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General Myers on Information Operations

Information operations and information warfare will likely have an increasing role in 21st Century warfare. To date, the role of information operations in contemporary military operations has not been readily apparent.

What role do you envision for information operations in future U.S. military operations?

Information Operations are maturing rapidly across DoD as a whole and within each individual Service. We are committed to fully integrating IO into the Joint Force Commanders' toolkit on a par with Air, Land, Maritime, Space and Special Operations. Information Operations are comprised of five core military capabilities: Computer Network Operations, Electronic Warfare, Psychological Operations, Military Deception and Operations Security. The Joint Force Commander employs these core capabilities in an integrated, coordinated manner across the full range of military operations to better achieve his objectives. Recent operations have highlighted the importance of each of these core capabilities and IO in Operation IRAQI FREEDOM was more effective than ever before. And we are addressing the limitations and shortfalls that must be fixed.

What concerns do you have regarding the conduct of extensive information operations?

My primary concern is that the mission area receives required support, both in terms of resources and tailored intelligence. The IO mission area is relatively new, when compared to other established military operations. As such, it is in danger of not competing well for scarce resources. In terms of intelligence support, IO has some non-traditional requirements that we must scrutinize and prioritize along with our other intelligence requirements.

Taken from UNITED STATES SENATE, COMMITTEE ON ARMED SERVICES, To consider the following nominations: General Richard B. Myers, USAF for reappointment as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and reappointment to the grade of general: