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Annual Report to the President and the Congress

Table of Contents (.pdf version)

Message from the Secretary of Defense (.pdf)
A New Imperative: Winning the War While Transforming the Force
Charting a New Course: The First Year
Accelerating Transformation
Managing Risks

Part I: Annual Report from the Secretary of Defense

Section A: Fashioning a New Approach to Defense (.pdf)

Chapter 1: Reassessing the Security Environment (.pdf)

America’s Role in the World
U.S. Interests and Objectives
A Changed Security Environment
Current Security Trends
Key Military-Technical Trends

Chapter 2: Charting a New Strategic Course (.pdf)

Defense Policy Goals
Strategic Tenets
New Framework for Managing Risks

Chapter 3: Fighting the War on Terror (.pdf)

Launching a War on Terrorism
First Engagement: Liberating Afghanistan and Denying Terrorists Sanctuary
Initial Lessons Learned

Section B: Reducing Force Management Risk (.pdf)

Chapter 4: Investing in People and Readiness (.pdf)

Manpower and Personnel
The Civilian Human Resource Strategy
Leveraging Civilian Experience of Reserve Component Personnel
A New Compact with Warfighters
Readiness and Training
-- Readiness
-- Training the Force
Health Issues
-- Force Health Protection
-- Reserve Healthcare
-- Healthcare Delivery

Section C: Reducing Operational Risk (.pdf)

Chapter 5: Sizing and Selectively Modernizing Forces for an
Era of Uncertainty

Force Planning Construct and Missions
Defense of the United State
-- Deter Forward
-- Major Combat Operations
-- Smaller-Scale Contingencies
-- Current Forces
Force Elements
-- Land Forces
-- Aviation Forces
-- Naval Forces
-- Mobility Forces
-- Special Operations Forces
Reserve Components in the Total Force

Section D: Reducing Future Challenges Risk (.pdf)

Chapter 6: Transforming the Force (.pdf)

Accelerating Transformation
Focusing Transformation Efforts on Six Operational Goals
-- Protecting Critical Bases of Operations and Defeating Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Weapons
-- Projecting and Sustaining Forces in Anti-Access Environments
-- Denying Enemy Sanctuary
-- Leveraging Information Technology
-- Assuring Information Systems and Conducting Information Operations
-- Enhancing Space Capabilities
Transformation Pillars
Experimentation and New Concepts of Operation
Equipping Forces for 21st Century Challenges
Robust Science and Technology Procurement Science and Technology

Chapter 7: Adapting U.S. Strategic Forces (.pdf)

The New Triad
Elements of the New Triad
Creating the New Triad
Adopting a New Approach to Strategic Force Reductions

Chapter 8: Investing in Space, Information and Intelligence (.pdf)

Space, Information and Intelligence Objectives
Space Systems
Global Network
Intelligence Initiatives
Making Space, Information and Intelligence Systems More Robust and Secure

Section E: Reducing Institutional Risk (.pdf)

Chapter 9: Increasing Effectiveness Through Accountability and Efficiency (.pdf)

Modernizing Business Processes
Improving the Management of Acquisition, Technology and Logistics
Achieving Acquisition and Technology Excellence
Charting A New Acquisition Course
Achieving Logistics Excellence
Sizing and Modernizing DoD Installations and Facilities
Reshaping Infrastructure—Efficient Facilities Initiative
Facilities’ Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization
Facilities’ Strategic Plan
Improving the Quality of Military Housing
Spurring the Defense Industrial Base

Part II: Service Secretary Statutory Reports

Report of the Secretary of the Army (.pdf)
Report of the Secretary of the Navy
Report of the Secretary of the Air Force
(.pdf) )
Secretary’s Introduction to the Report of the Chairman of the Reserve Forces Policy Board
Report of the Chairman of the Reserve Forces Policy Board


A. Budget Tables (.pdf)
B. Goldwater-Nichols Act
C. Justifications for FY 2002 DoD Committees Subject to the Federal Advisory Committee (To be provided under separate cover) (.pdf)
D. Resources Allocated to Mission and Support Activities
E. Unit Deployments and Personnel Tempo
(To be provided under separate cover)(.pdf)

Reports that are not part of the Annual Report to the President and the
Congress that are to be provided under separate cover.

A. Department of Defense Organizational Charts
B. Personnel Tables
C. Personnel and Readiness Factors by Race and Gender
D. National Security and the Law of the Sea Convention
E. Freedom of Navigation
F. Government Performance and Results Act
G. Information Technology Management Goals
H. Foreign Military Assistance