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Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism: Thursday, 2:00PM - Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security

WHAT: Joint Hearing: “Progress in Consolidating Terrorist Watchlists -- the Terrorist Screening Center (TSC)”

WHEN: Thursday, March 25, 2004, at 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: 2141 Rayburn House Office Building

Chairman Cox Opening Statement: Joint Hearing on the Terrorist Screening Center


Donna A. Bucella
Director, Terrorist Screening Center

Charlie Bartoldus
Director of the National Targeting Center, Customs and Border Protection
Department of Homeland Security

Jim McMahon
Director, Office of Public Security
State of New York

Jerry Berman
President, Center for Democracy and Technology and
Member, Markle Foundation Task Force on National Security in the Information Age