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News Archive February 2004

[02-27-04] Key Pentagon Advisor Richard Perle Resigns Post as Head of Defense Policy Panel

[02-26-04] Department of Defense Transformation Hearing at the HASC Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee

[02-26-04] Avian Flu Still Spreading, Experts Warn

[02-26-04] Former Cabinet Member Admits Britain Spied on Annan Before Iraq War

[02-26-04] On 1 Year Anniversary, Homeland Security Department Still a Work in Progress

[02-26-04] Libya Reaffirms Responsibility for 1988 Pan Am Flight Bombing

[02-25-04] US-CERT Cyber Security Tip ST04-003 -- Good Security Habits

[02-25-04] British Official Calls for Tough New Anti-Terror Powers

[02-25-04] Democrats, Republicans at Odds Over Inquiry Into CIA Leak

[02-25-04] Work to Contain Bird Flu Must Continue in Asia, FAO Says

[02-24-04] US Demands Libyan Retraction of Statement Over Pan Am Bombing

[02-24-04] US Army Cancels $39B Program for Stealth Comanche Helicopter

[02-24-04] Pakistan Launches Campaign Against Foreign Militants

[02-24-04] US Charges Terror Suspects with Conspiracy, Will Face Special Military Trial

[02-24-04] Current and Projected National Security Threats to the United States

[02-24-04] Al-Qaida Warns US of New Terror Attacks

[02-24-04] CIA Chief Says Al-Qa'ida Remains Significant Threat to U.S.

[02-24-04] CIA: al-Qaida 9/11 Style Attacks Against US Still Possible

[02-24-04] CIA Director to Face Lawmakers' Questions on Iraq

[02-23-04] Sununu on Taxing New Internet Voice Communication Technology

[02-23-04] Ridge Says Homeland Security To Enhance Security, Immigration

[02-23-04] FBI Discloses Letters Warning of Ricin Release

[02-22-04] Report: US Experts Discover Evidence of Global Bombmaking Network

[02-22-04] Britain's MI5 Security Agency to Boost Staff by 50 Percent

[02-21-04] U.S. Fighting Terrorism With "Focus and Determination," Says Bush

[02-20-04] Analysis: US Differs in Its Approach to Elections in Iraq, Afghanistan

[02-20-04] Powell: Fusion of WMD and Terrorists Must Be Prevented

[02-20-04] U.S. Rolls Out New Electronic Defense Export Licensing System

[02-19-04] FBI, in partnership with entertainment and software industries, announce anti-piracy warning initiative

[02-19-04] Remarks of FBI Cyber Division Assistant Director Jana Monroe for Anti-Piracy Warning Press Conference Los Angeles, CA

[02-19-04] White House Seriously Concerned by Reports of Iranian WMD Activity

[02-19-04] U.S. Version of Bird Flu Not Widespread, Testing Reveals

[02-19-04] U.S. Treasury Department Acts Against Colombian Narco-Terrorists

[02-18-04] Innovation, Technology, Partnerships Improve U.S. Border Security

[02-18-04] CPA Increases Rewards for Information about Hostile Elements in Iraq

[02-18-04] WHO Urges Continued Vigilance Against Bird Flu in Asia

[02-17-04] Director Calls Counterterrorism FBI's Top Priority

[02-17-04] Department of Homeland Security Conference Call: Partners in Securing America

[02-16-04] Statement from Microsoft Regarding Illegal Posting of Windows Source Code

[02-15-04] United States Firm on Iraq Sovereignty by June 30

[02-14-04] 21 Killed, Dozens Wounded in Fallujah Attack

[02-14-04] New Arab Language Satellite TV Network Begins Broadcasting Saturday

[02-13-04] U.S. Launches Arabic Satellite Television Broadcasts Feb. 14: Alhurra aims to deliver "accuracy" and "free and open debate"

[02-13-04] Special Review Panel Planned for Guantanamo Detainees

[02-13-04] U.S. Remains Committed to June 30 Date for Iraqi Sovereignty

[02-13-04] New Air Security System Respects Travelers' Privacy, U.S. Says

[02-13-04] Congressional Report Outlines Risks to Passenger Screening System

[02-12-04] Aviation Security: Computer-Assisted Passenger Prescreening System Faces Significant Implementation Challenges. GAO-04-385

[02-12-04] Airport Security: Challenges to Airport Passenger and Baggage Screening, by Cathleen A. Berrick, director, homeland security and justice, before the Subcommittee on Aviation, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. GAO-04-440T

[02-12-04] Public Health Preparedness: Response Capacity Improving, but Much Remains to Be Accomplished, by Janet Heinrich, director, health care-public health issues, before the House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-458T

[02-12-04] Congressional Report Faults Export Verification Program

[02-12-04] Bush Names Last Two Members to Commission to Study U.S. Intelligence on WMD

[02-12-04] Vershbow Describes Global Security Challenges to Russian Students

[02-12-04] U.S. Working with OSCE to Address 21st Century Threats

[02-12-04] U.S. Doubles Reward for Information on Terrorist Al-Zarqawi

[02-11-04] Bush Urges International Action Against Spread of WMD

[02-11-04] Fact Sheet: Strengthening Int'l Efforts Against WMD Proliferation

[02-11-04] Foreign Affairs Budget Reflects Priority of War on Terrorism

[02-11-04] U.S. Says No Evidence of Al Qaida Presence in Tri-border Region of South America

[02-11-04] Transformation Begins With Leadership

[02-10-04] HHS Bioterrorism Preparedness Programs: States Reported Progress but Fell Short of Program Goals for 2002. GAO-04-360R

[02-10-04] US-CERT Technical Cyber Security Alert TA04-041A -- Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft ASN.1 Library

[02-10-04] GAO: U.S. Public Diplomacy: State Department and Broadcasting Board of Governors Expand Efforts in the Middle East but Face Significant Challenges

[02-10-04] Debate Over WMDs Adds to Iraqi Suspicions on Reasons for War

[02-10-04] Rumsfeld Unsure of Authenticity of Purported al-Qaida Document Seized in Iraq

[02-10-04] US Public Diplomacy Officials Appeal for Congressional Support in Mideast Efforts

[02-10-04] WHO Warns Humans May be Increasingly at Risk for Bird Flu

[02-10-04] Dozens Dead in Iraqi Police Station Bombing

[02-10-04] Spread of Democracy Called Essential Part of War on Terrorism

[02-10-04] Africa Is Still Ripe for Terrorism, Top Pentagon Official Asserts

[02-10-04] US Claims Documents Show Plot to Stir Up Violence in Iraq

[02-09-04] DHS: Guidance for Response to Ricin Delivered by Mail

[02-09-04] Memo on Terrorists' Strategy in Iraq "Revealing," Powell Says

[02-09-04] Rumsfeld Explains U.S. Force Restructuring, Defends Iraq War

[02-09-04] Rumsfeld Urges NATO Intelligence Coordination

[02-09-04] Wolfowitz Defends Administration's Pre-War Reading of Intelligence

[02-09-04] Terrorists Continue Plotting Against Civilized World, Cheney Says

[02-06-04] Fact Sheet: Commission to Review U.S. Intelligence on WMD

[02-06-04] Libya Begins Dismantling Chemical Weapons

[02-06-04] Russia Rules Out Talks with Terrorists Following Deadly Moscow Blast

[02-06-04] Moscow Blast Kills At Least 30

[02-06-04] Congressional Democrats Criticize CIA for Faulty Iraq Intelligence

[02-06-04] Bush Appoints Commission to Investigate Intelligence Failures

[02-06-04] Executive Order Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction

[02-06-04] Bush announces formation of independent commission to look at US intelligence

[02-06-04] USJFCOM teams with Purdue University to add the human factor to war game simulations

[02-05-04] The Need for Intelligence Reform - Senator Bob Graham, D-Florida

[02-05-04] British Defense Secretary Admits Iraqi WMDs Were Short Range

[02-05-04] Protecting America's Seaports and Securing Cargo Shipments

[02-05-04] 1st US Senate Building to Reopen Following Ricin Scare

[02-05-04] Pentagon Officials Play Down Optimistic Predictions of bin Laden's Capture

[02-05-04] IAEA 'Alarmed' by Large International Nuclear Black Market

[02-05-04] CIA Director Defends Pre-War Intelligence

[02-05-04] Pentagon Abandons Plan to Allow Internet Voting for Overseas Military

[02-05-04] Iraq and Weapons of Mass Destruction (Remarks as prepared for delivery by Director of Central Intelligence George J. Tenet at Georgetown University)

[02-04-04] Select Committee on Homeland Security Hearing: “The Homeland Security Advisory System: Improving Preparedness through Effective Warning”

[02-04-04] DARPA begins Mobile Networked Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Program

[02-04-04] CDC Issues Infection Control Precautions for Bird Flu

[02-04-04] Public Diplomacy Programs Hearing: The Recommendations of the Advisory Group on Public Diplomacy for the Arab and Muslim World

[02-04-04] Tutwiler Says U.S. Public Diplomacy Must Engage Youth

[02-04-04] Bird Flu Claims More Human Victims in Vietnam, Thailand

[02-04-04] N. Korea Seeks Compensation to End Nuclear Program

[02-04-04] Future Terrorist Attacks 'Inevitable,' says Australian FM

[02-04-04] Blair Defends War in Iraq

[02-04-04] Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): Ricin Fact Sheets

[02-04-04] Ricin Considered One of World's Most Deadly Poisons

[02-04-04] Reports: Ricin-Laced Letter Bound for White House Intercepted Last November

[02-04-04] U.S. Senate in Business Despite Ricin Find

[02-04-04] US Congressional Offices Set to Reopen Following Ricin Scare

[02-04-04] Kenya Opens Africa's First Counter-Terrorism Center

[02-04-04] Experts Doubt Pakistani Scientist Acted Alone in Spreading Nuclear Secrets

[02-04-04] Pakistani Nuclear Scientist Asks Forgiveness for Technology Sharing

[02-04-04] US-CERT Cyber Security Bulletin SB04-035 -- Summary of Security Items from January 21 through February 3, 2004

[02-04-04] Rumsfeld Defends Intelligence, War in Iraq

[02-03-04] Effective Strategies Against Terrorism Hearing

[02-03-04] Rumsfeld on Creating a "Modular Army" for the 21st Century

[02-03-04] Bush Pushes for Enhanced Food Security

[02-03-04] Wolfowitz Highlights Importance of Building Iraq's Security Forces

[02-03-04] DOS: Few Countries Can Meet Machine Readable Passport Deadline

[02-03-04] Pentagon Orders Bombers to Guam on 'Routine Deployment'

[02-03-04] Report: Southeast Asia Militant Groups Weakened since Bali Prosecution

[02-03-04] Opposition Democrats Call Bush Iraq Intelligence Probe 'Insufficient'

[02-03-04] Debate Rages Over US Intelligence on Iraq

[02-03-04] GAO: Combating Terrorism: Evaluation of Selected Characteristics of National Strategies Related to Terrorism

[02-03-04] Information Information Assurance Awareness Posters

[02-02-04] Defense Comptroller Says Budget Decisions Driven By War on Terrorism

[02-02-04] 2002 Kenya Bombing Linked to Mideast Conflict, says Prosecutor

[02-02-04] Italian Court Convicts 5 Arabs of Supporting Terror Groups

[02-02-04] Britain to Announce Decision on Iraq Intelligence Probe

[02-02-04] New Defense Budget Continues Focus on Terrorism, Transformation

[02-02-04] Senator Graham: The need for intelligence reform

[02-02-04] DHS Announces FY 2005 Budget

[02-02-04] The Department of Homeland Security Needs to Fully Adopt a Knowledge-Based Approach to Its Counter-MANPADS Development Program. GAO-04-341R

[02-02-04] Bush Sends $400B Defense Spending Plan to Congress

[02-02-04] 2 More Die in Asian Bird Flu Outbreak

[02-02-04] Pakistan's 'Father of Nuclear Program' Confesses Leaking Secrets

[02-02-04] Bush OKs Panel to Probe Pre-Iraq War Intelligence

[02-02-04] DHS Sponsors a Bidder's Conference for Detection Systems for Radiological and Nuclear Countermeasure (DSRNC)

[02-01-04] Experts Study Possible Human-to-Human Bird Flu Case in Vietnam

[02-01-04] Security Concerns Cause Cancellation of US-Bound Flights

[02-01-04] Bush May Back Independent Probe of Prewar Intelligence, say Reports

[02-01-04] Twin Suicide Bombs Kill 50 in Attacks on Kurdish Targets in Northern Iraq