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Formal Espionage, Treason Charges Filed Against US Military Translator at Guantanamo
VOA News
07 Nov 2003, 01:51 UTC

U.S. military officials have formally referred espionage and treason charges against an Arabic translator for Al-Qaida and Taleban prisoners for a court-martial trial.

The Defense Department said Thursday the charges against Air Force airman Ahmad Al-Halabi, 24, include four counts of espionage and one count of aiding the enemy.

The charges include allegations the Syrian-born Al-Halabi transmitted sensitive documents about the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and about some Al-Qaida and Taleban suspects, to Syria.

Lawyers for Senior Airman Al-Halabi have denied the allegations

It is not clear when the court-martial will be held. Senior Airman al-Halabi was arrested on July 23. Yousef Yee, a former U.S. military Muslim chaplain, is also under military detention on suspicion of espionage at Guantanamo.