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The following is the text of the DCI's Statement to the Workforce dated 15 November 2004:

Not long after Director Tenet's unexpected retirement, President Bush asked me to be the DCI and to take on the challenges identified in the various reviews of 9/11, in the reports about WMD, and in the global war against terrorism. The President's direction was very clear - the Intelligence Community must do all it can to keep Americans safe both here and abroad, and to accomplish that mission, the fifteen components of the Community must work more closely as a team.

As the flagship component, CIA has the vital role and the DCI has the direct responsibility and accountability to the President. I, and t he DDCI on my behalf, perform that mission with your tremendous help.

CIA is, of course, a part of the Executive Branch primarily as a capabilities component. We do not make policy, though we do inform those who make it. We avoid political involvement especially political partisanship.

We are a secret Agency. Of necessity, we must assiduously follow the law to honor the trust placed upon us. We have rules to govern our conduct of business and rules designed to facilitate our mission's success and to build public confidence.

Since 9/11 everything has changed. The IC and its people have been relentlessly scrutinized and criticized. Intelligence related issues have become the fodder of partisan food fights and turf-power skirmishes. All the while, the demand for our services and products against a ruthless and unconventional enemy has expanded geometrically and we are expected to deliver - instantly. We have reason to be proud of our achievements and we need to be smarter about how we do our work in this "operational climate."

I want everyone in our workforce to know - I seek to encourage and expect the best from everyone in CIA. Our country demands it, our President needs it, and this institution deserves it. I also intend to clarify beyond doubt the rules of the road. We support the Administration and its policies in our work. As Agency employees we do not identify with, support, or champion opposition to the Administration or its policies. We provide the intelligence as we see it - and let the facts alone speak to the policymaker.

To do so we have a strong organizational framework to support the President and the nation. These roles and responsibilities are well est ablished and I intend to follow them.

- DDCI: The DDCI is my critical partner in the leadership of the CIA and the Intelligence Community. We have been extraordinarily well serve d by our retiring friend and colleague John McLaughlin. We will all miss his steady thoughtful hand, his wonderful clarity, and his special magic. I wish you all to know that I am working to identify a candidate as my new deputy and take that to the President for his consideration.

- EXDIR: The Executive Director is the chief operating official for the CIA. I have entrusted him with the leadership of our critical functions, and the requirement that Mission comes first.

- The Deputy Directors for Intelligence, Operations, Science & Technology and the MSO Chiefs are the principal leaders of their disciplines, and are fully charged by me to lead their organizations, consistent with my vision and direction.

- Chief of Staff/DCI: The Chief of Staff organizes and manages the duties and priorities of my staff.

- The Directors of OPA, OCA, and OGC lead our Agency with contacts outside of the Agency. These disciplines allow us, as Agency officers to scrupulously honor our secrecy oath. A simple rule of thumb should always apply - all Agency business with the media or Congress should be conducted solely through these elements to ensure that we protect against the release of unauthorized documents, sources or methods. We remain a secret organization.

Through this clear chain of command we are all charged with not only our mi ssion, but also the leadership of our officers with integrity, intelligence , and an unfailing commitment to the work the President has asked of us.

In the days and weeks ahead of us, I will announce a series of changes - some involving procedures, organization, senior personnel, and areas of focus for our action. I am committed to sharing these changes with you as they occur. I do understand it is easy to be distracted by both the nature and pace of change. I am confident, however, that you will remain deeply committed to our mission. The American people, and the President on their beha lf, expect nothing less.

[Text courtesy of Shaun Waterman]