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Iraq Poll Indicates Optimism for Future, Dislike For US
VOA News
30 Apr 2004, 16:38 UTC

 A new poll in Iraq indicates many people are optimistic about their future, but a majority also say they dislike the United States.

In the survey conducted in late March and early April by CNN, USA Today newspaper and the Gallup polling organization, 63 percent of Iraqis questioned said they expect to be better-off in five years. However, people were divided over whether the U.S.-led war was a good thing for the country.

When asked about their views of the United States, 55 percent said they had an unfavorable opinion.

A majority of Iraqis - 55 percent - questioned also said the U.S. military will not leave Iraq unless it is forced out.

The poll indicates most Iraqis have a favorable opinion of the new Iraqi police force and believe the country will not fall into civil war.

Interviewers carrying out the poll spoke face-to-face with more than 3,400 Iraqis in the largest nationwide sounding since last year's invasion.

Almost all interviews were conducted between March 22 and April 9, before the current cycle of violence erupted.