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2003 Secretary of Defense
Annual Report to the President and the Congress

Cover: .pdf

Table of Contents: .pdf

Part I: Annual Report from the Secretary of Defense

Introduction: .pdf

A Defense Strategy for the 21st Century
Fitting the Force to the Mission
Investing in Transformation
Balancing Risk

Force Management Risk: .pdf

Maintain a Quality Force
Ensure Sustainable Military Tempo and Maintain Workforce Satisfaction
Maintain Reasonable Force Costs
Shape the Force of the Future

Operational Risk: .pdf

Do We Have the Right Forces Available?
Are Our Forces Postured to Succeed?
Are Our Forces Currently Ready?
Are Our Forces Employed Consistent With Our Strategic Priorities?

Institutional Risk: .pdf

Streamline the Decision Process, Improve Financial Management, Drive Acquisition Excellence
Manage Overhead and Direct Costs
Improve the Readiness and Quality of Key Facilities
Realign Support to the Warfighter

Future Challenges Risk: .pdf

Drive Innovative Joint Operations
Develop More Effective Organizations
Define and Develop Transformational Capabilities
Define Skills and Competencies for the Future

Appendix: Department of Defense FY 2002 Performance Report
and FY 2004 Performance Plan:

Part II: Statutory Reports

Report of the Secretary of the Army: .pdf
Report of the Secretary of the Navy: .pdf
Report of the Secretary of the Air Force: .pdf


A. Budget Tables: .pdf
B. Goldwater-Nichols Act Implementation Report: .pdf
C. Resources Allocated to Mission and Support Activities: .pdf
D. Personnel Tempo: .pdf - .html