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News Archive May 2003

Iraq War II

For news on Operations 'Iraqi Freedom' and Operation 'Telic' please visit our IWS Iraq Watch page

[05-30-03] NSA Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education 2003

[05-30-03] Tom Ridge: Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS) Lowered to Elevated (Yellow)

[05-29-03] DoD IA Newsletter Volume 6 Number 1 - Training and Preparing for Net-Centric Warfare

[05-28-03] Homeland Security Information Bulletin Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Materials and Effects

[05-28-03] U.S. Streamlines Food Import Notification System

[05-28-03] Sweden Implements U.S. Customs Container Security Initiative

[05-28-03] Last Russian Weapons-Grade Plutonium Reactors to Shut Down

[05-27-03] U.S. to Seek More Airwaves for Wireless Services at Conference

[05-27-03] G-6 says OIF validates IT Transformation path

[05-23-03] Tauzin, Sensenbrenner, Burr Introduce Anti-SPAM Bill

[05-23-03] Thompson Says SARS Resurgence is Possible

[05-23-03] Congress Agrees to Let Pentagon Study Low-Yield Nuclear Weapons

[05-22-03] Defense for the 21st Century, by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld

[05-22-03] U.S. Hails U.N. Vote to Lift Sanctions on Iraq

[05-21-03] "Overhaul Without Oversight," by Congressman Ike Skelton

[05-21-03] Bush: U.S. Will Not Relent in War Against Terrorism

[05-21-03] White House Appoints New Advisor for Combating Terrorism

[05-21-03] Statement of Under Secretary Dr. Charles E. McQueary Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate

[05-21-05] Hearing on Spam (Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail), Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation

[05-21-03] "Overhaul Without Oversight," by Congressman Ike Skelton

[05-20-03] International Law Enforcement Cooperation Fights Narcoterror

[05-20-03] U.S. Terror Alert Level Raised to Second Highest Level

[05-20-03] Statement by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge on Raising the Threat Level

[05-20-03] Statement of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge Before the House Select Committee on Homeland Security, 20. May 2003

[05-20-03] GAO IRS Modernization: Continued Progress Necessary for Improving Service to Taxpayers and Ensuring Compliance

[05-19-03] Signal Forum: Network-Centric Warfare Pro & Con: 'Network-Centric Warfare Requires A Closer Look' & 'Network-Centric Warfare Offers Warfighting Advantage'

[05-19-03] US VISIT Will Collect Biometric Data on Foreign Visitors

[05-19-03] Hutchinson Says New System Provides America with "Smart Border"

[05-17-03] Bush Pledges Nation to Keep Peace, Combat Terrorism

[05-16-03] U.S. Consul General Praises Hong Kong's Handling of SARS

[05-16-03] Factsheet Operation E-Con: cracking down on Internet crime

[05-16-03] USAF: Tech conference stresses 'partnerships'

[05-15-03] Homeland Security Information Bulletin: Potential Indicators of Threats Involving Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIEDs)

[05-15-03] SARS Concerns Leading to More Lost Tourism Jobs, U.N. Says

[05-15-03] U.S. Disease Agency Drops All SARS-Related Travel Alerts for Vietnam

[05-15-03] Ashcroft Announces Indictment of Two in USS Cole Bombing

[05-14-03] Full House Science Committee Hearing on Cybersecurity Research and Development

[05-14-03] SARS Need Not Close U.S. Doors to Visitors, Health Officials Say

[05-14-03] Rice Says Recent Attacks Show Need for Global Anti-Terror Effort

[05-14-03] Expelled Cuban Diplomats Suspected of Espionage, Says State Dept.

[05-14-03] U.S. Condemns Terrorist Bombing in Chechnya

[05-14-03] U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations, Defense Subcommittee Hearing: Statement of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

[05-14-03] Rumsfeld Says Iraq War Illustrates the U.S. Military of the Future

[05-13-03] Powell Says Riyadh Attacks Will Not Deter U.S. Anti-terror Efforts

[05-13-03] Bush Denounces Terrorist Attacks in Saudi Arabia

[05-13-03] U.S., Saudis Pledge Cooperation to Combat Terrorism

[05-13-03] Fact Sheet: U.S. Secret Service on Currency Protection

[05-13-03] U.S. Redesignates Real IRA as Terrorist Organization

[05-09-03] Homeland Security: Justice Department's Project to Interview Aliens After September 11, 2001. GAO-03-459

[05-09-03] Senate Passes Bill to Ensure Air Cargo Security

[05-09-03] Expert Commission Links Spread of SARS, China's Legal System

[05-09-03] Reliable SARS Test, Vaccine May Be Available Within a Few Years

[05-09-03] FBI Reports on Global Investigation of Internet Pedophiles

[05-08-03] GAO Homeland Security: Information Sharing Responsibilities, Challenges, and Key Management Issues, by Robert F. Dacey

[05-08-03] CDC Directory Says U.S., Global Health "Inextricably Linked"

[05-08-03] G-8 Countries Urge Use of Biometrics in Fight Against Terrorism

[05-07-03] Annual Report to Congress on Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage - 2002

[05-07-03] CDC Reports SARS Containment Methods Working

[05-07-03] White House: War on Terrorism Continues

[05-07-03] ISS X-ForceTM Internet Watch web site defaced by the USG Team was supposedly a honey pot

[05-07-03] U.S. Condemns Murders of Colombian Citizens by FARC Terrorists

[05-06-03] DHS Remarks by Al Martinez-Fonts to the Electronic Industries Alliance

[05-06-03] U.S. Proposes Food Safety Record-Keeping Regulations

[05-06-03] Air Passenger Identification System Protects Privacy, U.S. Says

[05-06-03] CDC Lowers SARS Travel Warnings for Singapore, Vietnam

[05-06-03] Hong Kong Port Implements Container Security Initiative

[05-05-03] U.S. Will Conduct Five-Day Simulated Terrorist Attack Exercise

[05-02-03] DOD Legal Officials Ready Rules for Future Military Commissions

[05-02-03] U.S. Expands Enforcement of Maritime Cargo Security Rules

[05-01-03] "Success in the Global War on Terrorism," by J. Cofer Black

[05-01-03] Text: U.S. Releases Special 301 Report on Intellectual Property