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News Archive July 2004

[07-30-04] DHS Info Bulletin: Potential Threat to Homeland Using Heavy Transport Vehicles

[07-27-04] Critical Infrastructure Protection: Improving Information Sharing with Infrastructure Sectors. GAO-04-780, July 9, 2004

[07-26-04] UK: Preparing for Emergencies - What You Need to Know

[07-26-04] PSEPC Advisory Number: AV04-029: WORM_MYDOOM.M

[07-26-04] Pentagon Report Examines China's Military

[07-24-04] Commission Report Will Guide Homeland Security Efforts, Says Bush

[07-23-04] US Election Could Hinge on Security Concerns

[07-23-04] Analysts: Coalition Partners Appear Determined to Stand Firm Against Terror Threats

[07-23-04] Taleban Insurgency Likely to Continue for 'Many Years', Afghan President says

[07-23-04] New Polls Show Increased Arab Anger Over US Policies

[07-23-04] Senate Panel Soon to Work on 9/11 Commission Recommendations

[07-23-04] United States Safer But Not Yet Safe, Says Rice

[07-23-04] U.S. Congress Terms Situation in Darfur "Genocide"

[07-23-04] Payoff for Public Diplomacy a Long-Term Proposition, Ereli Says

[07-22-04] Australian Inquiry Finds Intelligence Failures on Iraq's WMD Threat

[07-22-04] US Lawmakers Vow to Enact 9/11 Commission Proposals

[07-22-04] 9/11 Commission Recommends Overhaul of US Intelligence Agencies

[07-22-04] Analysts See Difficulties Reforming US Intelligence Services

[07-22-04] New Law to Provide Medical Countermeasures Against WMD Attack

[07-22-04] National Commission Recommends Ways to Avoid Future Attacks

[07-22-04] Testimony on the Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack

[07-22-04] Complete 9/11 Commission Report

[07-21-04] Iran Rejects Suggestions of Links to 9/11 Terror Attacks

[07-21-04] Homeland Security, Private Sector Partner on Economic Security

[07-21-04] New Legislation Will Transform Bioterrorism Defense, Bush Says

[07-20-04] US Boosts Security Measures Amid Election Terror Fears

[07-20-04] Senate Panel Considers US Intelligence Reform

[07-20-04] The Present Danger

[07-20-04] Homeland Security Works to Improve Immigration Process

[07-20-04] Global Fight Against Terrorism Remains Urgent, Danforth Says

[07-21-04] Army Transformation: Implications for the Future HASC Hearing

[07-19-04] Bush Says He Wants to Reform Intelligence Community

[07-19-04] London Heathrow Airport Security Plans Found on Roadside

[07-19-04] White House Probing Whether Iran Involved in 9/11

[07-19-04] Bush Says He Wants to Reform Intelligence Community

[07-19-04] Administration seeks intelligence reforms

[07-18-04] 9/11 Investigators May Recommend Big Changes for US Intelligence Agencies

[07-16-04] US Nuclear Lab Stops Secret Research Projects After Security Breach

[07-16-04] Pentagon Creates New Policy Office to Review Detainee Issues

[07-15-04] Australian Politicians at War Over Iraq Intelligence Report

[07-15-04] British Report on Iraq Intelligence Failures Triggers Review

[07-14-04] Butler Committee Report: Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction

[07-14-04] Lord Butler's launch statement: The Review of Intelligence on Weapons of Mass Destruction

[07-12-04] New Report on Homeland Security Threat Advisory System Highlights Need for Reform

[07-12-04] Russia to Stage Nuclear Security Exercise

[07-11-04] US Lawmakers Investigate Reforming American Intelligence Agencies

[07-10-04] WHO Requests Bird Flu Samples in Search for Source of Asian Outbreak

[07-09-04] Posted transcript of Deputy Director of Central Intelligence John E. McLaughlin Press Conference at CIA Headquarters

[07-09-04] President Bush Discusses Senate Intelligence Committee Report

[07-09-04] Report on the U.S. Intelligence Community's Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq [23 MB pdf]

[07-09-04] Report on the U.S. Intelligence Community's Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq Conclusions (Excerpted From Full Report) [1.9 MB]

[07-08-04] Excerpted Remarks of Deputy Director of Central Intelligence John E. McLaughlin, Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, and Robert S. Mueller, III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation at the Farewell Ceremony for Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet

[07-08-04] Posted remarks of Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet at farewell ceremony honoring him, 8 July 2004 (as delivered)

[07-08-04] CIA press release, CIA Director Honored at Farewell Ceremony

[07-08-04] Navy's Next-Generation Electronic Attack Aircraft Begins Assembly

[07-08-04] Australia Joins Controversial US Missile Plan

[07-08-04] US Marine Missing in Iraq Mysteriously Appears in Lebanon

[07-08-04] DHS Background Briefing By Senior Intelligence Officials

[07-08-04] DHS Secretary Ridge Provides Update on Threat and Efforts to Ramp up Security

[07-08-04] Ridge Warns Terrorists Could Target US Election

[07-08-04] US Senate to Release Report on Pre-Iraq War Intelligence

[07-07-04] Yemen Charges 6 in USS Cole Bombing

[07-07-04] Britain Proposes Law Against Religious Hatred

[07-06-04] UK Government's response to the Intelligence and Security Committee's annual report for 2003-2004

[07-06-04] AV04-028: Hackers grab bank details with fake ad

[07-06-04] US Warns of Terrorist Training Camps in Southern Philippines

[07-06-04] Muslim Group Threatens Death to al-Zarqawi

[07-06-04] New York Times: CIA Held Back Intelligence on Iraqi Weapons

[07-04-04] Cornerstone Laid at New World Trade Center Construction Site

[07-04-04] Guidance for Securing Microsoft Windows XP Systems for IT Professionals: A NIST Security Configuration Checklist - Special Publication 800-68 (Draft)

[07-02-04] Full Enforcement of Electronic-Manifest Rule for Sea Cargo Begins

[07-01-04] Lieberman raps DHS for failure to protect its wireless network