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Select Committee on Homeland SecurityFor Immediate Release
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Contact: Vince Sollitto
Liz Tobias

Statement on the Nomination of Admiral James Loy to be Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security

"I look forward to working with Jim Loy in his new position. He is both a hands-on manager and a strategic thinker whose leadership will benefit the Department of Homeland Security at a critical moment in its formation.

"The mission of the Department of Homeland Security is threefold: to help prevent terrorist attacks, to protect our nation's critical infrastructure, and to prepare our response to any terrorist incident. Congress and the President created the Department to put the myriad agencies of our government responsible for parts of this mission under one roof -- with one command structure and one primary focus.

"To reap the benefits of this plan, the 22 agencies and more than 180,000 federal employees that now comprise our Department of Homeland Security must become a cohesive, fully integrated team working together to make our country safer. This is the largest reorganization of our federal government since the Second World War. The challenge is formidable, yet the mission is urgent. I know that Admiral Loy is up to it.

"Jim Loy is a proven leader and manager. From his numerous commands stretching back to the Vietnam War, to his senior positions as Coast Guard Chief of Staff, Coast Guard Commandant, and, most recently, as Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration, Admiral Loy has taken on the most difficult challenges and delivered results.

"These traits will serve him - and Secretary Ridge - well, as he embarks on this new mission. I welcome his appointment."