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News Archive October 2003

[10-31-03] Pirate Attacks Increase Worldwide

[10-31-03] NATO to Conduct Exercise in Istanbul Nov. 3-18

[10-31-03] Intelligence Officials Seek to Discover Who's Behind Iraq Terrorist Attacks

[10-31-03] September 11: Overview of Federal Disaster to the New York City Area. GAO-04-72

[10-31-03] Defense Acquisitions: Despite Restructuring, SBIRS High Program Remains at Risk of Cost and Schedule Overruns. GAO-04-48

[10-30-03] How Is Religion Used by Terrorists to Produce Suicide Bombers?

[10-30-03] Coast Guard: New Communication System to Search and Rescue Faces Challenges. GAO-03-1111

[10-29-03] State Department Counterterror Coordinator Defends Budget

[10-29-03] U.S. Citizen Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Assisting al Qaeda

[10-29-03] Increased Cooperation Needed to Combat Transnational Terrorism

[10-29-03] Cult Member Sentenced to Death for Tokyo Subway Attack

[10-29-03] US Lawmakers, Officials Discuss Islamic Extremism in Central Asia

[10-29-03] Iran Rejects US Requests to Share al-Qaida Information

[10-29-03] Pentagon Considers Moving Assets from Iraqi WMD Hunt to Counter-Terror Efforts

[10-29-03] New Book on CIA Arrives at Crucial Time for Intelligence Agency

[10-29-03] U.S. and Other OAS States Cite New Terror Threat to Western Hemisphere

[10-29-03] OAS Ends Conference With Security Threats Agreement

[10-29-03] ICRC Cuts Staff in Iraq

[10-29-03] Another Roadside Bomb Kills 2 More US Soldiers in Iraq

[10-29-03] US Death Toll Rises in Iraq

[10-28-03] US Warns of Possible Terrorist Attacks in Saudi Arabia

[10-28-03] Analysts: Iraqi Suicide Attacks Likely to Continue

[10-28-03] Bush Blames Iraq Attacks on Saddam Loyalists, Foreign Terrorists

[10-28-03] Keep Identity Safe

[10-28-03] Remarks by Tom Ridge at the Elacone Royal Institute in Madrid, Spain

[10-28-03] DHS US-VISIT Fact Sheet

[10-28-03] DHS Unveils Technology for US-VISIT Entry and Exit Procedures

[10-28-03] Kashmir Violence Leaves 2 Dead, Dozens Wounded

[10-28-03] Suicide Car Bomb Kills 4 in Fallujah

[10-27-03] EU Officials Outraged by Bombing Outside Red Cross HQ in Baghdad

[10-27-03] Analysts: US Foreign Policy Creates Animosity Toward Americans in Muslim World

[10-27-03] Terrorist Acts Will Not Deter US, says Bush

[10-27-03] The Attack on Al Rasheed: A Reporter's Account

[10-27-03] Five Soldiers Killed In Attacks

[10-27-03] Soldiers in Northern Iraq Re-Check Security Procedures

[10-27-03] Book Review: Secrets of Computer Espionage, Joel McNamara, 2003

[10-27-03] Bombs Explode in Iraq, at Least 34 People Killed

[10-27-03] ICRC Condemns Deadly Attack on Baghdad Headquarters

[10-27-03] Car Bomb Explodes Near Red Cross Headquarters in Iraq

[10-26-03] Hotel Attackers Not Targeting Wolfowitz, says US Official

[10-26-03] China Says Taiwan's 'Separatist Activities' Will Not Be Tolerated

[10-26-03] Rockets Hit Baghdad's al-Rasheed Hotel

[10-25-03] NATO-Led Peacekeepers Arrive in Kunduz, Afghanistan

[10-25-03] N. Korea Says It Will Consider US Offer of Security Agreement

[10-25-03] US Helicopter Shot Down in Iraq

[10-24-03] Senator George Allen on Taxation of Internet Transactions

[10-24-03] China Plays Increasingly Dominant Political Role in Asia

[10-24-03] Desert Hawk helps protect Tallil

[10-24-03] Wargame offers insight into future

[10-24-03] Weather officials forecast solar flares

[10-24-03] OAS to Discuss Security Threats to Americas

[10-24-03] Report Expected to Throw US Intelligence on Iraq Into Question

[10-24-03] Number of Incidents in Iraq Up, Officials Say

[10-24-03] Catastrophe Insurance Risks: Status of Efforts to Securitize Natural Catastrophe and Terrorism Risk. GAO-03-1033, September 24, 2003

[10-24-03] Military Works On Faster, All-Digital Targeting System

[10-24-03] Philippines Declares Jemaah Islamiyah Top Security Threat

[10-24-03] Condoleezza Rice on U.S. Asia Strategy

[10-23-03] Cox Stresses the Importance of Cybersecurity Awareness for our Nation

[10-23-03] Statement on the Nomination of Admiral James Loy to be Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

[10-23-03] Russians Remember Slain Hostages at Dubrovka Theater on First Anniversary of Seige

[10-23-03] US Senate Approves Easing Travel Restrictions to Cuba

[10-23-03] Analysts: Middle East Issues Increasingly Important in US Politics

[10-23-03] Rumsfeld: Multi-Prong Attack Needed to Reduce Number of Terrorists

[10-23-03] Iraq Situation Improving, But Challenges Remain, Sanchez Reports

[10-23-03] Leaked Terror Memo Meant As Starting Point

[10-23-03] Remarks by Secretary Tom Ridge to the International Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Conference

[10-23-03] Ridge Takes Steps to Enhance U.S. Waterway, Port Security

[10-23-03] Rumsfeld Remembers Lessons of Marine Barracks Bombing in 1983

[10-23-03] Worm and Virus Defense: How Can We Protect Our Nation's Computers From These Serious Threats?" (updated with GAO Posthearing Questions from the September 10, 2003, Hearing)

[10-23-03] Rumsfeld Downplays Internal Pentagon Memo Questioning US Progress Against Terrorism

[10-23-03] Bush Promises to Hand Over Terrorist to Indonesia

[10-22-03] Senate Passes Hatch-Leahy Criminal Penalties For Worst Internet Spammers

[10-22-03] Sun erupts with intense activity

[10-22-03] N. Korea Rejects US Offer of Security Guarantees

[10-22-03] US General Whose Remarks Angered Many Muslims Will Not be Asked to Quit

[10-21-03] C4I Interoperability: New Challenges in 21st Century Warfare Hearing, HASC Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities Subcommittee

[10-21-03] Iraq and the Future of Warfare - U.S. Army War College [1.3 MB pdf]

[10-21-03] House Armed Services Committtee Operation Iraqi Freedom: Outside Perspectives Hearing

[10-21-03] NATO, EU Discuss Simmering Dispute over European Military Plans

[10-21-03] Planner of 9/11 Attacks Also Killed Journalist Daniel Pearl, reports Newspaper

[10-21-03] U.S. Outlines Priorities for Chemical Weapons Meeting

[10-21-03] APEC Announces Important Commitments on Security

[10-20-03] US Military Announces Capture of Senior Taleban Member in Afghanistan

[10-19-03] Bin Laden Tape Highlights Continued Need for Fight Against Terrorism, says Bush

[10-19-03] Security Assurances Must Come Through Multilateral Talks

[10-19-03] Combating Bioterrorism: Actions Needed to Improve Security at Plum Island Animal Disease Center. GAO-03-847

[10-18-03] Statement from the Department of Homeland Security on Al-Qaeda Threats

[10-18-03] Aviation Safety: Advancements Being Pursued to Improve Airliner Cabin Occupant Safety and Health. GAO-04-33 [16 MB]

[10-17-03] FBI Orders Search of All US Airlines

[10-17-03] Powell Says U.S. Wants APEC To Address Security Issues

[10-17-03] Homeland Defense Effort Taking Off, Officials Say

[10-17-03] Electronic Government: Planned e-Authorization Gateway Faces Formidable Development Challenges. GAO-03-952 (September 2003)

[10-16-03] Remarks prepared for delivery by Director Robert S. Mueller, III, Federal Bureau of Investigation at the Detroit, Economic Club Detroit, Michigan October 16, 2003 " Protecting the U.S. Economy in a Global Age"

[10-16-03] Thailand Steps Up Security for APEC Summit

[10-16-03] N. Korea Hints it May Test Nuclear Deterrent Capability

[10-16-03] Palestinian Militants Arrested for Involvement in Attack on US Diplomatic Convoy

[10-16-03] US Citizens Advised to Leave Gaza Following Attack on Diplomatic Convoy

[10-16-03] Pakistan: One of al-Qaida's Leaders Killed in Anti-Terror Operation

[10-16-03] US Foreign Oil Dependency on Increase, say Experts

[10-16-03] US Media Executive Warns of 'Digital Crime Wave'

[10-16-03] NATO Response Force Inaugurates Air, Maritime Components

[10-16-03] Homeland Security: Overstay Tracking Is a Key Component of a Layered Defense, by Nancy R. Kingsbury, managing director, applied research and methods, before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims, House Committee on the Judiciary. GAO-04-170T

[10-16-03] Book Review: Secure Coding by Mark G. Graff/Kenneth R. van Wyk, 2003

[10-15-03] GAO: Bioterrorism: Public Health Response to Anthrax Incidents of 2001

[10-14-03] NIAC Working Group on Cross Sector Interdependencies & Risk Assessment Guidance Proposed Recommendations

[10-14-03] Afghan Intelligence Helps in Fight Against Terror, Reports UN Official

[10-14-03] Former US Officials Recommend Changes in Intelligence Gathering

[10-14-03] Experts Urge Restructuring of US Intelligence Agencies

[10-14-03] Car Bomb Explodes Outside Turkish Mission in Baghdad

[10-14-03] NORAD Monitors U.S. Skies to Protect the Homeland

[10-13-03] Book Review: Intrusion Detection with Snort, Rafeeq Ur Rehman, 2003

[10-13-03] Security Considerations in the Information System Development Life Cycle - NIST Special Publication

[10-13-03] NATO’s Transformation: Secretary General’s Remarks At the Geneva Centre for Security Policy

[10-13-03] Philippines Clash Kills Asia's Most Wanted Terrorist

[10-13-03] Taleban Militants Kill 3 Security Officers, Capture 8

[10-12-03] Suicide Car Bombing Kills 6 in Baghdad

[10-12-03] Commander of U.S. Forces in Europe Discusses NATO

[10-10-03] New supercomputer doubles capacity

[10-10-03] Support to Lift Cuba Travel Restrictions Appears to Be Growing in US Congress

[10-10-03] US Rejects North Korean Demand for Non-Aggression Treaty

[10-10-03] NATO Military Commander: Allied Forces Could Leave Bosnia Next Year

[10-10-03] NATO Defense Meetings Show Progress of Military Transformation

[10-09-03] Final tests begin on C-130J systems

[10-09-03] Reporters on the Ground: The Military and the Media's Experience During Operation Iraqi Freedom

[10-09-03] Suicide Bomber Targets Baghdad Police Station

[10-09-03] Southeast Asia Counterterrorism Center Now Fully Operational

[10-09-03] Security Features of Newly Designed $20 Bill

[10-09-03] U.S. Issues New Rules to Protect National Food Supply

[10-08-03] Iraqi Intelligence Might Have Deceived US Over WMD, Say Analysts

[10-08-03] New European Agency for Network and Information Security

[10-08-03] Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile

[10-08-03] Rumsfeld: Colorado Seminar Providing Key NATO Defense Insights

[10-08-03] N. Korea Nuclear Revelations: One Year Later

[10-07-03] Leaker of CIA Name May Never Be Found, Concedes Bush

[10-07-03] OAS Calls for Coordinated Global Approach to Combat Terrorism

[10-07-03] Software helps put bombs on target

[10-07-03] PsyOp: Mind games - NATO Review Summer 2003 - In the Wake of Iraq

[10-06-03] Developing a Taxonomy of Intelligence Analysis Variables - Studies in Intelligence

[10-06-03] Intelligence in the Internet Era - Studies in Intelligence

[10-06-03] DoD IA Newsletter Volume 6 Number 2

[10-05-03] Controversy Continues in US Intelligence Leak Scandal

[10-05-03] Cheney Describes Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Terrorism

[10-03-03] Power of Jointness Among Lessons Learned in Operation Iraqi Freedom

[10-03-03] NATO Defense Ministers Meeting to Discuss Operations, Transformation

[10-02-03] House Armed Services Committee, Admiral Edmund P. Giambastiani, Jr - Operation Iraqi Freedom Lessons Learned

[10-02-03] Admiral Expands on Iraqi Freedom Lessons Learned

[10-01-03] Radio station brings truth to Afghanistan

[10-01-03] Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges in Securing Control Systems, Statement of Robert F. Dacey, Director, Information , Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations, and the Census, House Committee on Government Reform: United States General Accounting Office

[10-01-03] Thai Authorities Search for Smuggled Missiles

[10-01-03] Free Trade Seen as Key to Battle Against Terror, say US Senators

[10-01-03] DOD Sends Team to Investigate Suspected Security Lapses at Guantanamo

[10-01-03] New Strategic Direction Urged for Public Diplomacy

[10-01-03] Panel Finds US Needs to Do More to Overcome Hostility in Arab, Muslim World

[10-01-03] White House Staff Ordered to Preserve Material for Intelligence Probe

[10-01-03] Dept. of Homeland Security Gains Authority in Visa Policy

[10-01-03] Security: Counterfeit Identification Raises Homeland Security Concerns, by Ronald D. Malfi, assistant director, Office of Special Investigations, before the House Select Committee on Homeland Security. GAO-04-133T

[10-01-03] Infocon Magazine Issue One