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News Archive August 2004

[08-24-04] Insider Threat Study: Illicit Cyber Activity in the Banking and Finance Sector (pdf) CERT® Coordination Center (CERT® is a registered service mark of Carnegie Mellon University)

[08-12-04] Conditions for Confirmation of DCI

[08-12-04] [INFOCON] XP Service Pack 2

[08-12-04] Updated: Security Awareness Toolbox

[08-11-04] U.S. Military Supports Anthrax Research

[08-11-04] NATO Radar Planes Begin Security Overflights for Athens Olympics

[08-11-04] Persistent Diplomacy Prerequisite for Nonproliferation Advances

[08-10-04] U.S. Delays Biometric Passport Deadline until 2005

[08-10-04] Deadline for Biometric Passport Requirements Extended by One Year

[08-10-04] Steps for Saving Lives in Sudan

[08-10-04] The Rest of the Story, Securing U.S. Borders Post 9/11

[08-10-04] Nomination of CIA Chief Comes at Critical Time for Intelligence Community

[08-10-04] Profile: Choice to Head CIA Has Long Experience in Intelligence

[08-10-04] President Bush Nominates Congressman Goss as Director of CIA

[08-10-04] [INFOCON] UNIRAS Brief - 416/04 - Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

[08-06-04] Greece Boosts Olympic Security

[08-06-04] 5 Day US Exercise Simulates Coordinated Terror Attacks

[08-05-04] Bush Approves $418 Billion Defense Spending Bill

[08-05-04] 2 Face Charges of Aiding Terrorism After FBI Sting

[08-05-04] DHS/FBI Information Bulletin: Potential for Terrorist Use of Rental Vehicles

[08-05-04] Container Security Initiative Expands Operations in Japan

[08-04-04] Analysts: Repeated Terror Warnings Spawn Public 'Alert Fatigue'

[08-03-04] Britain Alerts US Companies of Possible Attack

[08-03-04] DHS/FBI Paper: Suspicious Activity Reporting Criteria for Infrastructure Owners and Operators

[08-03-04] Biometric Exit Procedure Expanded, Says Homeland Security

[08-02-04] U.S. Financial Sector Running Normally Despite Threat, Snow Says

[08-02-04] Bush Seeks Creation of New National Intelligence Director Post

[08-02-04] Details Provided on Raised Threat Level for Financial Sectors

[08-01-04] Remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge Regarding Recent Threat Reports