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Title: Operational Level Doctrine

Action: The cover of AFDD 2, Organization and Employment of Aerospace Power, is shown screen right. Text bullets are shown in support of the narration on screen left. A link to AFDD 2 is provided at the end of the narration on the bottom of the page.

Voice: Air Force Doctrine Document Two, titled, “Organization and Employment of Aerospace Power” is the Air Force’s capstone operational level doctrine publication. It builds on the fundamentals in AFDD 1 and outlines the organization and employment of air and space forces. AFDD 2 also provides an overview of how the Air Force transitions from peacetime to contingency operations. It describes how the Air Force organizes itself for theater operations and presents forces for joint operations. The document also describes how the Air Force plans, executes, and assesses the success of operations. AFDD 2 is the capstone document of a set of sub-documents, the 2-dash series, that provide detailed operational level guidance in all functional and support areas. These documents are available on the Internet at the Air Force Doctrine Center.

Link to Air Force Doctrine Document 2 (opens acrobat pdf in new window): AFDD 1

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