Security: Further Steps Needed to Strengthen the Security of Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls. GAO-04-728 [1.4 MB]

[06-04-04] Sweeping Changes Ahead in Military Doctrine to Meet Current Threat

[06-04-04] Military Airlift: DOD Needs to Determine Its Aerial Refueling Aircraft Requirements. GAO-04-349

[06-04-04] Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE's Effort to Close Russia's Plutonium Production Reactors Faces Challenges, and Final Shutdown Is Uncertain. GAO-04-662 [2.8 MB]

[06-03-04] Director Mueller Presents the Bureau's Vision for Creating an Intelligence Service within the FBI

[06-03-04] FBI Director Proposes New Branch of Intelligence Agency

[06-03-04] Veteran CIA Official Named as Acting Director

[06-03-04] Tenet's Resignation Prompts Calls for Reforming CIA

[06-03-04] Seven Carrier Strike Groups Underway for Exercise “Summer Pulse 04”

[06-03-04] Bush Announces CIA Director George Tenet's Resignation

[06-03-04] Remarks by Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet to Employees of the Central Intelligence Agency and the US Intelligence Community

[06-03-04] CIA Director Tenet Resigns

[06-03-04] DoD Information Assurance Newsletter

[06-02-04] OECD Urges Integrated Approach to Container Security

[06-02-04] Technology Assessment: Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection. GAO-04-321, May 28, 2004 [1.5 MB]

[06-02-04] Information Security: Continued Actions Needed to Improve Federal Software Patch Management. GAO-04-706

[06-02-04] Afghanistan Reconstruction: Deteriorating Security and Limited Resources Have Impeded Progress; Improvements in U.S. Strategy Needed. GAO-04-403 [4.5 MB]

[06-02-04] Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition: Observations on the Supplier Base.
GAO-04-554, May 3, 2004

[06-01-04] Intelligence dissemination system providing new capability

[06-01-04] Security Awareness Toolbox

[06-01-04] Intellectual Property: Economic Arrangements Among Small Webcasters and Their Effect on Royalties. GAO-04-700