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News Archive December 2003

[12-15-03] Saddam Hussein Captured on Farm Near Tikrit

[12-09-03] (Conference) Building the Roads for Better Information Sharing

[12-09-03] US Calls on Iran to Hand Over al-Qaida Members

[12-08-03] U.S. Winning War on Terrorism, White House Says

[12-08-03] Iraqi Shi'ite Clerics Wield Growing Political Clout

[12-08-03] Saudi Security Forces Kill Wanted Terror Suspect

[12-08-03] Probe Continues in Accidental Killing of 9 Afghan Children in Coalition Attack

[12-08-03] US Launches Military Talks with Allies

[12-06-03] Field Manual (FM) 3-13: Information Operations: Doctrine, Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, November 2003

[12-05-03] Russia Increases Security, Vows to Punish Culprits Following Train Bombing

[12-05-03] US Soldier Killed in Baghdad Roadside Bombing

[12-05-03] Bolivia Releases 16 Bangladeshis Arrested in Suspected Hijacking Plot

[12-04-03] London Court Denies Bail for 'Shoe Bomber' Accomplice

[12-04-03] Plans Unveiled for Iraqi Paramilitary Unit

[12-04-03] Powell Supports More Prominent NATO Role in Iraq

[12-04-03] Veterans History Project Attempts to Preserve World War II Memories

[12-03-03] The National Cyber Security Summit

[12-03-03] Remarks by Secretary Tom Ridge at the National Cyber Security Summit

[12-03-03] Iran, Syria Not Promoting Terrorism, says Former US Official

[12-03-03] Military establishing global network

[12-03-03] U.S. Outlines Priorities for World Summit on the Information Society

[12-03-03] US Federal Appeals Court Hears Arguments in Moussaoui Case

[12-03-03] Yemeni-American Gets 10-Year Sentence in 'Lackawanna Six' Trial

[12-01-03] Pentagon Process Underway that Could Result in Guantanamo Releases