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News Archive January 2004

[01-31-04] WHO: China Lacks Adequate Reporting, Detection of Bird Flu

[01-31-04] Japanese Chemist Sentenced to Death for Participation in Terror Attacks

[01-31-04] British Airways, Air France Cancel US Flights on Security Fears

[01-31-04] Iraq Bomb Attacks Kill 12

[01-31-04] Former Inspector's WMD Assertions Raise New Questions About US Intelligence Community

[01-30-04] Senator Graham Calls for Action on Intelligence Reform

[01-30-04] Former British Foreign Minister says Govt. Should Admit Iraq Intelligence was Wrong

[01-30-04] Saudi Forces Raid Two Terrorist Hideouts in Riyadh

[01-30-04] Army striving to combat identity theft

[01-30-04] Studies Find US States, Cities Improve Preparations for Bioterrorist Threats

[01-30-04] New NATO Secretary-General Discusses Alliance's Changing Role During Washington Visit

[01-29-04] FTC and International Agencies Announce “Operation Secure Your Server”

[01-29-04] Speech by NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer at the National Defense University, Washington

[01-29-04] Man Involved in Bali Bombings Gets Life Sentence

[01-29-04] Alhurra: U.S. Prepares to Beam Arabic Satellite TV Channel to Mideast

[01-29-04] U.S. Committed to Hemispheric Counterterrorism Cooperation, Says Official

[01-29-04] Somali Leaders Sign Landmark Agreement

[01-29-04] Saudi Police Arrest Suspected Terrorist; 6 Die During Operation

[01-29-04] 7 US Soldiers Die in Afghanistan Explosion

[01-29-04] NIST Announcing Draft Special Publication 800-63 Recommendation for Electronic Authentication

[01-29-04] President's Budget includes $274 million to futher improve nation's biosurveillance capabilities

[01-28-04] American Red Cross: US Public Not Ready for Disaster Situations

[01-28-04] Hearing To Evaluate the U.S.VISIT Program, Testimonies Before the House Select Committee on Homeland Security, Subcommittee on Infrastructure and Border Security

[01-28-04] MyDoom.B Rapidly Spreading

[01-28-04] Former U.S. Weapons Inspector Testifies on Iraq Weapons Program

[01-28-04] Francis J. Harvey on NCW, IO, IA, IPv6, OSS, GIG

[01-28-04] Advanced Questions for Lawrence T. Di Rita to be Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs Confirmation Hearing

[01-28-04] CDC Issues Fact Sheet on Asian Avian Flu Strain

[01-28-04] Bird Flu Prompts Mass Killing of Chickens in Thailand

[01-28-04] Judge Clears Blair of Wrongdoing in Handling Pre-War Intelligence

[01-28-04] US Opposes Independent Iraq Kurd State, says Bush

[01-28-04] Car Bomb Explodes Outside Central Baghdad Hotel

[01-28-04] Iranian Political Crisis Reaching Critical Point, Analysts Say

[01-28-04] Pentagon Sources Disclose New Afghan Anti-Terror Offensive

[01-28-04] British Peacekeeper Killed in Afghan Attack

[01-28-04] Panel Probing Failure to Prevent 9/11 Attacks Gives Progress Report

[01-28-04] US Army Plans More Troop Rotations for Iraq

[01-28-04] Maritime Piracy Increasing

[01-28-04] U.S. Department of Homeland Security Improves America’s Cyber Security Preparedness – Unveils National Cyber Alert System

[01-28-04] 2003 U.S. Army Transformation Roadmap

[01-26-04] Davos Launches Initiative to Foster Western-Muslim Understanding

[01-26-04] Cheney Stresses Threat from Terrorism in Rome Speech

[01-26-04] Bird Flu Spreads through Asia

[01-26-04] Inspector Calls US Iraq Intelligence a Failure

[01-26-04] Worm Alert: W32.Novarg.A@mm (W32/Mydoom@MM)

[01-23-04] Annan Warns Security Threats, Economic Dangers Jeopardize International Order

[01-22-04] Progress in the War on Terror

[01-22-04] Bounding the Global War on Terrorism by Dr. Jeffrey Record, Strategic Studies Institute, December 2003

[01-22-04] Al-Qaida Remains 'Significant Threat,' Says US Official

[01-22-04] Bush Proposes 10 Percent Budget Boost for Homeland Security

[01-22-04] US Immigration Officers Increase Scrutiny of Foreign Visitors

[01-22-04] Iraqi Insurgents Kill 8 in Separate Attacks

[01-22-04] Opposition Democrats Press Demands Over Probe of CIA Leak

[01-22-04] US, Saudi Arabia Ask UN to Freeze Assets of Saudi Charity with Links to Terrorists

[01-21-07] Security Experts Urge U.S. to Abandon Internet Voting Plan

[01-21-04] British Lawmaker Questions Bush Statement on Iraq's 'WMD-Related Program Activities'

[01-21-04] White House text of President Bush's State of the Union speech 20 January 2004

[01-21-04] London Think Tank Warns of Possible Enlargement of N. Korean Nuclear Arsenal

[01-21-04] Simulator gives airmen realistic training

[01-21-04] Be leery of fraud, theft

[01-21-04] Jointness, Transformation Benefit From Lessons Learned in Battle

[01-20-04] Security Expert Urges Austria to do More Against Terrorist Financing

[01-19-04] US Air Assault Kills 11 Civilians in Afghanistan

[01-19-04] Pakistan Nears Completion of Nuclear Proliferation Probe

[01-18-04] 20 Dead in Baghdad Suicide Car Bomb Attack

[01-18-04] US Study: Iraqi Insurgents Using More Sophisticated Weapons

[01-16-04] Turkey's Military Sees 'Bloody' Future if Iraq Divides Along Ethnic, Religious Lines

[01-16-04] Bremer: US to Stick to July Deadline for Transfer of Iraq Sovereignty

[01-16-04] International Law Specialists Debate Prosecution of Saddam Hussein

[01-15-04] New Threats Required New Strategies, Cheney Says

[01-15-04] Network-Centric Warfare Key to Combat Power

[01-15-04] Information Security: Status of Federal Public Key Infrastructure Activities at Major Departments and Agencies. GAO-04-157, December 15.

[01-14-04] Another Coalition Most-Wanted Fugitive Captured in Iraq

[01-14-04] Rumsfeld Resists Calls for Bigger US Army

[01-10-04] EU Foresees Delays in Meeting US Deadline for 'Biometric' Passports

[01-09-04] Decisions on Trial of Saddam Hussein Up to Iraqis, Powell Says

[01-09-04] Ridge Says Intelligence Review Led to Reduced Terrorist Threat Alert

[01-08-04] Fact Sheet: U.S. Global Positioning System, Europe's Galileo System

[01-08-04] U.S., EU Working on Global Positioning Systems Agreement

[01-07-04] US Airline Security Measures Spark Mixed Reactions in Europe

[01-06-04] U.S. Moves to Counter Threat from Portable Missiles

[01-06-04] Firms to Research Anti-Missile Devices For Commercial Aircraft

[01-06-04] New Regulations to Reduce Terrorist Threat to Shipping and Ports

[01-05-03] New U.S. Entry Procedures Required for Foreign Visitors

[01-05-04] Foreign Terrorist List Vital in Global War on Terrorism

[01-04-04] Powell Lists Anti-Terrorism, Iraqi Sovereignty Among Top Priorities

[01-02-04] Interview with NATO's Outgoing Secretary General Robertson

[01-01-04] British Airways Cancels London-Washington Flight