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Coalition continues leaflet, radio campaign


Aircrews dropped more than 2 million leaflets across Iraq on March 21 encouraging the surrender of Iraqi military forces and to minimize risk and harm to Iraqi civilians.

The leaflets were dropped as part of ongoing coalition air operations.

More than a million of the leaflets were dropped on Iraqi military forces encouraging them to surrender, to not use weapons of mass destruction and to leave oil wells intact. Leaflets dropped over population centers told Iraqi civilians that coalition forces are targeting the military. The leaflets encouraged civilians to stay at home and listen to coalition radio broadcasts.

The leaflet drops and radio broadcasts are part of an information campaign that has been going on for months to support the disarmament of Iraq. Coalition forces have dropped more than 25 million leaflets since October. The objective of the campaign is to inform Iraqi citizens and soldiers how to achieve the disarmament and liberation of Iraq with minimum possible casualties, said officials.