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News Archive September 2003

[09-30-03] US Justice Department Launches Probe into Leak of CIA Agent's Name

[09-30-03] CIA Identity Flap Sparks Debate Over Need for New Domestic Intelligence Agency

[09-30-03] U.S. Biodefense Research Makes "Tremendous Progress"

[09-30-03] North Korea Vows to Increase Nuclear Capabilities

[09-30-03] Blair Defends Decision to Join War in Iraq

[09-30-03] US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

[09-29-03] Pakistan Dismisses al-Qaida Threat Against President Musharraf

[09-29-03] Bush Signs 'Do-Not-Call' Bill Despite Court Challenges

[09-29-03] U.S., UK, Colombia, Mexico Share Data on Explosives Incidents

[09-29-03] No Evidence White House Leaked CIA Agent's Name, Spokesman Says

[09-29-03] Purported al-Qaida Tape Urges Overthrow of Pakistan Government

[09-28-03] Motorcycle Bomb Kills 10 in Colombia; 50 Wounded

[09-28-03] Blair Remains Unapologetic on Iraq War

[09-28-03] Bush Administration Stands By Iraq War Intelligence

[09-27-03] Experts See Iran's Nuclear Program as Deterrent, Bargaining Chip

[09-26-03] Computer attacks, threats continue

[09-26-03] GAO Report Finds Weaknesses in U.S. Nuclear Plant Security

[09-26-03] Poor Plumbing a Likely Cause of SARS Spread, U.N. Health Group Finds

[09-26-03] U.S. Will Be Prepared for Next SARS Outbreak, Health Officials Say

[09-26-03] Groups Compete Over Cultural Complex at NYC's World Trade Center SiteGroups

[09-26-03] U.N. Peacekeeping: Transition Strategies for Post-Conflict Countries Lack Results-Oriented Measures of Progress. GAO-03-1071 [6 MB]

[09-25-03] House Armed Services Committee met to receive testimony on United States policy and operations in Iraq

[09-25-03] GAO: Information Technology: FBI Needs an Enterprise Architecture to Guide Its Modernization Efforts. GAO-03-959

[09-25-03] Advisory Panel Recommends Ongoing U.S. Support for Info Tech Research

[09-25-03] Japan Plans Missile Defense System

[09-25-03] CIA Report Draws No Conclusions of Iraqi Possession of Banned Weapons

[09-25-03] Pentagon: Extra Money for Afghanistan Needed Urgently

[09-25-03] Middle East Television Network Aims to Replicate Radio Sawa's Success

[09-25-03] FBI, State Dept. Strengthen Cooperative Efforts in Terrorist Screening

[09-25-03] State Department Announces Delay in Requirement for Hi-Tech Passport

[09-24-03] Airport Passenger Screening: Preliminary Observations on Progress Made and Challenges Remaining. GAO-03-1173

[09-24-03] Terrorism Information Awareness (TIA) Terminated

[09-24-03] Suicide Bombings More Widespread Than Generally Perceived

[09-24-03] Rumsfeld -- Superior Capabilities Make for Military Might

[09-24-03] Blocking Terrorist Funds Depends on World Action, U.S. Says

[09-23-03] Pentagon: Vietnam to Open Secret Files on the War

[09-23-03] US Lawmakers Spar Over Iraq War

[09-23-03] Terrorism Still a Threat to Afghanistan and South Asia, Karzai Says

[09-23-03] Electronic Government: Progress and Challenges in Implementing the Office of Personnel Management's Initiatives, by Linda D. Koontz, director, information management, before the Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations, and the Census, House Committee on Government Reform. GAO-03-1169T

[09-22-03] Working With the UN to Improve Cyber Security

[09-22-03] NATO Selects Dutch Foreign Minister as New Secretary General

[09-22-03] Apparent Suicide Car Bombing Hits UN Office in Iraq Again

[09-21-03] US Provides Funding for New OSCE Anti-Terrorism Unit

[09-21-03] 3 US Soldiers Killed in Baghdad

[09-17-03] Leveraging Air and Space Power -- Extending the Nation's Strategic Advantage, Dr. James G. Roche, secretary of the Air Force

[09-17-03] Cheney Says Pre-emption Needed to Thwart Terrorism

[09-17-03] NATO Conducting Crisis Response Exercise in Irish Sea

[09-17-03] Joint Homeland Security Subcommittee Hearing: Implications of Power Blackouts on America’s Cyber Networks and Critical Infrastructure

[09-17-03] The U.S. Army's Initial Impressions of Operations Enduring Freedom and Noble Eagle

[09-17-03] Select Committee on Homeland Security: War on Terror Timeline

[09-16-03] Homeland Security: - Cybersecurity Subcommittee Hearing: The Invisible Battleground: How DHS Is Making America’s Cyberspace More Secure Statement of Robert Liscouski, Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection, Department of Homeland Security

[09-16-03] U.S. Terrorist Screening Center to be Operational by December 1

[09-16-03] Former Army General to Launch US Presidential Campaign

[09-16-03] US Officials Say No Place for Independent Militias in New Iraq

[09-16-03] Bush to Face Opposition on Low-Yield Nuclear Weapon

[09-15-03] 15 Suspected Taleban Fighters Killed in Afghanistan Clashes

[09-15-03] New U.S.-Russian Collaboration Against Bioterrorism

[09-15-03] Secretary Ridge Announces the Creation of New Computer Emergency Response Center for Cyber Security

[09-15-03] Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge Announces Director of the National Cyber Security Division

[09-14-03] N. Korea Warns Against US Military Training in Coral Sea

[09-14-03] Poll: Most Americans Oppose Iraq Funding Request

[09-14-03] Bush Administration Defends Iraqi Spending

[09-14-03] Afgan President Accuses Pakistani Clerics of Supporting Rebels

[09-13-03] Bombay Bombings Mastermind Killed by Police

[09-13-03] Pentagon Official Retracts Assertion of al-Qaida Involvement in Iraq

[09-12-03] Ensuring the Continuity of Congress in a Time of Emergency

[09-12-03] Australia Leads Exercises Aimed at Intercepting WMDs

[09-12-03] August 14, 2003 Outage Sequence of Events - U.S./Canada Power Outage Task Force

[09-12-03] 8 Iraqi Policemen Killed in US 'Friendly Fire' Incident

[09-12-03] US Puts on Hold New Machine-Readable Passport Requirement

[09-11-03] Bin Laden Still Hunted Along Afghan-Pakistani Border

[09-11-03] On 9/11 Anniversary, Pentagon Leaders Assess War on Terrorism

[09-11-03] U.S. Building "Many New Layers of Defense," Ridge Says

[09-11-03] US State Department Warns of New Terrorist Operations

[09-11-03] Pentagon Remembers 9-11 Victims

[09-11-03] September 11 Victims Honored Across USA

[09-11-03] GAO Information Security: Effective Patch Management Is Critical to Mitigating Software Vulnerabilities, by Robert F. Dacey, director, information security, before the Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations, and the Census

[09-11-03] President Bush to Lead Nation in Remembering September 11 Terror Attacks

[09-10-03] Wolfowitz Says Defense Funding Increase Is Essential

[09-10-03] Counterterrorism Indicators "All Very Positive," Cofer Black Says

[09-10-03] Terrorism's "First Responders" Need Better Intelligence Sharing

[09-10-03] DHS Advisory: Potential For Significant Impact On Internet Operations Due To Vulnerability In Microsoft Operating Systems' Remote Procedure Call Server Service (RPCSS)

[09-10-03] Pentagon Memorial Designers Sought Somber Yet Inviting Design

[09-10-03] Bush Asks Congress to Stiffen Anti-Terrorist Measures

[09-10-03] Bush Calls for New Laws to Help in Terrorism Fight

[09-10-03] Families of New York Sept. 11 Victims Press Concerns on Anniversary

[09-10-03] Two Years After 9-11, US Shifts Focus of War on Terrorism to Middle East

[09-10-03] Blair Faces Allegations that Defense Secretary Misled Parliament

[09-10-03] Car Bomb Explosion Rocks Northern Iraq

[09-10-03] Al-Jazeera Airs New Videotape of al-Qaida Leader Bin Laden

[09-10-03] GAO Department of Homeland Security: Challenges and Steps in Establishing Sound Financial Management, by McCoy Williams, director, financial management and assurance, before the Subcommittee on Government Efficiency and Financial Management, House Committee on Government Reform

[09-09-03] GAO Aviation Security: Progress Since September 11th and the Challenges Ahead, by Gerald L. Dillingham, director, physical infrastructure, before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

[09-09-03] GAO: Information Security: Challenges in Using Biometrics, by Keith A. Rhodes

[09-09-03] Challenges to the Adoption of Smart Card Technology, by Joel Willemssen (GAO) Testimony

[09-09-03] U.S. Says Cybersecurity Is a Global Responsibility

[09-09-03] Pakistan Wants US to do More to Bring Security to Afghanistan

[09-09-03] US Lawmakers Want Accountability of Iraq Funds

[09-09-03] US Officials Meet to Discuss Border Security

[09-09-03] Bush Seek Speedy Approval of $87 Billion Iraq, Terorrism Budget Request

[09-09-03] SARS Case Confirmed in Singapore

[09-07-03] US Security Official Urges Europe to Share Airline Passenger Info

[09-05-03] Protection of Global Infrastructure Key Objective, U.S. Official Says

[09-04-03] U.S. Public Diplomacy: State Department Expands Efforts but Faces Significant Challenges, GAO-03-951

[09-04-03] Joint Homeland Security Subcommittee Hearing: Implications of Power Blackouts on America’s Cyber Networks and Critical Infrastructure : Statement for the Record of Executive Assistant Director, Larry A. Mefford, FBI

[09-04-03] Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Oversight of Security at Commercial Nuclear Power Plants Needs to Be Strengthened. GAO-03-752

[09-03-03] Pentagon Report: Poor Planning Led to Unrest in Post-War Iraq

[09-03-03] US May Have Difficulty Sustaining Troop Levels in Iraq, says CBO Report

[09-02-03] Ridge Outlines Steps Taken to Shield U.S. From Terrorist Attacks

[09-02-03] U.S. Authorities Arrest Suspect in Release of Internet Worm

[09-02-03] N. Korea States Willingness to Resolve Nuclear Standoff

[09-02-03] Latest Baghdad Bombing Comes as Thousands Attend Hakim Funeral

[09-01-03] China to Cut 200,000 from Military