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News Archive April 2004

[04-30-04] Homeland Security: Selected Recommendations from Congressionally Chartered Commissions and GAO. GAO-04-591, March 31.

[04-30-04] Nonproliferation: Delays in Implementing the Chemical Weapons Convention Raise Concerns About Proliferation. GAO-04-361, March 31. [2.7 MB]

[04-30-04] SARS Reappears in China, U.N. Health Authorities Report

[04-30-04] Security Clearances: FBI Has Enhanced Its Process for State and Local Law Enforcement Officials. GAO-04-596 [1.3 MB]

[04-30-04] Thai Muslims Mourn Mosque Siege Victims

[04-30-04] Top Al-Qaida Operative Denies Planning Massive Chemical Attack in Jordan

[04-30-04] Additional Posthearing Questions Related to Proposed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Human Capital Regulations. GAO-04-617R

[04-30-04] Bush Denounces Abuse of Iraqi Prisoners by US Soldiers

[04-30-04] Text of Remarks by Gen. Kimmitt on Prisoner Abuse in Iraq

[04-30-04] Iraq Poll Indicates Optimism for Future, Dislike For US

[04-30-04] US Commander: No Danger of Losing Control Over Situation in Iraq, Afghanistan

[04-30-04] Pentagon Commander Appeals to Muslim Countries to Send Troops to Iraq

[04-30-04] European Union Expands from 15 to 25 Members

[04-30-04] New MI5 website gives expert security advice to business

[04-30-04] Department of State: Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs Follow Legal Authority, but Some Activities Need Reassessment. GAO-04-521 [1.9 MB]

[04-29-04] Letter From Homeland Security Committee To Secretary Ridge Urges Greater Attention To Cybersecurity

[04-29-04] The Broadcasting Board of Governors: Finding the Right Media for the Message in the Middle East Hearing

[04-29-04] Patterns of Global Terrorism 2003 Report

[04-29-04] SE Asia's Maritime Security Becomes Latest Focus in War on Terror

[04-29-04] Survey: Bush's Rating Slips as Americans Debate Iraqi War

[04-29-04] US Military Prepares to Pull Back from Fallujah

[04-29-04] Afghan, Iraqi Conflicts Fuel Demand for Body Armor

[04-29-04] Reserve Forces: Observations on Recent National Guard Use of Overseas and Homeland Missions and Future Challenges, by Janet A. St. Laurent, director, defense management and capabilities, before the House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-670T

[04-29-04] US: International War on Terror Making Progress

[04-29-04] State Department Finds Security Risk in Diversity Visa Law

[04-29-04] Global Terrorist Attacks Fall to Lowest Level Since 1969

[04-29-04] State Department Identifies 37 Foreign Terrorist Organizations

[04-29-04] Some States Renounce Support for Terrorist Activities

[04-29-04] Ten More Groups Added to Terrorist Exclusion List

[04-29-04] State Dept. Issues Overview of Terrorist Threat in the Americas

[04-29-04] White House Report, April 29: 9/11 Commission

[04-29-04] Public-Private Partners to Spend $5 Million Globally for Safe Water

[04-29-04] Treasury Unit to Consolidate Anti-Terrorist Financing Functions

[04-28-04] Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council Newsletter Volume 04-04

[04-28-04] US Supreme Court Hears Arguments Regarding 'Enemy Combatants'

[04-28-04] Terrorism Insurance: Effects of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002, by Richard J. Hillman, director, financial institutions and community investment, before a joint hearing of the Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government-Sponsored Enterprises and the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, House Committee on Financial Services. GAO-04-720T

[04-28-04] Senator George Allen Says Keep the World Wide Web Tax-Free

[04-28-04] Terrorism Report Calls Mideast "Region of Greatest Concern"

[04-28-04] US Unveils New Bioterrorism Defense Plan

[04-28-04] Emerging Infectious Diseases: Asian SARS Outbreak Challenged International and National Responses. GAO-04-564 [2.8 MB]

[04-28-04] Bush Signs Biodefense Presidential Directive

United Nations: Observations on the Management and Oversight of the Oil for Food Program, by Joseph A. Christoff, director, international affairs and trade, before the House Committee on International Relations. GAO-04-730T

[04-27-04] Nuclear Security: DOE Needs to Resolve Significant Issues Before It Fully Meets the New Design Basis Threat. GAO-04-623

[04-27-04] Nuclear Security: DOE Must Address Significant Issues to Meet the Requirements of the New Design Basis Threat, by Robin M. Nazzaro, director, natural resources and environment, before the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations, House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-701T

[04-27-04] US Seeks UN Resolution to Prevent WMD Transfers to Terrorists

[04-26-04] Britain Tests National ID Card to Reduce Terror Threat

[04-26-04] U.S., EU Discuss Transportation, Border Security

[04-25-04] UN Envoy Advises Against US Military Action in Fallujah, Najaf

[04-24-04] US Civil Air Patrol Conducts Extensive Exercise

[04-23-04] Terrorism Insurance: Implementation of the Terrorist Risk Insurance Act of 2002. GAO-04-307

[04-23-04] Al-Sadr Threatens Suicide Bombings if Coaliltion Attacks Iraqi Holy Cities

[04-23-04] Pentagon Criticizes Publication of Pictures of US Soldiers' Coffins

[04-23-04] Defense Official Says China Transforming Its Military Establishment

[04-23-04] Missile Defense: Actions Are Needed to Enhance Testing and Accountability. GAO-04-409 [6.5 MB]

[04-23-04] U.S., South Korea Resolve Dispute Over Wireless Internet Technology

[04-23-04] The Patriot Act, Terrorists, and the Financial System

[04-22-04] Afghanistan Facing Increased Terrorist Activity

[04-22-04] US House of Representatives Approves Legislation Aimed at Ensuring Continuity After Catastrophic Event

[04-22-04] Continuity of Operations: Improved Planning Needed to Ensure Delivery of Essential Services, by Linda D. Koontz, director, information management, before the House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-04-638T

[04-22-04] U.S. General Denies Charge Coalition Is Importing WMD into Iraq

[04-22-04] Aviation Security: Private Screening Contractors Have Little Flexibility to Implement Innovative Approaches, by Norman J. Rabkin, managing director, homeland security and justice, before the Subcommittee on Aviation, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. GAO-04-505T

[04-21-04] Royal Approval for IT Security Specialist ProCheckUp

[04-21-04] HSC Joint Hearing: “The DHS Infrastructure Protection Division: Public-Private Partnerships to Secure Critical Infrastructures”

[04-21-04] USAF Wearable computers move to flightline

[04-21-04] [INFOCON] US-CERT Cyber Security Tip ST04-007 -- Reducing Spam

[04-21-04] Secretary Ridge Seeks to Extend Deadline for Biometric Passports

[04-21-04] EU Court to Rule on US Data Request on Incoming Airline Passengers

[04-21-04] Analysts Call for Increase in US Troops in Iraq

[04-21-04] Bush, Cheney to Meet with 9/11 Commission April 29|

[04-21-04] Military Families Group Protests Iraq War

[04-21-04] Wolfowitz Blames Former Iraqi Intelligence Agents for Role in Insurgency

[04-21-04] Car Bomb Explodes in Riyadh

[04-21-04] Analysts: Israel's Targeting of Hamas Leaders Increases Public Support for Group

[04-21-04] Car Bombs Strike Iraqi City of Basra, Fighting Renews in Fallujah

[04-21-04] DoD IA Newsletter Volume 6 Number 3: A New Strategy - A New USSTRATCOM

[04-20-04] US Congress to Examine Adminstrations' Use of Funds for Iraq War

[04-20-04] Human Capital: Opportunities Exist to Enhance Federal Continuity Planning Guidance. GAO-04-384 [1.5 MB]

[04-20-04] NISCC Vulnerability Advisory 236929 - Vulnerability Issues in TCP

[04-20-04] Terror War Demonstrates Need to Update Doctrine

[04-20-04] Office Workers Give Away Passwords for a chocolate bar

[04-20-04] Special Report on “Phishing”, US Department of Justice, March 2004

[04-20-04] Towards An American Way of War, Antulio J. Echevarria II, SSI, March 2004

[04-19-04] British Police Arrest Suspected Terrorists

[04-19-04] PSEPC Alert AL04-006: Exploits Released for several Microsoft vulnerabilities

[04-19-04] Federal Government Charges Grad Student with Fostering Terrorism on the Web

[04-19-04] Book: Saudis Informed About Iraq War Decision Before Powell

[04-19-04] US Planning Drive to Build Foreign Peace Forces

[04-19-04] Bush Urges Congress to Renew Controversial Patriot Act

[04-19-04] Global Terror Threat Prompts US to Review Importance of Military Involvement in Africa

[04-19-04] Afghan-NATO Forces Arrest Eight Islamic Militants Possibly Linked to al-Qaida

[04-19-04] Analysts: Iran Continues to Seek Role in Post-War Iraq

[04-19-04] Agreement Reached to Ease Fighting in Fallujah, Iraq

[04-19-04] US Homeland Security Head Calls for Stronger Security at High Profile Events

[04-18-04] Spanish Leader to Pull Troops from Iraq

[04-18-04] Outgoing Spanish PM Believes Madrid Terror Attacks Caused Election Loss

[04-16-04] Project SAFECOM: Key Cross-Agency Emergency Communications Effort Requires Stronger Collaboration. GAO-04-494 [1.8 MB]

[04-16-04] New Book Says Bush Started to Plan Iraq War in 2001

[04-15-04] Rumsfeld Extends Iraq Tour for 20,000 Troops

[04-14-04] Operation Iraqi Freedom: Long-Standing Problems with Mail Delivery Need to Be Resolved. GAO-04-484 [3.8 MB]

[04-14-04] DoD Official Outlines U.S. Strategy for War on Terrorism

[04-14-04] Opening Remarks The Director of Central Intelligence National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

[04-14-04] CIA Director Says 5 Years Needed to Improve Intelligence Service

[04-13-04] AV04-017: Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Operating Systems

[04-13-04] 9/11 Commission Critical of US Law Enforcement Agencies

[04-13-04] 9/11 Panel Report Criticizes Terrorism Priorities of US Agencies

[04-13-04] US: New Report on N. Korea's Nuclear Program No Surprise

[04-13-04] Prince Hassan: New Troops Will Not Solve Occupation Problems

[04-13-04] Analysts: Increasing US Troop Strength in Iraq Long Overdue

[04-13-04] FBI Trying to Secure Release of Civilians from 12 Countries

[04-13-04] Military Experts View Rash of Iraq Kidnappings as Negotiation Tactic

[04-13-04] Network Centric Operations Conceptual Framework Version 1.0, November 2003

[04-12-04] U.S. Department of Homeland Security Announces Development of the Homeland Secure Data Network

[04-12-04] Analysts: Recent Kidnappings in Iraq Could Be Part of Insurgent Strategy to Cause Distractions

[04-11-04] Indian IT Company to Establish Unit in US Amid Western Concerns About Outsourcing

[04-11-04] Bush Says August 2001 Briefing Did Not Warn of September 11 Attacks

[04-11-04] White House Releases Text of Declassified Intelligence Briefing

[04-09-04] Military Operations: DOD Needs to Provide Central Direction for Supporting Coalition Liaison Officers. GAO-04-452

[04-08-04] Al-Qaida Threat Understood Before 9/11, says Rice

[04-08-04] 48 Percent of Foreign Affairs Budget Request to Fight Terrorism

[04-07-04] Strategic Forces- To receive testimony on defense intelligence programs and lessons learned in recent military operations, in review of the Defense Authorization Request for Fiscal Year 2005

[04-07-04] US Forces Fight Insurgents Across Iraq

[04-07-04] US-CERT Cyber Security Tip ST04-006 -- Understanding Patches

[04-07-04] PSEPC Alert AL04-005 Mail Non-Delivery Attack

[04-07-04] Information Operations Europe 2004 Conference

[04-06-04] NERC Welcomes U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force Final Report

[04-06-04] UNIRAS Brief - 157/04 - AusCERT Update AU-2004.007: Vulnerability in Internet Explorer

[04-06-04] Information Operations Teams Support Navy Surge

[04-04-04] 9/11 Commission Chairman Predicts Exciting Rice Testimony

[04-03-04] FBI Warns of Possible Bomb Plots Targeting US Cities

[04-02-04] US to Fingerprint Travelers From Close Allies

[04-02-04] US Military Vows to Respond to Gruesome Attack on American Civilians in Iraq

[04-01-04] Defense Acquisitions: The Army's Future Combat Systems' Features, Risks, and Alternatives, by Paul L. Francis, director, acquisition sourcing and management, before the Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, House Committee on Armed Services. GAO-04-635T

[04-01-04] Op-Ed: Debating Ends, not Just Means, in the War on Terror

[04-01-04] International Broadcasting: Challenges Facing the Broadcasting Board of Governors, by Jess T. Ford, director, international affairs and trade, before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, State, the Judiciary, and Related Agencies, House Committee on Appropriations. GAO-04-627T

[04-01-04] Black Says al-Qaeda Weaker, but Still a Potent Force

[04-01-04] Italian Police Break Up Turkish Terrorist Cell

[04-01-04] Blair Asks Britain's Muslim Community to Remain Vigilant Against Terrorists

[04-01-04] Europe Can Improve Counterterrorism Measures, US Official Says

[04-01-04] Public Hearings Focus on US Ports, Southern Border

[04-01-04] Congressional Democrats Seek Streamlined US Intelligence System

[04-01-04] NATO Expansion Shows Signs of 'Growing Pains'

[04-01-04] Compass Call crew details mission, OIF success stories

[04-01-04] Air Force conducts network-defense exercise