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News Archive August 2003

[08-31-03] Iraq Remains Big Issue as Washington Returns to Business

[08-31-03] US Continues to Bomb Suspected Afghan Terrorist Hideouts

[08-30-03] Terror Rules Could Affect US Flights of Austrian Air Carriers

[08-30-03] Four Arrested in Connection with Najaf Car Bombing

[08-29-03] Experts: Ayatollah Hakim's Assassination Could Unleash More Violence in Iraq

[08-29-03] Car Bomb Kills Key Iraqi Shi'ite Leader, 74 Others in Najaf

[08-28-03] The Army's Bandwidth Bottleneck

[08-28-03] Transcript Released of Emergency Phone Calls in NY Sept. 11 Attacks

[08-28-03] British Soldier Killed in Basra

[08-28-03] Blair Stands By Accuracy of Iraq Weapons Report

[08-27-03] Homeland Security: Efforts to Improve Information Sharing Need to Be Strengthened. GAO-03-760

[08-27-03] U.S. Seeks International Solution to Airline Security

[08-26-03] India Implicates Islamic Militants in Car Bombings, Indirectly Accuses Pakistan

[08-26-03] India Steps Up Security in Wake of Bombay Bombings

[08-25-03] Bomb Blasts in Bombay: 46 Dead

[08-25-03] Unidentified Remains of World Trade Center Victims to be Preserved in Permanent Memorial

[08-25-03] Rice Says U.S. Will Not Shrink From Fight Against Terrorism

[08-25-03] Rumsfeld Rejects Calls for More US Troops in Iraq

[08-24-03] International Terrorists Pose Increasing Problem in Iraq, warns US Administrator

[08-23-03] A Treatise on Informational Warfare

[08-23-03] Iraq Has Become a Battlefield in War on Terrorism, says Bremer

[08-22-03] PsyOps: US Seeks to Use Satellites to Send TV Marti Signals to Cuba

[08-22-03] US Moves to Freeze Assets of Organizations Linked to Hamas

[08-22-03] Coalition Will Retain Decision-Making Ability in Iraq, Says Straw

[08-22-03] Coalition Soldiers Try To Learn from Baghdad Terrorist Attacks

[08-21-03] Public Diplomacy Necessary for Policy Success, Says State's Ross

[08-21-03] Terrorism Now Top Threat in Iraq, says Pentagon

[08-21-03] US Military Announces Capture of 'Chemical Ali'

[08-20-03] U.S. Military Needs More People, Senator Argues

[08-20-03] Anti-Terrorism Patriot Act Raises Growing Concern Among Civil Liberties Groups

[08-20-03] Pakistan Forms New Anti-Terror Force

[08-20-03] SARS Originated in S. China, Scientists Claim

[08-19-04] Terrorist Group Suspected of Bombing UN Building in Baghdad

[08-19-03] Car Bomb Attack at UN's Baghdad Headquarters Kills 15, including Mission Chief

[08-19-03] A National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center (NISAC): Strategic Leader Education and Formulation of Critical Infrastructure Policies

[08-19-03] Former Iraqi Vice President Captured

[08-19-03] Iraq: US Soldier Killed in Roadside Explosion

[08-18-03] US Northeast, Midwest Returns to Work as Power Restored

[08-18-03] Repairs to Sabotaged Iraqi Pipeline Will Take 2 Weeks, say Authorities

[08-18-03] Purported Audio Tape of bin Laden Spokesman Aired on TV Stations

[08-18-03] Former Saddam Regime, Foreign Terrorists Responsible for Latest Iraq Attacks, says White House

[08-17-03] 60 Percent of al-Qaida Leadership in Custody, says Key US Senator

[08-17-03] Indonesia Holding 9 Suspects in Jakarta Hotel Bombing

[08-17-03] Power Restored to Millions Following Massive Blackout in US, Canada

[08-17-03] Iran Reportedly Foils al-Qaida Attack

[08-16-03] Hambali Arrest Helps Authorities Gain Insight on Jemaah Islamiyah Terror Group

[08-16-03] Life Returns to Normal in New York City After Massive Blackout

[08-15-03] Power Blackout Not Caused by Terrorism, Bush Says

[08-15-03] Bush Says U.S. Needs New Power Grid

[08-15-03] U.S., Canada to Form Task Force on Cause of Power Outage

[08-15-03] Blackout is Worst in New York Since 1965

[08-15-03] New York Copes with Outage, as Power is Slowly Restored

[08-14-03] Myers: Military Transformation Is Imperative to Meet Terror Threat

[08-14-03] Black Says More Than 3,000 Terrorists Detained Since 9/11

[08-14-03] Bloomberg: NYC Power Could Be Back in Hours

[08-14-03] US Forces Apologize for Baghdad Flag Incident

[08-14-03] White House Announces Arrest of Key al-Qaida Operative

[08-13-03] Terrorism Expert Says War on Terrorism May Take Years

[08-13-03] US Charges Arms Dealer in Missile Plot Linked to Alleged Plans to Shoot Down American Jetliner

[08-13-03] British Airways Cancels Flights to Saudi Arabia

[08-12-03] Poindexter Resignation Letter

[08-12-03] US Arrests 3 Suspected of Missile Smuggling

[08-12-03] Bali Verdict Delivers Comfort to Some Australians

[08-11-03] Israel Warns Syria on Lebanon Border Security

[08-11-03] NATO Assumes Command of Peacekeeping Force in Afghanistan

[08-10-03] Summit Could Help Combat Terrorism in Southeast Asia

[08-09-03] Former Iraqi Interior Minister Surrenders to Coalition Forces

[08-09-03] FBI to Investigate Jordan Embassy Blast in Baghdad

[08-08-03] Joint Training on the Way for Joint Fighters

[08-08-03] US Seeks to Implement Fingerprint System for US Visitors This Year, says Official

[08-08-03] Indonesian Police Link Bombing Suspect to Jemaah Islamiyah Terror Group

[08-07-03] U.S. Expert Says International Alliances Against Terrorism Are Crucial

[08-07-04] Powell: U.S. Will Not be Defeated in War Against Terror

[08-07-03] US Downplays Imminent Threat to Aviation

[08-07-03] US Indicates Possible al-Qaida Link to Jordanian Embassy Bombing

[08-07-03] Car Bomb Explodes Outside Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad

[08-06-03] Officials: More Attacks Likely in Indonesia's Near Future

[08-06-03] Analysts: Terrorism, Militant Groups Difficult to Contain in Southeast Asia

[08-06-03] OPIC to Offer Terrorism Insurance to U.S. Firms Abroad

[08-06-03] US Software Engineer Pleads Guilty to Aiding Taleban

[08-06-03] Economic Damage Seen in Asia After Latest Terror Attack

[08-06-03] Alleged Bali Bombing Mastermind 'Happy' About Recent Bombing

[08-06-03] Indonesia Promises to Raise Security Standards

[08-06-03] Hiroshima Marks Anniversary of Atomic Bombing

[08-05-03] Rumsfeld Confident that US Troops will Find Saddam Hussein

[08-05-03] US Terror Alert Remains Unchanged After Bombing in Indonesia

[08-05-03] Indonesia Stock Prices Plunge After Hotel Blast

[08-05-03] 13 Die in Apparent Car Bomb Attack on Jakarta Hotel

[08-04-03] U.S. Works to Rebuild Iraqi Telecommunications

[08-04-03] Senate Probes Administration about Saudi Financial Links to Terrorism

[08-03-05] War On Terrorism Threat of Terrorist Attacks Remains High, warn US Officials

[08-03-05] Officials Alert Americans to Possible Al Qaeda Attacks

[08-02-03] Security Council Authorizes Multinational Force for Liberia

[08-01-03] Megawati Sukarnoputri Acknowledges Terrorism Has Taken Root in Indonesia

[08-01-03] State Department Conducting More Interviews with Visa Applicants