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Air University Student Research Paper 2000

 Title: Future Information Operations (Io) In The Military: Is It Time For An Io Cinc?

Subject: This study uses open source, unclassified information as a means to consider our current IO posture.

Author(s): Robert J. Gaines

DTIC Keywords:

Abstract: The world is growing. Obviously not in terms of geography, but rather in the information dimension. Populations, economies, and individual opportunity are each growing at rates unprecedented in the human experience. With this growth, the worldwide lust for information makes it a most powerful and necessary commodity. The world of Information Operations is where this commodity is produced, guarded, and marketed. If the United States of America is to maintain Superpower status, we must be pre-eminent in our Information Operations capability and readiness. The Department of Defense is funneling significant resources to meet this challenge. The question is: Under what command and control hierarchy are these efforts best shepherded? The first step in this study was to review existing literature on this topic and glean the present as is condition of national Information Operations policy, military vision, private sector concern, law, and ethics. From this foundation, important issues were revealed and analyzed within the contextual framework. This research indicates our national interest would be best served through establishing an Information Operations Unified Command. Commitment and investment at this level by the National Command Authority and Department of Defense is logical and necessary to shape, respond, and prepare for worldwide Information Operations, potential Information Warfare, and cyber-terrorism.

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