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News Archive January 2003

[01-31-03] Wolfowitz Warns Terrorists Could Get Weapons of Mass Destruction

[01-29-03] Bush to Create Terrorist Threat Integration Center

[01-24-03] Ridge Becomes First U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

[01-23-03] Bush Appoints Schulte Executive Secretary of National Security Council

[01-22-03] Loy Calls for New Approach to Transportation Security

[01-22-03] U.S. Senate Confirms Ridge to be Secretary of Homeland Security

[01-21-03] Biography of New Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General James L. Jones

[01-20-03] Security Council Urges More Action to Fight Terrorism

[01-17-03] Suspected Terrorists, Convicted Criminals Identified in New U.S. Border Checks

[01-17-03] Ridge Pledges Stronger Public-Private Effort to Curb Terrorism

[01-16-03] U.S. Customs Implementing New Maritime Anti-Terrorism Regulation

[01-15-03] U.S. Customs Commissioner to Attend OAS Terrorism Conference

[01-15-03] Byliner: Richard Haass on the Changing Nature of Sovereignty

[01-14-03] U.S. Welcomes New International Maritime Security Measures

[01-13-03] U.S. Immigration Authorities Tighten Visitor Registration Requirements

[01-10-03] U.S. Military Prepared Against Biological Weapon Threats

[01-09-03] Burns: NATO Strengthening Ability to Maintain European Security

[01-09-03] Spain Signs Up to U.S. Customs Container Security Initiative

[01-09-03] Committee Chair Will Urge More Funds for Military Modernization

[01-08-03] $1 Million Fine for Illegal Computer Shipment to Russia

[01-08-03] New CIA Report Documents Weapons Proliferation Trends