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Information Warfare Tutorial

Source: http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usacsl/divisions/std/branches/iw/tutorial/intro.htm

This tutorial is a condensation of material presented through an advanced course dedicated to the subject of Information Warfare and offered by the US Army War College. NSA Visiting Professor, Mr. Robert F. Minehart, Jr. has developed and is currently teaching the course which is offered as an elective. The material in this tutorial represents an unclassified version of the advanced course and parallels the content being encoded into a stand-alone, multi-media tutorial. The beta version of the stand-alone tutorial is ready for distribution effective 15 January 1997. Public, corporate and government input will be sought during the beta period with final call for input 15 May 1997. The final version including beta solicited input will be available by mid to late summer 1997.

Although this version will not be replete with sounds, film clips, and graphics like the stand-alone version, it is based on the same material as the multi-media version. It should serve well as a concise, summarized reference for those who want the bare content.

We would appreciate any valid feedback on this tutorial.

The following is a table of contents for the tutorial modules:

DSBAccess the associated findings of the Defense Science Board.

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