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News Archive June 2003

[06-30-03] Predator team prowls Iraq

[06-30-03] NIST IR 7007 "An Overview of Issues in Testing Intrusion Detection Systems" [pfd]

[06-30-03] GAO: Defense Acquisitions: Matching Resources with Requirements Is Key to the Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle Program's Success [2.7 MB pdf].

[06-30-03] "U.S. Anti-Terrorism Strategy," by Raphael Perl

[06-27-03] Admiral Fargo Says Fighting Terrorism Top Priority

[06-27-03] U.S. Urges Intensified Hemispheric Security Cooperation

[06-26-03] Special Envoy Says U.S. Adjusting Security Needs to New Demands

[06-25-03] U.S., EC to Continue Cooperation on Transport Security

[06-22-03] Wolfowitz Says Joint National Training Capability Is Coming

[06-14-03] NATO Approves Changes in Force and Command Structure

[06-13-03] Rumsfeld: New Tools Needed Against Threats

[06-13-03] Homeland Security Department Outlines Approach to Port Security

[06-13-03] Homeland Security Department Enhances Port Security Measures

[06-13-03] US DoD New Internet Protocol Version Slated For Debut

[06-09-03] GAO: Information Technology: Homeland Security Needs to Improve Entry Exit System Expenditure Planning

[06-06-03] Ridge Creates New Division to Combat Cyber Threats: National Cyber Security Division (NCSD)

[06-02-03] Information Security: Although Progress Made, Weaknesses at the Internal Revenue Service Continue to Pose Risks. GAO-03-44, May 30, 2003