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News Archive November 2003

[11-28-03] US Launches New Anti-Insurgent Operation Near Syrian Border

[11-28-03] Bush Says He Made Surprise Trip to Iraq to Show Support for US Troops

[11-28-03] 6 Terror Suspects Arrested in European Police Raids

[11-27-03] Secrecy Made Bush Surprise Visit to Iraq Successful, Analyst Says

[11-26-03] Chinese-American Pleads Guilty to Illegally Selling High-Tech Weapons Parts to China

[11-26-03] Terrorist Attack Foiled in Saudi Arabia

[11-26-03] Bush to Open Talks on Future Global Posture of US Military

[11-25-03] Rumsfeld: Arab Language TV Networks May Be Cooperating With Anti-Coaltion Forces in Iraq

[11-25-03] Yemen Arrests Key Suspect in Attack on US Warship Cole

[11-24-03] A Big Step in "Transforming" the U.S. Military

[11-24-03] Bush Denounces 'Thugs' Attacking US Troops in Iraq

[11-24-03] Jury Recommends Death Sentence for Washington Sniper

[11-24-03] Bush Signs $400 Billion Defense Bill

[11-24-03] Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan Kills 5 US Soldiers

[11-24-03] DHS Hosts One-day Seminar for Academic Institutions

[11-23-03] 3 More US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

[11-23-03] Turkey's Erdogan Voices Doubts on al-Qaida Link to Istanbul Bombs

[11-22-03] 18 Killed as Deadly Car Bombs Target Iraqi Police Stations

[11-21-03] Myers Says Failure Not An Option in War Against Terrorism

[11-21-03] U.S. Capable of Fighting Multiple Conflicts, Rumsfeld Says

[11-21-03] Ashcroft Reports 125 Online Crime Investigations Under Way

[11-21-03] 7 Arrested in Connection with Istanbul Bombings

[11-21-03] UN: Information Technology Can Benefit Developing Countries

[11-21-03] Iraq War Will Be Long and Costly, Admits Rumsfeld

[11-21-03] Presidential Election Candidate Wesley Clark Criticizes Bush Foreign Policy

[11-21-03] 2 Baghdad Hotels, Oil Ministry Attacked

[11-21-03] Doctrine summit focuses on lessons learned

[11-21-03] Statement by the DHS on continued Al-Qaeda threats

[11-20-03] (updated) Joint Homeland Security Subcommittee Hearing: Implications of Power Blackouts on America’s Cyber Networks and Critical Infrastructure, September 2003

[11-20-03] U.S. General Says Intelligence is Key to Baghdad Military Operations

[11-20-03] U.S. to Require Advance Info on All Cross-Border Shipments

[11-20-03] U.S., EU Initial Container Security Agreement

[11-20-03] U.S., Britain Share Determination to Defeat Terrorism

[11-20-03] Security Experts Concerned About Cyber-Terrorism

[11-20-03] Energy Experts Warn of Growing Threat to World Oil Supplies

[11-20-03] US Announces Campaign Against Cyber Crime

[11-20-03] Turkey: British Consul General Among Dead In Istanbul Blasts

[11-20-03] Suicide Attack Targets Kurdish Party Offices in Kirkuk

[11-20-03] Bush, Blair Condemn Istanbul Bombings

[11-20-03] Series of Explosions Rock Istanbul

[11-20-03] 8 Finalists Chosen for Design of World Trade Center Memorial

[11-20-03] Posthearing Questions from the September 9, 2003, Hearing on "Pornography, Technology, and Process: Problems and Solutions on Peer-to-Peer Networks." GAO-04-207R, November 14

[11-19-03] Cybersecurity & Consumer Data: What's at Risk for the Consumer? Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection

[11-19-03] Italy Orders Expulsion of 7 Terror Suspects

[11-19-03] Case on Guantanamo Detainees Could Bring US Supreme Court Into Conflict With Executive Branch

[11-19-03] Experts Warn US Congress About Threat of 'Agroterrorism'

[11-19-03] Bush Says 3 Pillars Sustain March to Freedom, Justice

[11-19-03] Bush Defends Iraq Policies in London Keynote Speech

[11-19-03] UN Security Council Unanimously Endorses Mideast Peace 'Road Map'

[11-19-03] U.S.-Canada Power System Outage Task Force Report: Interim Report: Causes of the August 14th Blackout in the United States and Canada

[11-19-03] Book Review: Practical Cryptography, Bruce Schneier/Niels Ferguson, 2003

[11-18-03] U.S. Plan Urges New Measures for Air Cargo Security

[11-18-03] Electricity Restructuring: 2003 Blackout Identifies Crisis and Opportunity for the Electricity Sector. GAO-04-204 [3.1 MB]

[11-18-03] Increased Military Offensive Weeding Out Iraqi Regime Loyalists

[11-18-03] Synagogue Bombers Likely Turkish Nationals with al-Qaida Links, say Officials

[11-18-03] New Poll: Most Iraqis Now View US as 'Occupier'

[11-18-03] US Troops May Soon Pull Back From Iraqi Town of Ramadi

[11-18-03] British Police on High Alert During Bush Visit

[11-17-05] Rumsfeld Sees Proliferation, Cyber Attack Risks in Coming Years

[11-17-03] US Military Intensify Search for Saddam Hussein Aide

[11-17-03] Appeals Court Hears Argument Over 'Enemy Combatant' Status for US Citizen

[11-17-03] US Forces Will Stay in Iraq as Long as Needed, vows Bush

[11-17-03] Japan Threatened with Car Bomb Attack

[11-16-03] N. Korea Ready to Quit Nuclear Program in Exchange for US Non-Aggression Pact

[11-16-03] CIA: No Evidence Iraq Gave Weapons to Terrorists

[11-16-03] Purported Saddam Hussein Tape Urges Holy War on US Forces

[11-16-03] (update) Helicopter Crash Kills 17 US Soldiers in Mosul

[11-15-03] Helicopter Collision in Iraq Kills 17 US Soldiers

[11-15-03] Istanbul Synagogues Targeted by Car Bombs

[11-15-03] US Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Explosion

[11-14-03] Information Security: Improvements Needed in Treasury's Security Management Program. GAO-04-77

[11-14-03] Medical Experts Reflect on 1st Anniversary of SARS Epidemic

[11-14-03] US Diplomatic Missions in Saudi Arabia to Reopen Saturday

[11-14-03] US Forces Kill 7 Insurgents Near Tikrit

[11-13-03] China Internet Users Concerned About Recent Arrests

[11-13-03] Special Operations: Force Multiplier in Anti-Terror War

[11-13-03] Controversy Still Surrounds Highly-Publicized Rescue of Former US Soldier Lynch

[11-13-03] IAEA Studies Confidential Report on Iran's Nuclear Program

[11-13-03] Bremer Returns to Iraq Armed with New Instructions

[11-13-03] US Will Conduct Offensive Operations Against Iraqi Insurgents 'As Long As Necessary'

[11-13-03] Serious flaws in bluetooth security lead to disclosure of personal data

[11-13-03] U.S. Forces Gearing for Modern Threats, Rumsfeld Says

[11-13-03] Homeland Security Chief Cites Progress with Mexico on Border Issues

[11-13-03] Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee Chairman Calls for More Cooperation

[11-13-03] Iraqi Security Forces Assume Increasingly Important Role

[11-13-03] Rumsfeld Visits Troops, Officials in Pacific Rim Countries

[11-13-03] UN: Measures Against Al-Qaida/Taleban Not Effective

[11-13-03] Indonesian Analysts Warn of More Terrorists Attacks

[11-12-03] U.S. Names 15 Members of Italian Al Qaida Cell as Terrorists

[11-12-03] Captured Jemaah Islamiyah Treasurer Names Associates

[11-12-03] Border Security, Demarcation Issues Strain Pakistan, Afghanistan Relations

[11-12-03] Defense Budget Nears Approval

[11-12-03] Saudi Arabia Denies Report of Arrests Linked to Suicide Bombing

[11-12-03] Russian, Indian Leaders Voice Commitment to Fight Terrorism

[11-12-03] Terrorism Still Top Threat for Afghanistan, says Foreign Minister

[11-12-03] Bush Discusses Security, Economy with Top US Official in Iraq

[11-12-03] Italy Mourns Soldiers Killed in Iraq Blast

[11-11-03] US Troops Facing Deployment to Iraq Focus on Safety

[11-11-03] Report Highlights Investment, Terror Risks

[11-11-03] For The Fallen (Remembrance Day)

[11-10-03] Saudi Arabia: Clues, Motives Elusive In Car-Bomb Wreckage

[11-10-03] 'Success' is Exit Strategy in Iraq, Rumsfeld Says

[11-10-03] Coalition Detains 18 Suspects in Al Rasheed Attack

[11-10-03] Pakistan to Improve Diplomatic Security Following Allegations of British Spying

[11-10-03] Analysts: Attacks Weaken Sympathy for al-Qaida Among Arabs

[11-10-03] US Supreme Court to Hear Guantanamo Appeal

[11-10-03] Bremer Warns More Terror Attacks Likely in Iraq

[11-10-03] Threat Forces US Embassy in Sudan to Close for Rest of Week

[11-10-03] Saudis Suspect al-Qaida in Deadly Bombing in Riyadh

[ 11-10-03] Book Review: "Operational Risk: Regulation, Analysis, and Management", Carol Alexander, 2003

[11-09-03] Riyadh Bombing Not 'Unexpected,' says US Senator

[11-09-03] US, British Soldiers Attacked in Iraq

[11-09-03] 5 Dead as Suicide Bombings Shake Riyadh; al-Qaida Blamed

[11-08-03] Suicide Bombing Hits Riyadh

[11-08-03] US Warns Americans in Afghanistan Could Be Kidnapping Targets

[11-08-03] US Diplomatic Missions in Saudi Arabia Close Due to Terror Threat

[11-07-03] House Bill Would Require Coast Guard to Inspect Foreign Ships

[11-07-03] With Better US Economy, Focus of Presidential Elections Likely to Shift to Iraq

[11-07-03] SARS Vaccine Not Expected for Several Years, Experts Say

[11-07-03] With Better US Economy, Focus of Presidential Elections Likely to Shift to Iraq

[11-07-03] US House of Representatives Approves $400 Billion Defense Budget

[11-07-03] Report: Slain Afghan Opposition Leader Tried to Warn US About Terror Attacks

[11-07-03] New Satellite Terminals to Help Get News, Info Back to the States

[11-07-03] 6 US Soldiers Killed in Tikrit Helicopter Crash

[11-07-03] Formal Espionage, Treason Charges Filed Against US Military Translator at Guantanamo

[11-07-03] Washington Official Calls for Larger Local Involvement in US Terror Fight

[11-06-03] Computer Viruses: The Disease, the Detection, and the Prescription for Protection, Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet

[10-06-03] Report from Fallujah: Iraqi Town Remains Anti-American Flashpoint

[11-06-03] Information Technologies Critical to Achieving Development Goals

[11-06-03] "E-government" Reinventing Citizen-Government Relationship

[11-06-03] Bush Signs $87.5 Billion Emergency Spending Bill for Iraq, Afghanistan

[11-06-03] Microsoft Works with U.S. Law Enforcement to Catch Cybercriminals

[11-06-03] At Least 3 Militants Die in Battles with Saudi Police

[11-06-03] Security Concerns Transform Iraqi Capital

[11-06-03] Britain Expects to Remain in Iraq Until 2005, Says Envoy

[11-06-03] Pentagon Expected to Announce Return Marines to Iraq

[11-05-03] GAO Aviation Security: Efforts to Measure Effectiveness and Address Challenges

[11-05-03] Memo Urging Intelligence Probe Stirs Political Debate in US Senate

[11-05-03] U.S. Believes Terrorists Still Pose Threat to Civil Aviation

[11-05-03] Iraq May Form Paramilitary Unit to Search for Resistance Fighters

[11-05-03] Prominent Congressional Democrat Calls for Rumsfeld Resignation

[11-05-03] Microsoft Offers Reward Program for Capture of Computer Virus Makers

[11-04-03] Australia Proposes Tougher Counter-Terror Laws

[11-04-03] Defector Believes Pyongyang Would Not Use Weapons of Mass Destruction

[11-04-03] Saudi Police Arrest Muslim Militants in Mecca

[11-04-03] Bush Reiterates US Determination to Remain in Iraq

[11-04-03] Rights Group Charges China Prosecutes Internet Activist

[11-04-03] 4 Explosions Rock Center of Baghdad; 4 Injured

[11-03-03] Explosive Device Awareness Top Priority for Troops in Iraq

[11-03-03] Wolfowitz Says War on Terrorism Requires Greater Outreach

[11-03-03] Updated Events & Conference Diary

[11-03-03] Chinook Tragedy Won't Deter Troops' R&R Program

[11-03-03] EU Distances Itself From Poll on Israel

[11-03-03] Saudi Police Kill 2 Muslim Militants in Mecca Shootout

[11-03-03] Iraq Increasingly an Issue in Early Stages of 2004 US Presidential Election

[11-03-03] Rumsfeld Calls Number of SAMs in Iraq 'Enormous'

[11-03-03] Portable Missiles Remain Significant Threat to US Aircraft in Iraq

[11-02-03] Researchers Predict Water Scarcity Will Get Worse

[11-02-03] Rumsfeld Calls Helicopter Downing 'Tragic Day'

[11-02-03] U.S. Forces Suffer Losses in Iraq, Afghanistan

[11-02-03] US Helicopter is Shot Down in Iraq; 16 Soldiers Killed

[11-01-03] Poll Indicates Europeans See Israel as Greater Threat Than N. Korea, Iran

[11-01-03] Bush Vows to Continue Iraq Mission, Despite Daily Attacks

[11-01-03] Defense Official Outlines Support for Investigation of September 11 Attacks

[11-01-03] Rice Highlights U.S. Strategy to Defeat Terrorism, Weapons Proliferation

[11-01-03] Germany Proposes Global Travel Security System

[11-01-03] Armistice Day - Remembrance Day - The forgotten heroes

[11-01-03] Book Review: Implementing Intrusion Detection Systems, Tim Crothers, 2003