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New MI5 website gives expert security advice to business
MI5 Press Release


David Blunkett and Eliza Manningham-Buller
David Blunkett with Eliza Manningham-Buller

The expanded MI5 website went live on 30 April and includes, for the first time, expert advice to help businesses protect themselves against security threats.

The website, www.mi5.gov.uk, has been substantially enhanced to reflect the increased threat from international terrorism and greater demand for expert security advice on how reduce vulnerabilities to this threat. Information on the current range of security threats facing the United Kingdom will help put the practical security guidance in context.

The security advice on the website is aimed principally at businesses and staff in organisations with responsibility for the safety of others. It has been compiled by the Security Service's National Security Advice Centre (NSAC), which works to protect key Government assets and businesses vital to the UK's Critical National Infrastructure, such as transport, power and water. Any organisation or individual interested in security advice will have access to information produced by specialists with knowledge about the capabilities, intentions and operating methods of terrorists.

Visiting the MI5 headquarters, Home Secretary David Blunkett said:

"Protecting the public is our number one priority in Government and the Security Service is at the forefront of our defence against attacks of the kind we have seen across the world in recent years.

"I am determined to ensure that they have the resources they need to carry out their vital role and was pleased to be able to confirm recently extra funding which will see the Service increase in size by around 50 per cent over the next few years.

"Our Security Service is the best in the world and is uniquely placed to provide authoritative advice on the nature of threats facing the United Kingdom.

"Through the MI5 website, all businesses and organisations will have the benefit of their expertise and can use it to make themselves safer.

"The risk from terrorism is very real and we have a duty to ensure that individuals and businesses are armed with the information that allows them to take sensible and proportionate steps to protect themselves from new and emerging threats. That is why I have undertaken to put as much information into the public domain as possible, for example through our own terrorism website.

"The information we make available to the public is constantly reviewed to ensure that it provides a realistic assessment without causing undue alarm."

Eliza Manningham-Buller, Director General of the Security Service, said:

"Through the collection and analysis of secret intelligence we have a well-developed understanding of international terrorism and other threats facing the UK today.  An important part of our work is to use the knowledge we have about these organisations to provide sensible and practical advice on how best to protect against these threats.

"Our aim is to help inform decisions people may need to take about security measures. The descriptions of the threats should give people a better feel for the range and nature of security issues we all face and help to place our security advice in context.

"We rely heavily on public assistance and support to do our work effectively and by working together I believe we are up to the challenge of responding to today's security threats. I would encourage people to use our website to pass on any information that might be relevant to our work."

Anyone with information they think might help protect national security will be able to contact the Service directly via a secure page on the website in a section called "How You Can Help".

To build on the co-operation of the Muslim community, the "About MI5" and "How You Can Help" sections of the website have been translated into Arabic.  Additional languages will be added in due course.

Notes to editors

1. www.mi5.gov.uk is primarily aimed at businesses and organisations. The information is complementary to that provided on www.homeoffice.gov.uk/terrorism, which is aimed at the general public, and www.ukresilience.info, which provides information for emergency planners and local authorities.

2. In addition to the new web form, anyone with information they want to pass on to the Security Service can call the public telephone number 020 7930 9000 in confidence.

3. The threat picture is prepared by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC). Created in June 2003, JTAC is a self-standing, multi-agency organisation that consists of assessment staff from within the Service and other Government departments to support military, diplomatic, police and other intelligence agency needs for assessed intelligence on international terrorism.

4. In February 2004 the Home Office announced additional funding for the Security Service to increase staff by 50 per cent in the next few years.