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Phishing attacks continue to increase

The Anti-Phishing Working Group reports a 180 percent increase in phishing attacks in April 2004 over the previous month. Phishing attacks employ spoofed e-mails and fraudulent Web sites in an attempt to trick recipients into revealing personal or financial information such as bank account numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN) and social security numbers.

In April, a total of 1,125 "unique" phishing attacks were reported, with financial services the sector most commonly targeted for attacks.

(Source: Anti-Phishing Working Group, 24 May 2004, )

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The Government of Canada Public Safety Portal's Identity Theft Web page can be accessed at http://www.safecanada.ca/link_e.asp?category=5&topic=115&ACTIVE=NO.

The RCMP has a number of best practices related to identity theft available at http://www.rcmp.ca/scams/identity_e.htm.

The department of the Solicitor General of Canada (now Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada) and the U.S. Department of Justice co-authored a special report on identity theft that is available at http://www.psepc.gc.ca/publications/policing/Identity_Theft_Consumers_e.asp.

Source: OCIPEP Daily Brief