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News Archive March 2003

Iraq War II

For news on Operations 'Iraqi Freedom' and Operation 'Telic' please visit our IWS Iraq Watch page

[03-31-03] Bush Moves to Bolster U.S. Homeland Security

[03-31-03] GAO DOD Business Systems Modernization: Longstanding Management and Oversight Weaknesses Continue to Put Investments at Risk, by Randolph C. Hite, director, information technology, and Gregory D. Kutz, director, financial management and assurance

[03-29-03] Al Qaeda and the Internet: The Danger of 'Cyberplanning,' by Timothy L. Thomas, Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly - Spring 2003

[03-27-03] Grossman: NATO Importance Will Continue in Future

[03-26-03] Threat of Terrorism Said to Strengthen U.S.-Southeast Asia Ties

[03-26-03] Kelly Calls Fighting Terrorism Top U.S. Priority in East Asia, Pacific

[03-26-03] Defendant Pleads Guilty to Providing Support to al Qaeda

[03-22-03] Black Highlights Diplomacy's Role in Defeating Terrorism

[03-21-03] Bush Informs Congress of U.S. Efforts in Global War on Terrorism

[03-21-03] Infocon News - War in Iraq Edition

[03-20-03] U.S. Official Says Diplomacy Vital to Global War on Terrorism

[03-20-03] Study Says 158 River Basins could be Flashpoints for Future Disputes

[03-20-03] Transcript: White House Daily Briefing, March 20, 2003

[03-19-03] War Begins; Coalition Aircraft Attack Iraqi Targets

[03-19-03] Iraq Conflict: President Bush Addresses the Nation

[03-19-03] As Deadline Expires, U.S. Prepares for Military Action

[03-19-03] Technology, Doctrine Changes Allow for Better Bombing Runs

[03-19-03] Info Technicians Must Be Mindful of Web Site Content

[03-19-03] Commando Solo II: Weapon of Mass Persuasion

[03-18-03] U.S. Air Force Uses New Tools to Minimize Civilian Casualties

[03-18-03] Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Roadmap Report

[03-18-03] Pentagon Plans Heavy Investment in UAV Development

[03-18-03] Container Security Initiative Now Operational in Singapore

[03-18-03] U.S. Terrorist Alert Raised to Second Highest Threat Level

[03-18-03] NCIX: Spotlight on Two Chinese Tech Transfer Groups in Japan

[03-17-03] Fact Sheet: Operation Liberty Shield

[03-17-03] Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS) raised to Orange (High Risk of Terrorist Attacks) - Statement by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge

[03-14-03] Justice Department Waging Global Campaign Against Hi-Tech Crime

[03-13-03] Admiral Says Fighting Terrorism Is Pacific Command's Top Priority

[03-12-03] Fact Sheet: U.S. Works on Container Security in Foreign Ports

[03-12-03] Abraham Warns of "Terrible Threat" from Radiological Weapons

[03-12-03] Brennan to Head New Intelligence Center, White House Says

[03-12-03] Southcom Commander Warns of Narco-terrorist Threat in Latin America

[03-12-03] U.S. Air Travel Screening Will Safeguard Privacy, Official Promises

[03-07-03] Energy's Abraham Discusses Future Fuels, Nuclear Safety with EC

[03-07-03] NIPC Daily Report

[03-06-03] NIPC Daily Report

[03-05-03] Congressman Pickering on Children's Internet Protection Act

[03-05-03] U.N. Report Warns of Worsening World Water Crisis

[03-05-03] U.S. to Help Poor Countries Access Information Technology

[03-05-03] NIPC Daily Report

[03-04-03] Information Technology Training: Practices of Leading Private-Sector Companies. GAO-03-390, January 31, 2003

[03-04-03] Arrest of Al Qaeda Leader Seen as Blow to Global Terrorist Network

[03-04-03] NIPC Daily Report

[03-03-03] Critical Infrastructure Protection: Efforts of the Financial Services Sector to Address Cyber Threats. GAO-03-173, January 30, 2003

[03-03-03] Combating Terrorism: Observations on National Strategies Related to Terrorism, by Raymond J. Decker, director, defense capabilities and management issues, before the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations, House Committee on Government Reform.GAO-03-519T, March 3, 2003

[03-03-03] UAVs may play increasing operational role

[03-03-03] NIPC Advisory 03-004 "Remote Sendmail Header Processing Vulnerability" Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) CAN-2002-1337

[03-03-03] NIPC Advisory 03-003 "Snort buffer overflow Vulnerability"

[03-03-03] Treasury Department Creates Unit to Combat Terrorist Financing

[03-03-03] NIPC Daily Report

[03-01-03] U.S. Commends Detention of Mastermind Behind Sept. 11 Attacks