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Bush Signs 'Do-Not-Call' Bill Despite Court Challenges
VOA News
29 Sep 2003, 21:03 UTC

President Bush has signed a bill establishing a national registry of people who do not want to be contacted by telemarketers, despite court challenges to the so-called "do not call" list.

Speaking at the signing ceremony here in Washington Monday, Mr. Bush described the calls as "intrusive, annoying and unwelcome."

The Federal Communications Commission announced earlier it would enforce the "do-not-call" registry, even though courts in Colorado and Oklahoma have challenged the legality of it.

A federal court in Oklahoma ruled last Tuesday that the Federal Trade Commission overstepped its authority when it launched the "do-not-call" registry. And last Thursday, a federal judge in Colorado ruled the list violates a telemarketer's constitutional right to free speech.

The Federal Communications Commission says it can enforce penalties on phone solicitors because it is not affected by the recent court rulings. However, the legal battle over the issue is expected to continue and could eventually end up in the Supreme Court.

More than 50 million people have signed up so far to be included in the "do not call" database.