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Click on a lesson below to start the course. It is recommended that you complete the lessons in order. Some of the historical examples used throughout the course build upon material presented in earlier lessons. Those with a solid background in the history of air and space power should feel free to complete the lessons in any order.

Introduction to the Air & Space Power Course
The introduction explains the overall course objectives. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Airpower Theory
Air and space power has an inherently strategic nature. Early airpower theorists sought alternatives to the horrific attrition warfare of the trenches. This lesson traces the emergence of strategic bombardment as a central focus of airpower theory. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Foundations of Doctrine
This lesson traces the development of airpower doctrine from 1903 until the establishment of the USAF in 1947. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Excursions from Doctrine
The Air Force inherited a well-formulated doctrine from the early theorists that had been refined in combat by the practitioners of WW II. This lesson looks at the factors that caused the Air Force to stray from its heritage from 1947 to 1986. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Doctrine-Strategy Link
This lesson looks at doctrine and strategy and examines their interrelationship. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Principles of War
The principles of war are the fundamental truths that apply to all military forces. This lesson examines the principles from the airman's perspective. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Tenets of Air and Space Power
Due to the unique attributes possessed by air and space forces, their employment requires some specialization beyond the principles of war. This lesson looks at the basic guiding truths for the employment of air and space power—the tenets. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Distinctive Capabilities
This lesson looks at the distinctive capabilities which the Air Force provides the nation through air and space power. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Space and Information Operations
This lesson looks at how space and information operations synergistically combine with air operations to produce air and space power. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Army, Navy, USMC Doctrine
This lesson looks at how our sister Services view air and space power. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Operational Air and Space Power
Learn how the Air Force presents its forces to a Joint Force Commander. Understand the role of the COMAFFOR and trace the development of the JFACC concept. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Air and Space Expeditionary Forces
Learn how the Air Force has organized itself to train, equip, and sustain its Total Force to meet its operational commitments. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Joint Doctrinal Issues
Issues regarding the role of air and space power in joint operations as well as its proper employment remain within joint doctrine. This lesson presents the fundamental issues of the ongoing debate and links to current resources. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Evolving Air and Space Power Concepts
This page introduces two short lessons that look at how air and space power will be used in the near future. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Effects-Based Operations
While it is not a new concept, the notion of conducting operations to produce effects that lead to desired outcomes is complex in execution. This lesson introduces effects-based operations as a refinement of current objective-based operations. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Anti-Access Strategy: An Asymmetric Threat
Potential adversaries are devising strategies to deny the US access to theaters abroad. This lesson introduces anti-access strategies as an example of asymmetric warfare. The Global Strike CONOPS is presented as a counter to these strategies. Section 508 Text-Only Version

Post-Course Survey [Internet connection required; opens new window]
After completing the Air & Space Power Course, you are invited to answer some questions regarding your experience and provide comments and suggestions to the course developers. Registered and unregistered users are encouraged to participate.

ASPC Final Exam [Internet connection required; opens new window]
Registered users must pass a 20 question test on the course material to receive a course completion certificate. Unregistered users may also take the exam to check their mastery of the material but are ineligible for a completion certificate.


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