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News Archive April 2003

Iraq War II

For news on Operations 'Iraqi Freedom' and Operation 'Telic' please visit our IWS Iraq Watch page

[04-30-03] Treasury Proposes New Anti-Money Laundering Rules

[04-30-03] International Terrorists Killed 30 U.S. Citizens in 2002

[04-30-03] Terrorism in 2002 at Lowest Level in 33 Years, State Says

[04-30-03] NATO Concludes Disaster Response Exercise in Uzbekistan

[04-30-03] New Customer Identification Rules Target Terror Financing

[04-30-03] Report Gives Overview of Terrorism in the Western Hemisphere

[04-30-03] CDC Director Says Global Collaboration Needed to Deal with SARS

[04-30-03] International Terrorist Attacks Fell 44 Percent in 2002

[04-30-03] Powell Cites "Unprecedented Progress" in War on Terrorism

[04-30-03] Seven Nations Cited as Sponsors of Terror in State Department Report

[04-27-03] Vigilance, Early Detection Can Contain SARS, U.S. Officials Say

[04-25-03] U.S. Making Progress on Foreign Student Data System

[04-25-03] Immigration Services Soon to be Available Online

[04-25-03] State Department Issues SARS-Related Advisory on International Travel

[04-24-03] Ridge, Mexican Governance Secretary Assess Border Issues Progress

[04-22-03] "Why America Needs Project BioShield," by Senator Judd Gregg

[04-21-03] Ridge to Meet With Secretary Santiago Creel of Mexico

[04-18-03] Survey Shows Ever-Changing Patterns in U.S. Internet Use

[04-18-03] New Mailing List: IA/InfoSec, which deals with international, national and regional security assurance issues, these include but are not limited to education, best practices, awareness, standards governance and policy.

[04-18-03] Mueller Reports "Great Strides" in Preventing Terrorist Attacks

[04-17-03[ U.S. Committed to Achieving Both "Secure Borders" and "Open Doors"

[04-16-03] Terrorist Threat Level in U.S. Lowered from "High" to "Elevated"

[04-16-03] Department of Homeland Security Advisory No. 03-017: HSAS Lowered to Elevated

[04-16-03] U.S. Department of Homeland Security Gets $6.71 Billion

[04-16-03] NIST Federal Agency Security Practices (FASP)

[04-14-03] America to Help Business Travelers Go On-Line at African Airports

[04-09-03] Ridge Outlines New Security Measures for Commerce, Transportation

[04-09-03] Coast Guard: Challenges During the Transition to the Department of Homeland Security, by JayEtta Z. Hecker, director, physical infrastructure, before the Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation, House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, April 1

[04-08-03] GAO Information Security: Progress Made, but Challenges Remain to Protect Federal Systems and the Nation's Critical Infrastructure, by Robert F. Dacey

[04-08-03] Grossman: NATO Enlargement Will Revitalize Alliance

[04-08-03] Experts Say SARS Has Potential to Become Major Health Threat

[04-07-03] "Our Vulnerable Seaport Security," by Senator Dianne Feinstein

[04-07-03] Bioterrorism: Adequacy of Preparedness Varies Across State and Local Jurisdictions. GAO-03-373, April 7, 2003

[04-04-03] NIST Second Draft Special Publication 800-50, Building an Information Technology Security Awareness and Training Program

[04-04-03] MOUT in Iraq: Population Dependent? by Mr. Timothy L. Thomas, Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 2003

[04-03-03] Subcommittees on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit And Oversight and Investigations Joint Hearing entitled “Fighting Fraud: Improving Information Security”

[04-03-03] Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges for Selected Agencies and Industry Sectors. GAO-03-233, February 28, 2003

[04-02-03] Public Invited to Help Build the Information Society

[04-02-03] U.S. Foreign Assistance to Eurasia Has Increased Anti-terror Focus

[04-02-03] (NCIX) Potential Indicators of Threats Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and Emergency Actions

[04-01-03] U.S., U.K. to Strengthen Anti-terror Partnership