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US Seeks to Use Satellites to Send TV Marti Signals to Cuba
VOA News
22 Aug 2003, 01:56 UTC

The Bush administration is launching an initiative aimed at broadcasting government-owned TV Marti into Cuba via satellite to circumvent interference.

The announcement was made Thursday in Miami by Kenneth Tomlinson, chairman of the U.S.-government affiliated Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Mr. Tomlinson said authorities will soon undertake testing to see if TV Marti can be sent to the Cuban people via satellite.

He said the goal is for anyone with a dish and an ordinary signal receiver to pick up the signal easily.

Cuba has regularly jammed Radio and Television Marti, the U.S. government-funded broadcasts targeted at the communist-run island.

The BBG chairman said that if the new efforts to overcome the jamming do not work, then U.S. officials will keep trying until they succeed.

The BBG oversees the Voice of America.

Last month, the BBG said the communist-island government was jamming satellite television programs to Iran.

Earlier this week, Cuba told the United States it stopped an Iranian diplomatic facility in Havana from being used to jam the broadcasts to Iran. Cuba also denied interfering with those broadcasts.