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PSEPC Advisory Number: AV04-029: WORM_MYDOOM.M
26 July 2004

The purpose of this advisory is to bring attention to a variant of the Mydoom worm: WORM_MYDOOM.M (aka W32/Mydoom.o@MM, W32.Mydoom.M@mm).

This new variant of W32/Mydoom is packed with UPX. Similarly to previous variants, it bears the following characteristics:

  • mass-mailing worm constructing messages using its own SMTP engine
  • harvests email addresses from the victim machine
  • spoofs the From: address
  • contains an attachment with a .bat, .cmd, .com, .exe, .pif, .scr, or .zip extension.
  • the attachment name may contain a randomly selected domain, which was found on the sender's system.
  • downloads and executes a backdoor, detected as Backdoor.Zincite.A, on port 1034/tcp.
Suggested Action
PSEPC recommends that you ensure your anti-virus detection software definitions are current.

Additional information about this worm is available at the following links:


Note to Readers

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